As the year comes to an end, I am taking the time to look back at all of the amazing and positive experiences and ventures that not only I have achieved, but also Nathan and our brands!

To kickstart 2017, I achieved something I thought was impossible, however with a little self-belief, A LOT of hard work, an incredible program (THE BOD) and the best coach in the biz, (Nath) I WON my Queensland title, plus 3rd place in the world in Ohio and 1st place in my class in Australia at the Arnold Classic – one year after having the twins!

Looking back at this gives me goosebumps at what you truly can do when you believe and work hard! Have a watch of my journey, documented by the team at Sunday Night:

Watch Here

In January, THE BOD launched a product we had been testing and refining for a long time. As my followers know, we launched THE BOD for sale in early 2016 after two years of development. Throughout this period, we tested this product with different weights and exercises to create the ideal levels to suit the perfect gym bag essential: THE BOD BOOTY BANDS.


It is so awesome, as we watch so many people benefiting from these bad boys in our gym, from the big powerlifters, to the bikini girls, to those with injuries, to the elderly.

We SOLD OUT within the first 48 hours of launch and they’re still flying out the door now as we continue to re-stock in order to meet your continued demand – so I owe everyone a massive thank you! Grab yours here:


In April, THE BOD launched the BOD MENS program, with three different levels:

Starting Strength, Power Builder and D.U.P – a program to suit every level, the exact same programming that my world renowned hunk of a spunk, Nathan, uses for his elite competitions!

In May, we launched our BOD V2, updated from our original 2014/2015 designed program. We strive to always improve, grow and innovate as we learn new techniques and read more studies which in turn allows us to help you all!

Version Two is complete with an interactive macros calculator and a bunch more functions to really push you to reach your goals!

Following last year’s mammoth sell-out of THE BOD leggings in just 48 hours, we knew our followers wanted more. In September, we launched THE BOD Bikini, a complete travel program, with custom-branded bikini, booty band and exercise/nutrition guide. Seeing everyone rocking these kinis on their BODs puts a smile on my face, that is for sure!


The launch of Macros, my latest recipe book was a huge success and watching the recipe recreations across social media has made me feel so happy that so many families are able to benefit from cooking delicious meals whilst still reaching their goals!

With the digital edition launching TOMORROW (December 24th) worldwide for instant download.

In December, my favourite work wife and I released the first range of our ‘SALIS SOCIETY’ brand. Salis means salt in Latin and society is everything we are about – a group of people empowering others for a purpose. Every bikini purchased supports marine conservation and we are thrilled with the response to our first drop of SALIS SOCIETY! Each bikini is as unique as you are and we just love every aspect of the brand, the values and what we stand for.


All of these launches and many more to come in 2018!

Whilst I sit here and reflect on the year that was, I cannot even describe the amount of work it’s taken, and the sense of achievement that this makes me feel writing this, but also I feel I owe a massive thank you to each and every one of you reading this, as without you and your support I would not be able to do what I love.


Whilst my business achievements are mind blowing to me as my company is solely run by me, my personal achievements are what makes my life worthwhile. While I am an entrepreneur, a brand builder, an athlete and an author, my favourite ‘job’ is that of mum.


With four kids (10, 9, 2 x2!) my life is a constant juggle, a juggle I am hoping to somehow find a happy medium to.


I have found that this immense work pressure and day to day running to make all of the above happen means my work/family life balance is out of sync and I am always aiming to put my kids first (whilst running a business that has deadlines). I strive to teach my kids that life is made up of a bunch of decisions and every decision we make either brings us closer to our goals or further away. I teach them to stand stand up for yourself in a world that often pulls us down, that the truth will always be the right thing to do and that everything I do, I aim to do with love.


So in 2018, I have nothing but great things coming again, with more apparel, a bigger BOD than ever, some incredibly exciting news to share, more recipe books, some of my favourite things coming to life so we can all share them together and best of all – I am praying once again for a better work/family life balance. (Which has now been my resolution for three years! Lol)


I know my life is beyond full and my heart is exploding because with my husband and family surrounding me, I have nothing but happiness.


Here are some mantras that I am resonating with at the moment, as you all know how much I love my mantras!

‘I remember the days I prayed for all the things I have now’

‘Without love you have nothing’