Lately I have been giving you all visual graphics for different macronutrients, calories or health examples.

Rather than giving you an alternative or ‘better’ choice, I have simply been showcasing how different foods have different breakdowns.
I also show what makes up each food.
A lot of people have been shocked or amazed, and it has really helped provide a better visual understanding and talking point.

Here are some of the visuals I have previously done.
Remember, each one aims to show a different ‘point’- whether that be calories, carbohydrates, fats, sugar or health

Let me know what you think on Instagram, and if you’d like to see more!

Sophie x

Three bananas on marble background


Macadamia nuts, green apple, sweet potato, honey, white bread and snake lollies

Skinny cow ice cream and chocolate paddle pop lying flat

Avocado and Macadamia Nuts compared on a marble background

Peanut butter and hazelnut spread or nutella

Whole kit kat and half eaten kit kat on marble background

Dark chocolate and milk chocolate comparison on marble background