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My new recipe book MACROS!

For so long I have wanted to release a recipe book that contains the macro breakdown of every recipe.


is my fifth book release.
A wellness and lifestyle guide with…


Register now to receive presale and launch details!


  • retails for for $49.95 AUD
  • with FREE shipping Australia wide

It was so important to me that I could give my followers a book they could easily use in conjunction with The Bod.
I wanted a recipe book that anyone and everyone could use, and that’s exactly what I created.

Since 2012, I have released… Eat Clean, Live Lean, My Kids Eat, Baby’s First Recipe Book and 12 Days of Christmas.

Coming full circle with my first COMPLETE RECIPE BOOK since 2012, I can’t contain my excitement for MACROS.
I truly believe it will be loved by your entire family.


Even Nath’s Butter Chicken!
Plus some of my personal favourite including vegetarian burrito bowls and peanut butter cookies!


An in-depth explanation of the science behind how it works.
Plus, how seamlessly it can fit into any lifestyle!


Plus some of my personal favourite including vegetarian burrito bowls and peanut butter cookies!


With workouts and an exercise glossary.
These quick workouts will get your heart rate running and can be done anywhere – gym or home!



<img src=“MACROS.jpg" alt=“sophie guidolin, chia bircher, recipe”>Bircher muesli with berries in glass jar

I cannot wait for you to get your hands on it!

I will be hosting a pre-sale for my amazing followers, to offer you FREE SHIPPING AUSTRALIA WIDE!

MACROS is a wellness and lifestyle guide with five recipe chapters…

• Power Starts
You know what they say about breakfast!

• Nourishing Salads
I LOVE salads – and even if you don’t, you will after you try one of these

• Super Snacks
From energy balls, to smoothies, to guacamole.

• Main Meals
Hearty and delicious, to crispy and fresh – this is also where you’ll find Nathan’s famous butter chicken recipe!

• Healthy Treats
That do not taste healthy!

The best part?
Every single recipe contains its full nutritional breakdown and macros.
This way, you can use it with The Bod, or whatever macro plan you’re following!

Make sure you pencil in the 15th of October to secure your signed copy! (only 250 available).

Sophie x

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Big Girl Room Reveal


I cannot wait to see what you all think of the BIG GIRL ROOM REVEAL!

We fell in love with the girls’ rose gold cots from Incy, so we wanted to carry the theme through to their big girl room (with a fresh, new feel).
When I saw this wallpaper.. I almost fell off my chair! It matches so perfectly and is the ultimate combination of sweet girly feels with a warm and welcoming vibe.

I am in love with everything in their room and often go in there just to sit and stare at its beauty (not even kidding).

At the bottom of this blog, I have written a list of all the brands and linked to them so you can go through and have a browse in your own time for the things you love.
Please note that items not tagged are either unknown or market/unique finds.

We wanted the twins’ beautiful dollhouse to be the centrepiece of their room, as it is just DIVINE!

With the girls rose gold beds either side, it makes the room have the most beautiful sparkle.

The mattresses are SO cool, they actually arrived in a box, and folded out to be the most comfortable mattresses (clouds).
We love it so much we got a king for our bedroom too! Hahaha!

As the girls grow, we can play with the décor to adjust it accordingly.
But for now, we love the pieces and features!

What’s your favourite part of the girls’ new room?
And calling all mamas with little ones – how did you go switching over from cots to big beds?!

Sophie xx


Photography by Kit Wise from Wise Photography 



Rose Gold Beds
Incy Interiors


Rose gold baby beds in pink bedroom



Mattresses (hiding under that to die for linen!)
Greywing Mattresses


Nathan Wallace building baby bed
Greywing Mattress in home





Baby girl bedroom wallpaper with flamingos


Quilt Covers/Linen
Bonne Mere


Baby girl sitting on bed in pink bedroom


Bedside Tables
The Family Love Tree


Pink dollhouse and girly bedside table


Little Belle


Gold baby bed, dollhouse and nightlight


Calevie Designer Dollhouses  


Beautiful dollhouse in baby girl bedroom


Dollhouse Furniture
Calevie Designer Dollhouses


Dollhouse furniture, little bed and carpet


Tiny Gold Incy Replica Beds
Tiny Perfect World


Tiny perfect world replica baby bed in dollhouse




Schmooks swan artwork in pink bedroom


Vine Name Plaques
MiTAHLi Designs


Dollhouse with vine name plaques in pink bedroom


Dollhouse Canopy
Spinkie – Spinkie replica, while everything else is Calevie.


