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Evie & Aria's Birth Story!

Evie & Aria's Birth Story!

Welcome to the world:

Evie Mae Wallace 

31st August 2015 


Aria Joy Wallace

31st August 2015


Both almost 5pounds of complete perfection!

The girls were delivered via c-section by our incredible OB, Dr. Maneesh Singh & Midwives: Margaret-Mary & Tess.

The Delivery Details:

Having both babies breech the entire pregnancy, along with my low lying placenta, meant that a c-section was discussed numerous times. The risk with breech babies is with twin 2, and in many cases results in twin 2 requiring an emergency c-section. With on going contractions, my poor cervix couldn't hold onto the weight any longer (after 2 natural deliveries with the babies weighing 10p2oz and 9p8oz it's NO wonder! lol) The c-section was a completely 'different' experience to a natural delivery and like anything is different for each person. 

In all honesty- prior to the girls delivery, a c-section was my 'ultimate worst case scenario' I am talking serious worst case, I was so scared, nervous and anxious at the possibility of requiring a c-section. However, having twins, everything changes and the risk of the babies health is always put first. So with that a c-section was the only way for me. Now, post c-section- LOL no pushing, no tearing, no pain... I can 'NOW'  (after 9 years of being almost 'anti' c-section' I am very pro choice! lol -I say pro-choice, as every woman is different and obviously a natural delivery is going to be the best scenario, but hey, if you require a c-section- you have no reason to be scared or some how shunned because of it. The experience was a lot better than I had ever though it would be! 

I will also mention this is probably due to my amazing OB also, who is very skilled and was incredible throughout. 

I have very low blood pressure- due to my age, fitness and size. A few days prior to delivery, I was put in an ambulance and rushed to the ER due to extremely low blood pressure. It turns out, I just have low blood pressure. Knowing how low my blood pressure is 'normally'- I knew that this may have an impact on the twins delivery/surgery.

To add to that, I am very needle phobic, I am talking- VERY- needle phobic, I faint at every blood test and even fainted twice whilst attempting acupuncture! This enhanced my fears of having a c-section knowing not only that I would be having a spinal, but a drip- and getting cut open seemed very scary! 

But, once again- this is MY journey with twins- raw, graphic and in all its glory! 

Here is the last photo taken of my twin belly by my amazing photographer friend, Kit Wise.

A photo I didn't think I would ever let see the light of day- Those last 3 weeks by the end of the day I felt HUGE. I was fairly small for most of my pregnancy, except for those final weeks where I seemed to grow by the minute- and I felt it too! (I hadn't slept in 48 hours, been having contractions and pain on and off for days and had been balling my eyes hence the red puffy look! lol) (If you are wanting a birth photographer on the Gold Coast- I highly recommend her!) 

I was put on a bed and wheeled down to meet the anaesthetist, I was on my own, as no one else was allowed to come in, until after the spinal block had been put in, so it was scary, I was upset about the c-section and I was nervous about the unknown. 

He was lovely, however I certainly made him work for his job LOL As soon as the spinal went in, my blood pressure dropped. Everything was spinning, I was on my own and so so scared. Then Maneesh walked in (he is my OB who I have seen every week for the past 9 months so that was probably the best timed arrival if I had ever seen one) He told me to look at him and count to 10 and it would feel better by then- it did! {} haha 

The aneasthetist mentioned that the medication he used to bring my blood pressure back up, the most he would usually have to give to patients is 10, but to get mine back up required 90. So it took about 1-2 minutes (which felt like an hour!) to stop the spinning, nauseousness and horrible feeling. (The joys of being fit huh?) 

I was then given ice cubes, thank you god for the ice cubes! Oh, how I love ice cubes when Im either in labour, or feeling crappy! hahaha  

Finally, Nath and Kit were back in the room with me and the world was a much nicer place! 

