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This is my official PRO BOD check-in for week 2!


So far, I am loving The Bod Pro restart September round.
That’s not to say the workouts aren’t killing me – aghh!
But sticking to the routine has been amazing – I am eating the perfect amount of food and I feel consistently satisfied and full of energy.

The exercise part is definitely what’s testing me. 
I am far more accustomed to Maintenance Bod, and The Bod Pro has been a big step out of my comfort zone.

Jumping up a level means so many different workouts and moves.
Never did I think Id’ see the day where I had pistol squats EVERY WEEK (and sometimes twice in one week!!!).

I think I’ve got the pistols down pat, but there are some moves I have created variations for to suit me.
An example of that is push-ups. In my opinion, this is an exercise that everyone should master.
However, after two breast reconstructions – it’s better to be safe than sorry.
I will start my first set off as regular push-ups, then moving onto my knees.

I’ve received quite a few questions on this topic in particular.
Many of you would like to know how I get around exercises I still required assistance for, so I filmed a YouTube video for you!


The video covers everything from warming up, to variations and technique.


I have opted to calculate and track my own macros.
This just works for me – I can bulk prep most of my mails on Meal Prep Sunday’s (add me on snap STAT if you’re missing out on my Meal Prep Sundays @sophie_guidolin),
and for times when I have meetings or anything last minute – I can work that into my macros.

The increase in exercise naturally means an increase in food (WIN!), and as daunting as the numbers may seem for any of my babes who’ve jumped on The Bod Pro with me, trust me when I say you need it haha!
You are pushing yourself, performing advanced exercises and working out regularly 4-6 times per week!

I still have my PRO BOD COUPON CODE running for any of you who’d like to jump in too!

Shop The Bod Pro here, and make sure you use code ‘PROBOD15’ for your discount!

How is your restart coming along?

Sophie x

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Beach workout using The Bod Bikini



The weather is stunning, and summer is just around the corner.
Moving your workout outdoors is not only great for mental stimulation, it increases energy and positive engagement.
Vitamin d warms the heart and decreases stress from a bad day, anxiety and even depression.

Enjoy the beautiful outdoors and start breaking a sweat!
You’ll go for longer as you’ll be distracted by the beautiful environment 😉
Grab a girlfriend and your booty band from my latest lifestyle guide The Bod Bikini, and finish it off with a walk along the beach!

The Bod Bikini exercise section includes:

  • Shoulder workouts using your resistance band that comes with the guide
  • Upper body resistance exercises
  • Booty and lower body (best pump ever!)
  • Functional sessions for a full body burn
  • Core sessions to keep your midsection tight and toned
  • and a FULL exercise glossary so you know you’re performing every move with great technique

Your body won’t know what it’s getting itself into!
Challenging yourself in different ways will help keep you from falling off the bandwagon, curb any oncoming plateaus and change up your routine.
That’s where The Bod Bikini comes in!

If you love to get out in the sun, why not do your Bod Bikini workouts in the backyard or bright and early as the sun rises?
If you’ve had a bad day at work, why not destress with a Bod Bikini workout?
Getting out and about before you head home will take all your day’s stresses out of your head and the last thing your brain will have is a great workout.

You can easily fit it into your lifestyle and make it a part of your daily routine.
Watch Sophie performing one of the bod workouts on the beach on her Instagram here.

The Bod Bikini Summer Essentials Kit includes:

  • Your own medium resistance band (medium strength and perfect for a variety of exercises)
  • Custom, Brazilian cut and limited edition Bod Bikini! (Jet black with string ties)
  • The Bod Summer Essentials Recipes and Exercises



<img src=“The Bod Bikini.jpg" alt=“The Bod, Bikini, Sophie Guidolin>

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I’m restarting The Bod!

This September 4th (Monday) is a fresh start for me – and I hope it will be for many of you too!


I’m restarting The Bod.

As many of you following along on snapchat know, life has been an absolute whirlwind.
And it’s not slowing down anytime soon!

From the launch of The Bod Bikini, to the twin’s second birthday, travelling for the release of my newest recipe book, school holidays..ahh!
I know you know the feels and are most likely busy with SOMETHING (we got this! haha).

But… enough is enough – I invite you to restart The Bod program with me and get things consistent again.
I will be following The Bod Pro (which is the third level) and sticking to it as closely as I can.
I will be tracking my own macros (which is available to anyone following Version 2) and making recipes taken from The Bod as well as some other household favourites.
If you’re not part of the squad yet, just head to www.thebod.com.au so you can start eating the same recipes and following the same workouts as me!

