A collection of my favourite mantras | More than Words

The project I am most proud of, and SO excited to share with you, is coming! A collection of my favourite mantras: More than Words is the perfect gift for the...
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Sophie Guidolin wearing yellow jumpsuit reading a book in bed
A good deed a day – join me in the movement!

Join me in the good deed a day movement. A good deed can be as small as opening the door for someone. A lot of people have a resolution set in place to ‘give...
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Family photo of Sophie Guidolin and Nathan Wallace with kids at home
New Year’s Resolutions For 2018

Let’s talk New Year’s Resolutions for 2018… is it really that time again?! It’s CRAZY, right? DID YOU KNOW: In 2016, it was found that...
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2017 – The year of self discovery!

As the year comes to an end, I am taking the time to look back at all of the amazing and positive experiences and ventures that not only I have achieved, but...
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Sophie Guidolin and family outdoors smiling
12 Days of Christmas 2017!

♡ My annual 12 Days of Christmas was amazing! 12 days of giveaways including some of my favourite brands that I cannot live without. I spent a lot of time...
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Incy Rose Gold Cot

My Incy Cot Charity Auction goes live on the 5th of November, 12PM. Click here to access the auction on the 5th. Click here to access the auction on the 12th....
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Sophie Guidolin MACROS book cover page
My new recipe book MACROS!

For so long I have wanted to release a recipe book that contains the macro breakdown of every recipe. THE MACROS RECIPE BOOK is my fifth book release. A...
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Beautiful pink bedroom
Big Girl Room Reveal

CAN YOU BELIEVE OUR LITTLE GIRLS ARE NOW TODDLERS IN BEDS!? I cannot wait to see what you all think of the BIG GIRL ROOM REVEAL! We fell in love with the...
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Sophie wearing a khaki playsuit standing against a wall
Spring has sprung!

Who would have thought I would love Spring cleaning as much as I do? I feel SO refreshed! I have gone through a bunch of the twin’s baby clothes and linen...
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Live Chats in September

Your comments requesting in-depth explanations covering a lot of topics have not got unnoticed! Rather than replying with a few sentences over Insta, I want to...
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Three different body shapes standing side by side
Choosing the right bikini for your body

It’s officially 12 weeks until summer! :O You’ve ramped up your workouts – and now it’s time to pick the perfect bikini that compliments your body...
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Sophie Guidolin and The Bod Bikini Promotion
The Bod Bikini Launch Details!

The Bod Bikini is balmy days, living in bikinis all summer, fruit salads for breakfast, lunch and dinner and needing multiple showers a day! Haha. It’s...
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