Dollhouse canopy with pink and rose gold


More images…

Sophie Guidolin with baby in pink bedroom having fun
Baby girl smiling on the floor in denim overalls
Baby girl twins in tutus in a pink bedroom

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Spring has sprung!

Who would have thought I would love Spring cleaning as much as I do?
I feel SO refreshed!
I have gone through a bunch of the twin’s baby clothes and linen and donated a bunch to a local charity. AND, I have gone through our linen and furniture we had stored in the garage!

I feel so refreshed and ‘new’ when we do large clean outs, like that saying..‘out with the old, in with the new’.


I am one of those people who cannot sit still, so I have given some old furniture a facelift rather than chucking it out.
I’ve painted the old wood of our beds and bedside tables white, brightening the whole room in the process!
I basically belong on The Block ha!

Being September, it is only three months until Christmas – HOLY MOLEY!!!

With the festive season on my mind, I love to go through all of our old toys and donate where possible or give to others who may want to share the joy they once gave to our kids.

The other thing I seem to hoard is linen, I could spend all day in Adairs and I think my linen cupboard shows that (I should probably work on this :D)

Whilst I am like the exact example of what not to do, I truly am trying to become a reformed hoarder.

I would love to share some of the things that have worked for us in clearing out and making space:

  • Go through baby/small children’s clothes every three months.
    Besides the fact that the seasons change, they grow SO quickly and it is so therapeutic to see the items in their wardrobe without digging.
  • Sort out and clean the pantry every six months.
    This will not only allow your shopping bill to decrease, but potentially provide you with new meal ideas with new finds in the pantry!
  • Clean out the fridge weekly.
    This is something we do on a Sunday simultaneously with our grocery shops.
  • Quilts, pillows and mattress protectors are also on my radar once or twice a year!
    At the rate we are going everyone has had a new bed every year due to shifting rooms around so much!
  • Categorise cupboards and shelves.
    We have a label maker that gets used on just about every tupperware container in the kitchen!
    Even dedicating certain drawers to certain things will feel like a breath of fresh air.
  • Write lists.
    Unlike me – who feels the need to tackle every room of the house in one day haha.. you can do your spring clean over a few days.
    Write down a list of what you’d like to accomplish and tick them off as you go.

The only thing I am yet to master is the wardrobe clear outs!

I always think, ‘but what if ….. I need it on a holiday, or it snows, or I gain a bunch of weight, or we have another baby, or if I decide I like that style again?’ hahaha

I also love cleaning out areas.. I’m talking thoroughly cleaning them out. Carpets cleaned, windows cleaned and all!
And hey, it’s SPRING and spring has sprung!

What are some of YOUR spring cleaning tips?
Let me know here!

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Live Chats in September

Your comments requesting in-depth explanations covering a lot of topics have not got unnoticed!

Rather than replying with a few sentences over Insta, I want to give you guys as much content as possible.
What better way than through a live chat? Where you can send through your questions as I speak directly on Facebook live! Instant answers to your questions then and there, and as in depth as required!

September’s live chat schedule is all about nutrition and training.

I thought it’d be easier for you all to create a monthly schedule for to download, print and put on your fridge.
This way, you never miss a topic you’re passionate about or want to know more about.

I’m kicking things off with a discussion about restarting The Bod Pro program and checking in for the first time on the 4th of September!
I’ll tell you how I’m going with training, alternatives and variations that I’m using for exercises, nutrition and hunger.
Also how I am scheduling my days to fit in my training and any motivation.

On the 19th, a resident coach and good friend Liam will be stepping in to discuss MyFitnessPal (and explain how useful it is!).
I know there are a lot of questions about this topic.
Write a list and join us as we tackle things like what to do if you’re stuck with a whole bunch of fats at the end of the day and nothing else.
Or how do you most accurately track a meal out with friends?
We can’t wait to answer and help you with your questions! Along with that, Liam will break down the steps of tracking your food.