I was asked if I could feel Maneesh doing anything to me- which I later found out (from the marks on my stomach!) that he was squeezing my skin very hard with tweezers to ensure that I couldn't feel anything- obviously I couldn't or he would have known about it! 

Within minutes twin A- Little Evie Mae Wallace was born!

Nath was over at her crib checking her weight and vitals with the paediatrician and midwife before cutting her cord.

Before that had happened though, (2 minutes to be exact) Little Aria Joy Wallace was born, screaming a fierce song as she was put on my chest.

THANK YOU GOD- Both of our babies are a healthy almost 5pounds, with very little weight difference between them, screaming like little baby birds. 

Born 2 minutes apart, I was able to have Aria on my chest for the rest of the time that Maneesh was stitching me up, which completely distracted me. 

We have two healthy baby girls- the best feeling ever! 

I don't think we knew anyone else what even in the room at this point- or cared! LOL 

It was so surreal I was in tears, holding these two miracles knowing we had created TWO babies was intense. I don't think the twin pregnancy had sunken in- until this point! 

They were so perfect, and to have them in our arms healthy and safe was so incredible. 

This is where I was going to insert all of the gory images of our HUGE fused placenta- as I found these SO cool. I decided against it as they are a bit gory! 

Their cords were so fat and juicy and seeing all of these photos were awesome, as it was how my body worked and grew to grow these two babies! 

We also have some AMAZING photos of the twins coming out- Aria's hand was reaching out to the doctor in between her legs before she came out! 

Such an amazing photo to cherish, I would highly recommend a birth photographer. 


Into recovery I headed, and Nath headed upstairs to the nursery with our little twin girls!

My blood pressure took a while to come back up (over an hour) Which meant that I was in recovery for that time, usually it is around 20 minutes. Thank goodness Kit came in with me, distracted me and showed me photos of the girls, the operation and shared in our joy. Beyond amazing and I am eternally thankful she came with us. Not only did she take photos that we will cherish forever, she calmed Nath (who looked like he may faint, cry or run at any moment) made us feel more relaxed and distracted me when I needed! 

After recovery I was able to go and spend time with these little miracles we had created- they were (and are) literally perfect. 

  • I may add in now that I am currently sitting here with Evie on my chest fast asleep as I rub my chin against her hair- THE best feeling ever! 

The day after was less amazing, my blood pressure was still really low, so attempting to sit up for the first time was a battle to not faint. I had to lie down 5 times before actually standing up! LOL 

Once I was up, I was fine, and walking around very quickly! 

I lost quite a bit of blood in surgery, and when you think about it- at least 7 kilos of babies, placenta and fluid came out. So of course my body was going to be in a little bit of shock! LOL 

The finer details:

-My scar is so incredibly low that no one except Nath will ever see it. Phew- Thanks Maneesh, you did it! (let's celebrate with a selfie! LOL)  


-The delivery was NOWHERE NEAR as scary as I thought it would be. I am currently 9 days post surgery, and feel great and am back driving etc.

My Recovery- The week after...

DAY 2: 

I was still round, soft and tender to touch. My stomach feels like jelly and you could put your entire hand into my back LOL 

DAY 5:

A comparison shot from 2 weeks prior to the twins birth, lying in the most prominent position for my bump!

5 Days later and my uterus had contracted back down to pre pregnancy. When I stand up I still have the soft, jelly stomach. 

DAY 6 

My stomach is slowly starting to remember where everything belonged prior to twin pregnancy! Haha It was getting very squashed in there!


Although my stomach is still so soft & jelly-ish it is starting to take its position back to where my organs and uterus where pre pregnancy. 

I am still tender, but am able to walk, drive and do most 'normal' day to day tasks. 

I haven't had anything stronger than pandadol since day 3, and felt great throughout. 

The Weight:

Ahhh the weight! I don't normally weight myself, so this pregnancy was a whole new ball game, every prenatal visit I was weighed and there is a huge emphasis online in regards to weight gain when pregnant.

