Do you find yourself eating ‘really well’, sticking to your plan, then all of a sudden- BOOM. There goes a block of chocolate?

Well, did you know that is not in fact a normal relationship with food, you have lost control and are allowing food to control you. So how do you overcome binge eating before it becomes a more serious disorder or cycle?


1-    Never restrict yourself to a point of starvation, diet smart. By limiting your food so that you’re hungry all the time, you are not feeding your body the nutrients it needs, thus screaming out for food- shown in cravings.

2-    Eat in moderation, if you can’t control yourself initially, portion out things in front of others, removing the temptation.

3-    Carry a note book wherever you go, whenever you feel this way- write down how you feel, what you’re craving and any other emotions. You may be able to find that you have an emotional connection or trigger that is causing the behavior. (A text from your ex, stress from work etc)

4-    Before you give in to your cravings set yourself a crazy routine- so you want chocolate? Okay- but first, you must drink a glass of water, do 3 push ups and 3 burpees. Stick with it, you may find that you now associate your cravings with a negative and no longer want them!

5-    Find out if you are deficient in an essential mineral or vitamin, you may be low in magnesium, b12 or iron which is causing the cravings.

6- The best foods to keep you fuller for longer are the ones that are high in fibre- Bananas, Beans (make into a hummus dip and have with carrots, Avocado’s, Broccoli, Lentils, Apples, Chia seeds and Almonds (easy to keep in your bag!

7-    If you feel as though you cannot manage your eating or feel as though it is controlling your life and thoughts- please please please see someone about them. You always have a choice, options and can take back control.