Most of you would know I have recently undergone breast surgery to fix a rupture.

After hundreds of questions I have put together this blog and YouTube video to share my experience with a breast reduction, augmentation and lift.

When I filmed this video, I had a lot of goals in mind. I wanted to share my past experiences and spread information so that others in my position wouldn’t feel alone.
I wanted to educate women about choice-making when it comes to breast reductions, lifts and augmentations.
And, I wanted to shed light on my most recent breast surgery.

For those who have been following me for a while, you may be aware that I previously underwent my first breast surgery (reduction as well as lift and augmentation).

When you watch further into the video, you’ll understand why this had to happen (I had reached a double EE in middle school already!).

This spiralled into a less than enjoyable experience when I was hit with the realisation that my implants were PIP implants; implants that contained an incredibly toxic, unapproved silicone gel.

I had an extensive, gruelling time going through the removal of any signs of toxic silicone left over in my body.

After breastfeeding, I was left with next to no boobs and felt quite uncomfortable.

Now, when I realised that I would need to undergo a SECOND surgery – I did as much research on training, size and placement as possible to ensure this doesn’t happen again.
It didn’t help that multiple sites were feeding me conflicting advice and information…I had soo much trouble actually finding relevant information.

I hope that this vlog will provide you with an insight behind my decisions and explain how I realised that I would need to undergo surgery again.

In this vlog, I’ll cover:

  • My PIP implants story
  • My story about when my implants ruptured
  • The treatments I underwent to remove toxic material from my body
  • The reason behind my choice for a second surgery
  • The size and shape I chose
  • My recovery
  • Exercise post-surgery

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