Sophie Guidolin wearing Lorna Jane green outfit posing with The Bod program
Sticking to your fitness resolutions | Restart The Bod With Me January 8!

Are you serious about sticking to your fitness resolutions this year? If you answered yes, you’ve come to the right place! I am more determined than ever...
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Sophie Guidolin wearing yellow jumpsuit reading a book in bed
A good deed a day – join me in the movement!

Join me in the good deed a day movement. A good deed can be as small as opening the door for someone. A lot of people have a resolution set in place to ‘give...
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Family photo of Sophie Guidolin and Nathan Wallace with kids at home
New Year’s Resolutions For 2018

Let’s talk New Year’s Resolutions for 2018… is it really that time again?! It’s CRAZY, right? DID YOU KNOW: In 2016, it was found that...
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2017 – The year of self discovery!

As the year comes to an end, I am taking the time to look back at all of the amazing and positive experiences and ventures that not only I have achieved, but...
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Christmas day feast of turkey, pomegranate salad and roast potatoes with gravy
Your Christmas Menu for 2017 | FREE CHRISTMAS RECIPES ♡

Here are some free Christmas recipes taken from my 12 Days of Christmas Recipe Book to get you excited for the special day! Christmas is such a special...
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Sophie Guidolin and family outdoors smiling
12 Days of Christmas 2017!

♡ My annual 12 Days of Christmas was amazing! 12 days of giveaways including some of my favourite brands that I cannot live without. I spent a lot of time...
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Little Mermaid Afterparty Photo with Bod Babes
The Bod Weekend Highlights!

The Bod Weekend was so incredible! I met many new faces, and got to catch up with a lot of you who joined in last year. To say I was exhausted after the...
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Vegan recipe by Sophie Guidolin
I tried being vegan for a week.

WATCH MY ‘VEGAN FOR A WEEK’ VLOG HERE! So… I tried being vegan for a week. For those of you don’t know, I was a vegetarian for over 8...
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Pile of pancakes with berries in the white plate on the wooden table
My Famous Healthy Pikelet Recipe!

Our household favourite healthy pikelet recipe! I’m sure you guys have noticed my newly ‘refurbished’ website, haha! Do you love it as much...
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Nathan Wallace standing in the gym wearing a black Hold Your Own uniform and holding a booty band
Glute Activation with Nathan Wallace

Glute activation is SO ESSENTIAL to those days you’re targeting the booty. WATCH NATHAN’S GLUTE ACTIVATION VIDEO HERE. I train my glutes...
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Incy Rose Gold Cot

My Incy Cot Charity Auction goes live on the 5th of November, 12PM. Click here to access the auction on the 5th. Click here to access the auction on the 12th....
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Bottle of essential oil with herbs holy basil flower, basil flower,rosemary,oregano, sage,parsley ,thyme and mint set up on old wooden background .
Spring has sprung, get out your green thumb! MY GUIDE TO HERBS

My guide to herbs! As many of you know, I LOVE using herbs in cooking. The kitchen is home for me (my happy place haha)! Herbs add so much depth and flavour to...
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