Myself, as well as other guest speakers I have lined up over the next few months will be sitting down with you at night time.
So you’ll be in the comfort of your own home (and when the kids are in bed so you can join in!)!


Sophie Guidolin in Zimmerman dress in Bal



I hope you guys are as excited as I am for this month’s live chats!
My goals is to roll out as many as possible for you – covering all of your highly requested topics.
Make sure you comment on my latest post and let me know what you’d like to see me cover next!




Liam is PASSIONATE about his role as a coach.
Beyond nutrition and training – he continuously researches into the many underlying physiological systems of the human body and their response to the various body composition protocols.
On a daily basis, he continues to educate and practice recent anecdotal studies towards his own training and clients.
You will love hearing what Liam has to say and getting to pick his brain!



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Choosing the right bikini for your body

It’s officially 12 weeks until summer! :O
You’ve ramped up your workouts – and now it’s time to pick the perfect bikini that compliments your body shape the best.

You are going to rock that bikini body!

We all come in different shapes and sizes, and each person naturally distributes weight in different areas of their body.
What may fit you, may fit someone else completely differently.

I want you to look and feel your best this summer.
No hiding under sarongs or covering up any flaws.
Flaunt your body and use the following tips to ensure you’re complimenting your favourite features.


Always ensure you measure your hips at the widest point, waist at the smallest point, and your bust at the fullest point.
Swimwear is supposed to fit tightly when it’s dry, as it can increase up to half its size when wet.
Sizing can vary between brands and manufacturers which means the same size medium from one company, may be different to others.
Ensure you read the fine print!

Secondly, choose colours that highlight the features you’d like to show off. It can be as simple as bringing your eyes out.
To highlight or slim, use a solid colour (such as black).
My favourites for pale skin include black, khaki, maroon or deep tones.
Whereas I love deeper toned skin and bright colours together! (fake tan anyone!?)

Thirdly, use flattering cuts or shapes like ruffles in areas you’re trying to add volume to or hide.
High-cut bikini bottoms make your legs look longer (especially if you have a long torso).
If you’re trying to emphasise a particular area, wear frills, bows or patterns. A one-piece will hide your waist (especially shirred panels over the stomach), and simultaneously give you an amazing sillhouette.

Halter tops and triangle tops draw attention to the bust, whereas tie-up tops at the front of a bikini helps to bring the breasts closer to one another, effectively making them look larger.
The straight across cut is great for a large bust as it minimises.

The following descriptions on body shapes will help best describe your body and what swimwear you should look for or avoid;

Pear body shape – If you’ve got the curves to rock the bottom and you’re more petite at the waist and bust.
This means drawing attention to your top half (if you prefer!). Bandeau tops will make you seem wider to give that hourglass shape. Try having fun with frills or ruffles as well as brighter coloured tops.
To enhance the bust, wear halter necks. As for bottoms, try wearing a solid colour with adjustable tie sides and nothing too ‘busy’.

Apple body shape – If you’re bigger at the top half of your body with a slimmer, lower waist and lean legs. You may hold some extra weight around your stomach.
This means drawing attention to your bottom half and taking the emphasis away from your bust.

Wear bright or patterned bottoms to draw attention to your waist and legs.
Swimsuits in a full colour block or patterned pieces on the sides will give your mid-section a slimmer look.
Wear tops with thick straps as these will narrow your shoulders, whilst supporting your bust. Steer well clear of bandeau tops if you’re an apple as this will draw more attention to a wider bust.

Hourglass shape – Flaunt whatever parts of the body you’d like! If you’re an hourglass shape, your bust and hips are well proportioned with a narrow waist.
Ensure you wear sets and not individual tops and bottom (don’t go for a top with heaps of frills and your bottoms as basic as this will put more emphasis on your bust).
Wear adjustable side bottoms so it won’t dig in and it’s easier to adjust.

Straight or rectangle shape – If you’re straight up and down, or rather athletic with no significant difference between your hips, waist and bust.
This means you may like to create the illusion of volume on your top and bottom.
You can do this by wearing bright colours, along with prints, frills or bows, etc. to create the illusion of curves (if this is what you’ve like to achieve from your bikinis).

I hope this article is useful for you when selecting a bikini for your body shape.
Your bikinis are like your uniform before going into battle! Embrace the curves, the marks and scars that make us, us.
With this in mind, don’t forget about the launch of The Bod Bikini. Perfect for you regardless of your shape, age or size.

