Scroll down to see some INCREDIBLE transformation photos from my followers!

While I was on the road to recovery after having the twins, so many of you were leading your own health and fitness journeys in 2015 and 2016.
It was a bit of a weird feeling to have so much attention on my ‘bouncing back’ and speculation about how active I was during my pregnancy.
All I could see in my eyes were heartfelt messages from amazing women all over the world,
thanking me for being part of the reason why they decided to embark on a health and fitness journey.

The whole thing was shrouded with negativity yet I could only feel happiness about the fact that progress photos and before and afters were filling my inbox.
I think I’m probably as proud as the women in these photos about their transformations – and so happy that people share the same passion that I have.

Whether you’ve been following my nutrition programs, the Total Body Transformation program, one of the levels of THE BOD or your own thing – I always have my arms wide open (inbox :D) for your progress shots and before and after photos!

Transformation photos are a true testament to the hard work we put in.
So, here are some of the beautiful transformations I received in 2015 and 2016 that I couldn’t not share!


Before and after photo of women using Sophie Guidolin recipe book

Eat Clean, Live Lean Recipe Book

Katie Crosby

As a fit and active person, I always struggle with the body changes that come after the baby is born.
You’re no longer pregnant, the baby is in your arms, but your body is in limbo. I felt this way after all 3 of my pregnancies.
On mentioning exercise, My child health nurse was quick to inform me that exercising could affect the production of my milk supply.
Taking this into consideration I was very focused on ensuring my body was well nourished for both myself and my baby.
So I purchased both of Sophie’s whole foods cookbooks.

For those interested, my supply was never affected, I have kept up with Archer’s demands with a fatty and nourishing liquid gold.

I was determined to regain my pre pregnancy body. I was tired of looking into my wardrobe and feeling disappointed that I couldn’t fit into my clothes.
So I purchased Sophie’s 6 week Total Body Transformation and downloaded her free core workout available to those who subscribe.
Being a mum of 3 children under 5, I am very time poor. Workouts needed to fit in with our routine.
This program couldn’t have been more suited to me and my busy lifestyle.
I was able to complete these workouts from home. Which was so convenient for me, and left no room for excuses.
The first 3 weeks were a challenge. Getting back into the groove, rebuilding my fitness and concentrating on my breathing.
Then it all kicked in, like an addiction. I looked forward to every session. I felt prepared for the day. Mentally, physically and emotionally.
This became my new outlet. I repeated the 6 week transformation 3 times, each time consciously working on my technique and increasing the weights I used.
I’ve achieved this transformation with both a nourishing diet and exercise created by Sophie.
I have found a great balance and I’m feeling even more motivated to build on myself each day.

Before and after photo of woman using Sophie Guidolin program The Bod Pro

 Kate Lester

The Bod Pro program has been a game changer for me!
After having a baby my body was almost unrecognisable to me.
The battle between my head and what I used to be physically capable of was something I couldn’t quite come to terms with.
I wanted my pre baby body back. I didn’t know how to do it.
Like Sophie, I too own a business, at the time had a husband that worked away, looking after our son… time wasn’t exactly on my side.
As mums, we always put ourselves and our needs last. I started following Sophie on Snapchat and became so incredibly inspired with how she manages to find balance with such a busy lifestyle. She doesn’t make excuses.

I would watch in awe and so desperately wanted change in my life. If she could do it why couldn’t I?

As soon as THE BOD program got released I jumped on it. Feeling so ready for change, so enthusiastic.
THE BOD program is not a diet. It sets you up with the tools to continue on after you finish the 12 weeks.This has now become my lifestyle.
I love the way I live now and I love the knowledge I have gained from this program especially dietary wise so I can give my kids the best start to life.
The recipes, the workouts, the hints and tips… at no stage did I ever get bored or go off track.
I never felt like I was missing out on anything, there was always a cleaner alternative to any cravings that may have popped up.
I felt such a sense of proudness that I was cooking and making all my food myself rather than living off youfoodz.
Knowing exactly what was going in everything I cooked and a sense of feeling so incredibly organised from day to day as I didn’t have to think about where my next meal was coming from.
I feel like for the first time in my life I am so confident in my own skin. I love the feeling of really nurturing my body with the right food. My head is clear. I’m not tired. I’m happy and I have so much energy so my baby gets the best of me!
Before and after progress photo of lean woman following Sophie Guidolin book

Samantha Costa

I had always taken my health and fitness for granted until I fell pregnant with my first and so far only child.
It was then that I decided that I wanted to set the best example for baby that I could.
I purchased Sophie’s TBT prior to the birth of my daughter with the intention to start at 6 weeks postpartum.
At 8weeks post delivery I had a postpartum haemorrhage that required surgery and a blood transfusion to fix.
Once I had the all clear from my obstetrician I started on Sophie’s TBT.
Sophie’s program wasn’t a ‘quick fix fad’ to get back in shape but has become our way of life.
I love this as it means my little girl will grow up to know nutrition and exercise as something you do because you love
and care about your body and not something you do to punish yourself because you don’t like how you look.
Progress before and after photo following Sophie Guidolin recipe book

Katelyn Borg

I have been exercising for a while now but have always maintained my body image eating what I like
and never putting on weight due to my active lifestyle.
Though I never put on weight I never lost any either!

When I came back from my European holiday late last year,
I had been gone for three months and not done one bit of exercise and saw how quickly I can lose muscle tone,
gain body fat and overall feel crappy!

I focused on my diet coming home being the biggest I had ever been in my life,
and bought your Eat Clean, Live Lean recipe book.
This book is truly amazing.
Combining my exercise with your eating ideas has made me look better than I have ever before and motivates me to do more for myself.
I noticed even if I don’t train as much due to being busy or tired I don’t feel guilty and still see the results!
Although I do not have kids of my own yet, you are truly an inspiration to myself and many other women out there.