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Welcome to my website ♡
Hi, my name is Sophie Guidolin, Australian born fitness model and mother of four.
I hope to motivate and inspire you through my own journey.

Whilst pregnant with my 2 sons, I gained 30kilos, after having them I struggled to lose the weight and find a healthy approach that I could use in my day-to-day life.
Since then, I have dedicated myself to leading a healthier, more active lifestyle.

After transforming my diet and lifestyle, I was delighted to find out I was expecting twins and documented my journey while staying as active and fit as possible throughout.
This was a completely surreal and different experience to my first two pregnancies.

Here you will find everything you need to embark on your new lifestyle change!

Whether it’s weight loss, muscle definition, post baby shaping up, pre wedding transforming, fitness modelling or a healthy lifestyle change; everything you need is within the one site!

A little bit about me and my own personal journey for those of you who don’t know me:

My pregnancies to my two young sons took its toll on my body, as I gained 28 kilos throughout each pregnancy!
Even developing gestational diabetes with my first.
I embarked on my own personal lifestyle change after I become unhappy, overweight and really lost after only being a ‘mum’ and a ‘wife’.
Slowly but surely I made a huge turn around and changed the way I lived, but also the way that I treated my body.
I learnt to respect my body and admire what a life changing experience pregnancy and childbirth truly was.
My whole mindset changed, I felt empowered knowing what my body was capable of.

Sophie Guidolin in Bali wearing a white dress and smiling while looking to the side

My first step in the right direction was to start exercising, however I was intimidated at the gym.
I was nervous that I didn’t know how to use the weight equipment properly, so I avoided weights completely.
I also believed in the common myth that doing weight training would make me ‘bulky’.
Eventually, after not getting the results I was after, I started my journey on weight training and I was hooked- I wanted to make this my life!

The rush that I got from weight training was something I had never experienced from anything else.

Combining weight training with cardio saw my body change, but it still wasn’t the results I was hoping for.

So my ‘diet’ was closely examined and I then quickly started following a clean eating diet. (That you can also start on today, just head to the nutrition tab!)
The word ‘diet’ really scared me. My initial thought was that I would need to restrict my eating, be hungry all the time or put my body through unhealthy ‘fads’- which is not my idea of fun! The term ‘diet’ is just a word used to describe what you eat.

Once I changed my diet, my body changed dramatically! I learnt the benefits of eating the right foods, when to eat them and how to cook them. It was almost instantly that my body started changing once I initiated the lifestyle changes I mentioned:

  • Diet
  • Weight training
  • Cardio

Within 3 weeks I noticed a difference, within 6 weeks my friends and family noticed and within 12 weeks, the world started to notice.

I went on to compete in the 2012 INBA Sportsmodel competition, taking out 1st place. Since then I have won 4 national fitness model titles, gone on to take 2nd place in the IFBB Bikini Pro qualifier and even be selected to compete for Australia at the World Titles in Ohio- where I placed 5th in the WORLD! What a ride!

I am a busy mother of four young children, I work full time and I run my household, including all cooking, cleaning, washing.

I love the quote, “today’s preparation equals tomorrows success”, because I truly believe that everything comes down to organisation.

My favourite place in the world is the kitchen, cooking and creating amazing clean recipes and creations!

I have since went on to study personal training, nutrition and coaching. I married the love of my life, pro natural body builder Nathan Wallace and opened a gym called Hold Your Own.

We went on to have two beautiful twin girls, Evie and Aria. Throughout their pregnancy I was determined to not let the previous pregnancies shadow my current health and lifestyle choices.
I managed to remain active throughout. I’m so happy I did, and the results & recovery speak volumes.

I am living proof that no matter who you are or what your circumstances are, you can achieve the goals you want.

By changing your lifestyle with the nutrition plan on this site along with your exercise program, you will see results. I’m not promising it will be easy, but I promise it will be worth it!

Sophie Guidolin at the beach wearing a white swimsuit looking into the distance