The bikini that will be included in a ‘summer essentials kit’ will be a jet black, Brazilian cut bikini that is perfect, bold and even has tie ups on the bottoms, with just enough cheek to suit all shapes and sizes.

Click here to see more on The Bod Bikini!
I can’t wait to see all the amazing women of every shape and size rocking their bikinis this summer.
This summer, let’s make a pact; Here’s to getting your best bod yet, while embracing your bod at every stage and step of the way.

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The Bod Bikini Launch Details!

The Bod Bikini is balmy days, living in bikinis all summer, fruit salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner and needing multiple showers a day! Haha.
It’s everything I love about the warmer days wrapped into one.

I guess I was inspired to create this limited edition program purely from my love for bikinis.
It’s just an item of clothing, but when you think about it – with the right mindset and the confidence to rock it; bikinis are like your uniform before going into battle!
Nothing speaks louder than a women sure of herself no matter what she’s wearing.

So what’s included in The Bod Bikini?

  • The perfect jet black, Brazilian cut bikini with just enough cheek
  • Medium resistance booty band
  • Upper and lower body workouts
  • Summer fresh recipes
  • Lifestyle tips to inspire and motivate!


There are Bod Babes all around the world, and I am dying to see women of every shape and size rocking The Bod Bikini.


Along with your limited edition, Brazilian cut bikini you also get exercises and example workouts that are perfect for workouts on the go.
There are an amazing addition for anyone already following The Bod program too.

Along with the medium resistance band and delicious recipes, you will have thousands of women around the world working to achieve their best possible bod before summer hits with you along for the ride.
My goal is to see my Bod babes continuing their love for a healthy, balanced lifestyle and taking on the additional exercises and recipes in this program.

Your best investment is YOU, and the best time to start is now.

I cannot wait to see you rockin’ your Brazilian bikini and doing your Bod Bikini resistance band exercises!



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There’s no one you spend as much time with than you do with yourself.
So why wouldn’t you be placing priority of your own happiness at the top of your list?

Every single person deserves their own happiness – but not everyone experiences happiness in the same way.
We are all individual with different interests, dislikes, hobbies and passions.
So focus on YOU, and surround yourself with what makes you happy, while avoiding anything that does otherwise.

Here are some tips that can apply to anyone looking to lead a positive, happier life. 

Let go of what you can’t control
When you boil it down, there is no benefit to dwelling on things out of your control.
If you CAN control it, by all means do what’s necessary. But for all things out of your hands, just let them go.
Spend your valuable time thinking about the constructive, positive things and invest your thoughts in what will progress you as a person.
While sometimes easier said than done, if you’re struggling to let go completely – try and distract yourself.
Healthy hobbies and reflecting on things you’re grateful for are an effective way to distract yourself.

Appreciate and be inspired by the things around you that are beautiful.
Be inspired rather than jealous.
You have something to offer that nobody else can.
This is why appreciating the amazing things around you while still knowing your worth is so important.
Finding inspiration in the things around us is what creates innovation and new ideas (but never forget that you yourself sparks inspiration and motivation in others too).

Spread happiness
Think of it like before you begin a workout – you don’t expect to feel great afterwards.
But 9 times out of 10, you always end up feeling so much better than you did before beginning.
Paying someone a compliment costs nothing on your end but gives the recipient the greatest feeling.
This is a selfless action you can’t help but feel good about afterwards.
Paying it forward is truly an incredible way to transform someone you care for or a stranger’s day.

Surround yourself with what you love
This is one of the easiest ways you can uplift your mood and improve on a bad day.
If your environment is draining you, making you feel down on yourself or affecting your mood – remove yourself.
Of course there are some situations we can’t help – but if you know that you can switch the bad out for the good – do it STAT.
There are certain things that give us those feel good vibes – whether it be music, quirky memes or a text to a friend – we need more of these things in our lives.

Do something small for you each and every day
Even the tiniest step toward your goal is a WIN.
Try to make a small, conscious effort to get closer to your goals everyday.
Whether that be though jotting down your plans for the upcoming future, waking up that bit early to train, setting aside an hour each weekend to meal prep…
This could even be as small as waking up ten minutes early to get more organised or speaking to a friend for some motivation to keep going.

