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Evie & Aria turn ONE!

Evie & Aria turn ONE!

What a huge month that was! 

Our girls are now ONE and we have truly embraced the whole ‘birthday month’ and really treasured every moment of their first birthday- party, cake, tutus and all! 

We had the most amazing day, week and month celebrating the gift that is their life. 

They're so so different, yet so alike (obviously!) Evie was our first born, our twin a. She is loud, loves attention and cuddles. She is a mamas girl. Aria, our twin b, is quiet, happily plays and entertains herself and is extremely adventurous! 

Twins Birthday

Happy Birthday baby girls, here is to many more amazing years! 

Twins Birthday

The girls enjoyed their day so so much, they belly giggled, had their first taste of cake (raw, vegan & sugar free goodness of course!) they danced, had endless cuddles and were so so happy the entire day- even when it was 2pm and they hadn’t had a nap, their eyes were so heavy- but they were still smiling and happy.

We really wanted to embrace the twins first birthday as a celebration of a few different things, the fact that we survived the first year of having twins, of course our beautiful girl’s milestone in an entire year on this earth and also the fact these are our last babies so savouring every moment and every joyous occasion.

Starting out, the ‘party’ planning included no more than 10 of us, a cake and a few laughs reflecting on the year that was. Clearly, my invitation list got a little more lengthy and we were blessed with our family and friends flying up from Adelaide and Melbourne, my nana even made the trip up. We are incredibly grateful to have so many people in our lives who care as much as we do about these beautiful girls and it was truly evident for their party with over 50 of our friends and family coming to help us celebrate a day that we will cherish forever.


Our colour theme for the party was rose gold and pastel pinks with the overall theme being a garden party. No garden party is complete without a pop in from the most beautiful fairy to sprinkle some of her fairy dust.


Excited!TwinsTutus and Twins

I decided to start decorating the house 2-3 weeks earlier because I didn’t want to stress about anything last minute and working a lot of the time means my days at home are very limited. Most of the decorations I made nightly and slowly hung around the house as the weeks went on, until we left like we were living in what felt like the secret fairy garden!


I wanted to be in the moment of the celebration and the day itself and not be cooking or running around too much, so I decided to get the cakes made for us, which again reduced the work that I had to do leading into their party. Especially having family and friends making the trip up, I wanted to enjoy their company too- and that we did!

Rather than having standard party bags filled with lollies that every parent dreads, I purchased some toys from kmart party section, added in some balloons and goodies and made them goodie bags rather than treat bags.

Fairy Treat BagsFairy

Fruit Cones

With 16 kids running around, the entertainment (fairy!) was honestly without a doubt the best idea ever!


She was the most beautiful fairy you have ever seen in your life, by using her fairy powers, she had every child at the parties undivided attention- even the 9 year old boys were playing dancing games with her!

Natalie is from Strawberry Fundaes and she was AMAZING. She came prepared with a full itinerary of games - including balloon twisting, pass the parcel, face painting and more.

This kept the kids engaged and excited for over 2 hours- perfect for mamas (and dads!) who want to enjoy the day and be in the moment too. I honestly could not recommend her high enough!


With the decorations, my motto was ‘it’s not a party until you have balloons’- the best place to get balloons turned out to be good old spotlight or target with endless decorations, letters, number shapes and more! I love balloons, they make every house feel like an instant party. It also worked out a lot cheaper and easier to hire the whole bottle rather than endless trips trying to fit them in the car! My beautiful friend Trinit flew up from Adelaide and created the beautiful balloon garland. 



I purchased a lot of the items from a website called boo-tek, with a lot of the others being from kmart and self-made.

The giant flower ONE was created with flower wire, fake flowers and vine from spotlight and just twisted. Super easy and looks super effective!

Twins first taste of cake!

After getting a quote from a florist and it being over $500, I decided to get creative (again!) and DIY for the floral displays. I used jars I had lying around, used woolworths flowers and for under $50 we had 10+ floral jars to scatter around the house!


The beautiful LOVE JK designed the invitations, custom water bottles, thank you tags and treat boxes. The theme of garden party meets rose gold was nailed in every aspect of their stationary and tied in the whole concept together. Everyone took a water bottle home with them as a keepsake too- super cute!

Water Bottles

Treat Boxes

Being into children’s health, we didn’t feel quite right about feeding our one year olds sugar filled cakes, so instead contacted Sally from nourishing by Sally Robbie and asked her to do the honours of creating the perfect raw, vegan cake for the girls first sweet food- needless to say, she nailed it, the twins loved it and we love her! It took so much of the stress away knowing this was being taken care of for me! We had delicious chia seed puddings, fruit cones and popcorn cups, all perfect for little fingers to grab and go! 

Chia PuddingsDecorating


We also had a second cake from the lovely cake sugar, which was a 3-tier pastel pink marbled rose gold cake. I am in LOVE with how it turned out after sending a few different designs through!





When planning out the time for the party, I wanted the girls to be rested and happy, so we decided on a 11:30am party time. This theory would have worked if the twins had their morning nap, however due to our family being here etc they weren’t having a bar of their nap LOL In the morning of their party, it was so cute, the girls got dressed up in their tutus and were so so excited playing with the balloons and decorations. 

Evie & Aria Twins

With that in mind, we decided to do the cake cutting early on in the party to ensure the twins were still excited- (not knowing how they were going to cope with no nap and a lot of people around) This worked well and for those new mamas out there party planning, I highly suggest doing your cake/formalities relatively early in your party time frame.

We didn’t put an ‘end time’ on our invitations, however 3 hours would have been perfect The party wrapped up around 3:30pm and we were all exhausted! LOL

As our family and friends arrived and they were having cuddles, they were squealing with excitement!



A huge thank you to our family and friends for making the day incredibly special, especially those who made the effort to travel up from Adelaide and Melbourne. Thank you Kit for perfectly captured photos once again, from birth to one year old. 



I am so so thankful that we went to the effort to throw the girls a special little garden party, and will forever cherish the moments shared with the ones we love most. I know that a lot of people have commented that they will never remember it etc however these moments are ones that we will treasure forever and look back on. 

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