  • Yes, you are SUPPOSED to gain weight- you are growing a baby- in my case TWO babies inside. Along with the actual babies weight, you have the amniotic fluid, fat to help with breastfeeding and milk supply, their placentas and the extra fluid to assist your body in making these babies. 

In total I gained 17kilos- compared to my first baby, where I gained 28 kilos I feel like super woman! LOL 

A week on- I have LOST 12 kilos- IN A WEEK. Yes, that is right. 

2 Babies, 2 Placentas, 2 Sacs of amniotic fluid and any blood/fluid loss during surgery is a lot of weight. 

So, after delivering twins, gaining 17 kilos, I have 5 kilos to go before I am back to my pre baby weight. 

Does that mean after I lose the 5 kilos I will look the way I did pre pregnancy?

Ummmm.... hello no! I just had twins! haha 

Besides the fact I have lost a lot of muscle whilst pregnant, I now have two newborn babies to look after and they are my priority. 

Having a c-section along with a 5-7cm gap in my abdominals means I cannot lift any or resume my training program until 12 weeks after the birth. 

My first pregnancy a week later, I still had 28kgs to get me back to my pre-pregnancy weight. (which never really happened, as I gained muscle instead!) 

(They suck on the top of each other's heads when they sleep!) - so cute! 

We place them in the crib apart and within 5 minutes they're back to being head to head! LOL

The question everyone wants to know- Are they identical? 

Whilst our twins had two sacs, their placenta fused together, so whilst we have had their placenta tested the results are still inconclusive, so we have completed a DNA test and should know soon. A lot of people are under the impression that babies with their own sacs cannot be identical, which is again false. If the egg splits early enough, they can still be identical from the one sperm. 

How do we tell them apart? 

Evie has a very pointy 'pixie' ear, whilst Aria's is matching is is slightly more rounded at the top. 

Aria's features appear to be finer than Evie's which are more chubby. 

Evie head seems a more rounder, larger size- even though Aria has the larger head circumference. 

Their Names:

We had a list of boys and girls names early on in the pregnancy, but deciding on TWO names, that matched, that we both liked and went well with their last name was very tough indeed!

Evie Mae was decided first, so we decided she would be twin 1. We initially thought we would hyphen it to Evie-Mae, however decided against it once we decided on Aria's Name. 

Aria Joy was decided about 4 weeks before they came. Joy is my middle name and Aria was one of the top names we liked throughout. 

Other names we loved were: Willow, Isla, Lila, Layla, Sienna, Harper.


The blue cords are monitors. (my security blankets haha) 

This wasn't the first snuggles, they have spent lots of time with the girls but the only photo I have of them all in the photo! 

They're super in love and ready to help- so cute!! 

Looking Forward:

After just over a week of having our beautiful twin girls I am feeling incredibly blessed with everything- my husband, my boys, my girls, my family support- pretty.blessed. 

I have no pressure on me to get my body back or to be a super-mum, I am taking everyday as it comes and learning all new things along the way- Like bottle feeding- who knew that bottle feeding needed to be taught! haha 

My body seems to be recovering well and I am feeling super content and full of happiness. 


Firstly, I just want to say thank you to my incredible husband. You're amazing. Baby daddy!

Secondly, our Doctor -Maneesh Singh and midwife, Margaret-Mary.

Thirdly, Kit Wise for all of the amazing photography, support and helping us more than you realised! lol 

And last but certainly not least- My Dad- for flying up from Adelaide, cooking, cleaning, looking after the boys, helping at the gym, reading books, teasing Ryder, crashing my car, giving the twins bottles and everything in between- Thanks Dad. We couldn't have done it without you! 

...and- all of the staff who have gone out of their way to help us, ensure we were looked after and our twinnies! Thank you! 

Our Beautiful Bundles of Joy, when placed in their bassinet they squirm until they are in this position head to head:

{Evie Mae & Aria Joy}

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