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The Bod Version 2!

It started with a change in logo, but after contemplating further, I realised that there was a lot more I wanted for The Bod.

The Bod is my baby (non-human ha!) and bringing this program out is something I’ll never forget.

We worked with our coaches to create solutions to the questions given to us, and hurdles that our athletes have stumbled across during following The Bod.
We’ve expanded our knowledge even further, and adapted the program to be individualised to suit everyone’s goals and macro breakdowns.


The Bod logo drawing with girl wearing headphones



  • You can now customise the program to suit you
  • The choice between our 12-week macro balanced meal plan OR customised flexible dieting protocol
  • The difference between flexible dieting and a set meal plan
  • All recipes NOW including nutritional breakdown and macros
  • The vegetarian options and supplements, vitamins and minerals guide
  • The ability to walk away with the knowledge on how to write you own meal plan
  • Macro and micronutrients, required ratios and fibre information
  • Executing the right plan to achieve your goals
  • How to track and weigh your food correctly
  • Gaining or cutting (learning how to adjust calories to manipulate your body composition)
  • Cheat, free or refeed meals (obtaining vital knowledge on structured cheat, free or refeed meals)

Launching the male version alongside The Bod Women’s program also means that an entire family can eat the same meals together.
You can eat according to your own goals but prepare the same recipes for your friends and family!

Not only does our latest version teach you about the required calories for your individual needs.
It will also enlighten you about reverse dieting, increasing your metabolic capacity and leaning down through nutrition.

Same recipes, same 12-week meal plan (if you choose to use it) or flexible dieting! (IIFYM)

My aim is to always improve The Bod products and give you the best possible chance at success

As always, our coaches will always be available to provide you with advice or guidance!

You can leave me questions on Instagram, or send us an email at hello@thebod.com.au

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New Years Resolutions & 2017

What a year 2016 was!

I am incredibly grateful to each and everyone of you, to have you all join my family and I for the year that was.

We watched as they twins learnt to crawl, walk and are now happily babbling away.
The boys grew into little men before my eyes. My marriage has strengthened even more as we’ve learn to parent our now toddlers together and run the businesses (continually juggling)!

The Bod program has established the most amazing online community and I am thrilled to be able to call those following it my training buddies.

Do you see a pattern forming in this blog? 😉

Prior to writing down any new years goals or resolutions, first reflect over the year that has been.
What are some memorable events that may have occurred and what did you enjoy most about the year?
What are the POSITIVES?

Everyone focuses on the mistakes, the negatives or perhaps the things you would most like to change about yourselff.
But what about those things you are proud of?
Start with these first!

How did you improve on your goals or perhaps resolutions you set for yourself last year?
Did you gain strength? Did you have a baby? Buy a house? What are you proud of?
There is always SOMETHING to pat yourself on the back for- we need more of this.

This year, my resolution is pretty simple in theory but is also the same as last year as (unfortunately) I didn’t achieve enough to say it is accomplished.

My goal (or resolution) is a better family/work life balance.

Owning your own business (especially being a 24/7 business!) means we are always working- there is always ‘something’ to do.
But, at the end of the day family is our number one. So having that switch off time is just as important to me as providing for the family.

How are you planning to tackle 2017?

The mistake that people often make with new years resolutions (or goals) are that they’re too ambitious.
Make your goals achievable.

For someone who has never stepped foot into a gym, setting a goal of going to the gym 5 days per week is unrealistic.
Start small, break down your goals and ensure that they’re actually something you REALLY want to change- sounds easy in theory right?

Perhaps that glass of red that you have with friends on Friday night is not helping you achieve your fitness goals- but you enjoy it and don’t ‘really’ want to give it up.
Chances are that it won’t be easy to stop as you enjoy it.
Choose goals you WANT to change.

Will it be a year of firsts? New goals to achieve? Saving and grinding away for something big?
Are your goals as detailed as dotting every ‘i’ and crossing every ‘t’? Or are they broad like ‘get in shape this year’?

Whatever they may be, make sure your goals for 2017 are important to you!
The strongest force within us is not our physical strength, but our mental strength.
And even if hundreds of people want something for you – you need to want it too for it to truly happen.

Almost any kind of goal requires some sort of sacrifice.

If you want to study and gain a certification or qualifications, that’s time and effort you need to put in for a long period of time.
Perhaps you want to improve your eating and lead a healthier lifestyle, you need to learn to give up your old habits which can be incredibly mentally testing.
If you want to meet new people and make friends, you need to put yourself out there and be willing to let people in.
And if you want to travel, you need to forego some things in order to save up and put towards travelling.
If you want to sleep more and have more downtime, you’ll need to implement structure.

Whatever your goals may be, make sure they make YOU happy- really think about them and what you want for your 2017.

In happiness and health this 2017,
Sophie x

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Travelling with BABIES!

Travelling often with the boys gave me a little more confidence to travel after I had the twins, knowing that I am never ‘stuck’, and family (and home) is just a plane ride away.

Whilst the thought of jumping on a plane with one baby can be enough to bring on hot sweat, travelling with twins means you must be extra prepared.

The twins first flew at only a couple of months old (three months) to see our family for Christmas, then again at 6 months for Easter.
Having had a few trips up our sleeves with the girls, we knew what we needed to bring for our international flight to Bali.

When booking our flights, I tried to book night flights both ways.
That way the twins would be able to just go to sleep in our arms during the flight.

During the flights, we would always try and ‘wind down’ the girls upon finding our seats.
We’d use swaddle bags and bottles and try to get them to sleep.

We wouldn’t usually give the girls dummies or extra bottles throughout the day, but with travelling we have been more relaxed with our approach.
Be prepared to throw any form of routine or rules out the window and just go with the flow.

Another thing worth mentioning is that, those around you will understand that you’re already on edge, so focus on being calm.
Calm mama, calm baby.

We haven’t had a problem with the kids ears on planes, so personally I wouldn’t stress about it, a bottle or dummy will be fine.
Whilst every baby, parenting style and family is different, here are a few key things that help us when travelling!


Sophie Guidolin and Nathan Wallace at the airport with their baby twins on the way to Bali
Sophie Guidolin and family on the plane on the way to Bali


  • Hot tip number 1:

$25 umbrella strollers

We got two strollers to bring with us, and we have left this over in Bali for locals to have/use.
They were.. a LIFE.SAVER.
They pack down tiny so we could easily jump into taxis with them.
The twins slept in them and they were GREAT – it was so handy having a single stroller for each baby, with the paths in Bali being so small.
A double pram would have been a logistical nightmare.
I felt at ease having these disposable ones rather than having to worry about potentially damaging or breaking an expensive pram.


  • Hot tip number 2:

Pop-up porta cots

A travelling MUST-HAVE!
We have the Bebe care brand, but they’re readily available.
They fold down to virtually nothing and pop-up to a mosquito free, safe, self-inflating porta cot!
Best invention ever.
I do have to say this recommendation was passed on from my friends Tanya and Brooke from their kids, so is a must have from a few of us!



  • Hot tip number 3:

Sterilising bags or tablets

In Bali especially, the water is not safe for human consumption.
We sterilised just about everything in Milton tablets and bottled water.
Alternatively, if you know you’ll have access to microwaves, sterilising bags are a great alternative to chemical tablets.


  • Hot tip number 4:


Start taking probiotics daily, 7-10 days before leaving and during your stay.
It makes a huge difference with gut health and in assisting in fighting off any bad bacteria.
Whilst travelling with babies takes A LOT of organisation and can be quite stressful, I know I’d rather go exploring, making memories with all of the kids and having a few ‘moments’- than to not adventure away.


Evie and Aria wearing white outfits laying on a white bed having fun

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The comments I have been receiving from others whilst being over here in Bali have blown me away..
“Bali is not a safe holiday destination for babies or kids- how irresponsible” etc. etc.

Firstly, I will start by saying that I am very much a ‘if there is a will, there is a way’ type of person.
Nothing is ever too big of a task or mission for me.
I love exploring and discovering the new and unknown – I can get bored easily with everyday routine.

I have been to Bali 14 times previously (this trip being our 15th) and I know the island fairly well having travelled it so many times.
I’ve done all the different kinds of adventures.
I say different adventures because I have come over numerous times with family (who all surf) and done the islands, sleeping in hammock style vacay, versus the luxurious retreats and resorts getaway.

So what things do I consider before I jet off to one of my favourite places in the world?

Bali Belly:

Before I came over 5 or 6 years ago, I went into see my local pharmacist who is also a naturopath (for those in Adelaide, Brighton rd. opposite the Brighton bistro!) he is amazing.
I went in to purchase gastrostop and explained we were off to Bali.
He mentioned that prevention was far better than cure, and told me to start probiotics immediately in preparation for the trip.
This was the first trip where I had no symptoms of Bali belly or an irritated stomach.
I have done this for every trip since and have had no problems at all.
The whole family including the twins slowly increased theur probiotics dosage to daily the week leading in and during our stay.
This is a must do when travelling to Bali.


The next thing that is a a concern, is the water. Everywhere you stay, bottled water is next to the sinks.
You need to use it to brush your teeth and to drink- that’s it. Rather than bathing the twins, we have just been swimming every day and showering off the chlorine at night.
This caused no problems in the two weeks we were there.


Depending on the type of holiday you’re after, you can do Bali so many different ways:


A hotel will provide you with cheaper rooms (from $50AU), however not as many facilities at the room/venue.
On the plus side, hotels are often closer to the city centre.


A villa is essentially your own private house. Most have amazing pools and include a breakfast cooked in your own kitchen.
If you look around, you can find an amazing 3-4- bedroom villa for around $200AU a night, all inclusive.
There are villa websites (Cantik and Elite Haven to name a couple) however are often cheaper direct through Air BnB or Tripadvisor.


A resort is ideal for kids who want to go to kids clubs, slide pools and to play with other kids.
There are so many fantastic ones in Bali to stay at.
The resorts are usually more expensive than a villa, but you can often go and spend the day at the resort pools and use their facilities.

Our final choice was to stay at a villa.
We choose to stay in villas for a few different reasons.
Our family liked having a private pool to ourselves where our kids all play together.
We could cook our own food.. the space.. the price- so many reasons!


When eating out, you will know the difference between a dodgy Warung (local eatery) and a nice and clean restaurant.
Tripadvisor is a go-to for recommendations and reviews from those who have travelled to Bali.
My all-time favourite place to eat is: ‘Petitenget’. The last two times visiting Bali, we have spent most days visiting again and again (best food ever!).
Everything from their breakfast to their dinners is divine. They don’t have a view, but the food is worth it – I promise!

Some other delicious places include:

Baby Supplies:

Finding baby food and formula in Bali can be tough- so ensure you bring enough with you.
Keep in mind that it is SO much hotter and muggier than Australia so babies will probably need more fluids and food compared to usual.
Nappies and wipes are readily available for roughly the same price as Australia (Noting that they don’t sell Huggies, etc.).
Swimming nappies are almost non-existent over there so ensure you bring some.


Whilst we have a million and one ‘must do’ things to see and do in Bali, most of them only need to be done once.
Travelling as a family obviously means things will be quite different to a romantic getaway.

Here are a few of the activities we have enjoyed as a family and would love to do again:

Family Activities

Waterbom ParkYou can barter down the price at a ticket seller before going there, otherwise everything is in USD.
There is a kid’s park inside which is perfect for little ones.


Hire a driver for the day (for around $30) to take you to Sanur and get a boat out snorkelling.
You can even have your own glass bottom boat for you and your family. 

Whitewater rafting

Depending on the age of your children- this is so much fun,
There’s quit a few steps and will require an entire day.

Finally, you have the ‘everything else’ list which we have previously done that I don’t personally rate as highly as the above (monkey forest, rice paddys, elephant safari.


And if you do get a chance to have some alone time..

Romantic must do’s:

Rock Bar inside Ayana resort, a must do at least once.
Arrive early and keep in mind it is very hot and a dresscode applies.

Couple massages

You can get massages in your own private villas!
1 hour massages ranges from $7AU- $19AU.


At Finns in Canggu.
If you or your husband enjoy surfing, I would highly suggest Finns in Canggu.
Grab a cabana and relax whilst watching on or enjoy the surf with hubby!
Go across to Nusa Lembongan, Gilli Meno or Gilli Air and enjoy a seriously tranquil experience.

For our stay, we spent the first half at J Villa in Canggu and the second half at Hidden Hills Villas in Uluwatu.
Our first villa, whilst incredibly amazing, was set out at Canggu.
Canggu is now known as ‘the new Seminyak’ however, from where we were staying, getting to any cafes or shops would take between 30-90 minutes in traffic.
We would usually hire scooters however with the twins it made it difficult to get around. I would suggest getting a villa closer to Seminyak if you’re wanting to shop and eat out.
Besides that, the surf beach was 100m away and the staff were incredible.

Now, as we arrived in Uluwatu, it was truly something out of a movie.

Let me paint you a picture; it is balmy, the smell of Jasmine is floating through the air and the ONLY sound we can hear is that of water running.
Looking up, you see nothing but greenery and the ocean.
Sounds like heaven? That is Hidden Hills Villas right now.
We open the double wooden doors into an open planned villa that looks over the whole of Uluwatu.
Our three bedroom villa with an nfinity pool and four (yes, four!) bathtubs (including outdoor bath!) is something that dreams are made of.
This is a family vacay dream, a honeymooners dream and everything in between.
In-room dining is offered from 8am-10pm meaning you don’t even need to leave.
If your idea of the perfect holiday is to swim in the sun, watch the sunset from your pool and avoiding cooking –
I highly recommend staying here. It is set away from all the hustle and bustle and you’ll truly feel like you’re the only one on the island.

Whilst there is a lot of hype around Bali and a lot of negatives that surround travelling here (dengue fever, dirty water, unhygienic food)..
There are so so many amazing positives that truly outweigh the negatives!
A lot of comments on my social pages have said that people saw Bali as a place simply for ‘getting drunk and partying’ which is certainly not us. LOL.

We love Bali and will continue to come here for our family holidays.

The other key factor to consider is that in many cases, a family holiday to Bali is often cheaper than an Australian holiday.
I just love that we can get real R&R at a breathtaking location at a fraction of the price you would pay for at other places.

All in all, Babies in Bali has been fine- it has obviously been hot and humid, and at times stressful but no different to travelling to any other tropical destination.
I highly recommend travelling with your babes and please please please don’t stop travelling because of a few bad reviews!
Bali is beautiful, the people are delightful and the island still has a lot of secluded, undiscovered beauties 😀

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An article from the Courier Mail a while back read that the number one life goal of Australians is to ‘have no debt’. 
The number one current ‘unmet’ goal for Aussies is to own a home.

What are YOUR life goals?

Another strong player was to achieve a work-life balance, something I think a lot of us are guilty of neglecting a little..

The common factor between these goals is the need for financial freedom.
Being financially free has its own meaning for individuals.
But if being debt free and being an owner of a home tops the list for so many Aussies, it’s safe to say that a stable income comes into play.

Today, career choices have no limits and can be defined however you want it to be.

Entrepreneurs, small businesses and crowd-sourced ideas are expanding every day. There’s no career path so farfetched, that you can’t do it.
Whatever you life goal is, small or big, we live in a time where we’re not held back by limitations.

If you have an idea, but you’re not sure how things will pan out – the best thing you can do is TRY.

The decision to try can lead to two things:

It works out, and your fears from before seem distant and silly!
Or, you might not get what you expected, but it’s a lesson learnt.

Remember that whatever your goals may be, they should come from your own desires, dreams, ideas, values and beliefs.
There’s no point in having a goal that is driven by others unless you truly want it for yourself as well.
Why? Because there’s no greater source of motivation than yourself!

A simple way to stay motivated and disciplined, is to repeat affirmations personal and uplifting to you each day.
Even if you have to write it on the back of your hand, or have it as your screensaver.
Repeat these affirmations to yourself so you never forget why you started.

‘I will fight for it’, ‘I refuse to give up’, ‘I WILL reach my goal’.

So, how do you ensure that your goal/s are being met?

Ask yourself these daily questions:

1. Have I done something today that is bringing me closer to my goals?
Putting your plans into motion is why goals are goals and not just dreams.

2. Are you celebrating the wins? (Even the small ones?)

3. Are you ignoring setbacks and focusing on the bigger picture?

4. Am I reflecting on my goals each day?

5. Is your mindset a positive one?

What do you think of these daily questions?
What are your personal affirmations that keep you going?

Let me know on Instagram!

Sophie xx