If you’re newer to exercise or sitting somewhere in the middle, not to fret!
There is a beginner as well as intermediate level so The Bod can cater to any fitness ability.

No two workout days are the same, and I can the program at home and at the gym (phew).
I have chosen to follow Pro but include my own variations as there are several exercises I cannot do.
Since I suffer from scoliosis (a curve in my spine) – it’s not ideal for exercising.
During the years that I’ve been weight training I have however, been able to strengthen my spine, back and the muscles that support me.

My chest reconstruction (and the numerous surgeries along with it) is also a factor that I have to consider.
Moves like push-ups are incredibly hard for me so I will limit chest exercises to once a week max.

After uploading a few vlogs and receiving some great feedback, I have also decided that another way to keep myself accountable and keep you guys up to date would be to post my progress on YouTube!

Would you guys be interested in some vlogs and more of my Bod workouts on YouTube? (aka up for longer than 24 hours and not cut off from snap! ha).
I already have some ideas lined up including a workout with Nath (and yes he’s already agreed hahah), an outdoor workout and a day in the life of me so you can see how I fit my workouts in.
(Here’s a hint – it’s still dark in the morning when I’m getting up to train.)

I think my body is definitely craving structure and a set program and I would love to see my followers doing it alongside me!

With the 4th also being only days away from the launch of The Bod Bikini – restarting the program is coming at the perfect time before diving into The Bod Bikini summer guide!

Let’s keep each other accountable and follow each other’s journeys!
I hope to motivate you guys as much as you motivate me! Make sure you’re following me on Insta to see all my live workouts on my story!

If you’re joining in – let me know on Instagram and tell me which level you’ll be doing!

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Top 5 Exercises To Lift Your Booty!

A perky, round peach! To me, size is not so much of an issue than it is shape.
I love a lifted, toned bum and I love training legs!
We all know and love The Bod Booty Bands (if you’re in the dark – get some now!)

Since a large restock has landed in our warehouse, I felt inspired to write up about some of my favourite fail proof exercises that target the glutes.

These are my top exercise to lift your booty!

Donkey kicks

The key to nailing these is keeping a strong back.
If you find that your lower back scoops or dips when kicking your leg up, you may be working that more than your actual glute muscle.
Kick up with purpose – there’s no need to overextend, just make sure you feel the burn at the top and hold for a brief moment before bringing your leg back down.
You can perform these with the booty bands or an ankle weight for added difficulty.


Hip thrusts

The booty growth lies within the contraction of hip thrusts.
When you reach the top of the movement where you squeeze your glutes make sure you can really feel the squeeze.
If you’re not feeling it you may either be lifting too much weight or need to properly warmup for the best engagement in the muscle.
That’s where the booty bands come in 😉
Loop your light or medium band over the top of your knees where your thighs begin and perform some bodyweight hip thrusts.
While doing so, really squeeze at the top and focus on your muscle mind connection.



These can be done with your bodyweight, with dumbbells either hand or a barbell resting on your back.
You can either alternate your legs or do one at a time.
Once your chosen leg has stepped up onto a stable bench or step, use your heel and heel only to lift your body up.
Try avoiding using the lower leg to help boost you and focus all that energy to the working leg.
On the way down – try to control it down slowly.


Ye’ old faithful!
When I lunge, I focus on taking long steps and choosing a suitable weight that’s challenging, but doesn’t compromise form.
When you lunge, it works the quadriceps, hamstrings and glute muscles.
To ensure you get that contact in the glutes, remember to push through your heels and gain enough depth every step.



Sprinting is AMAZING for shaping your legs all over.
One of the most effective glute exercises you can do is a hip extension, and believe it or not this naturally occurs when sprinting.
So get your sprint on!


Combining these exercises with booty bands are an absolute godsend – you can get yours here. 

All three bands combined are as light as a feather and come in a convenient travel bag that I can bring literally everywhere!
So that means even better workouts with added resistance!

Sophie xx

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The Bod Men’s Program!

EEP! The Bod Men’s Program has landed!

I have been SO excited for this launch. Thank you for all your patience waiting for these books to drop!
Myself and Nathan really took our time perfecting the protocols in this program to ensure that it was the absolute best it could be.
If you have a partner, friend or loved one who’s interested in muscle growth, perfecting their nutrition (but keeping it customisable to suit them) and just seeing really progressive results, make sure you share this with them too!
With three levels, male bods can achieve their individualised goals regardless of their fitness ability.
Whether he’s new to weightlifting, or very advanced – we’ve got him covered.

I just can’t contain my excitement to see all your couple workouts and results side-by-side!
Although The Bod Men’s has a completely different approach to training, the female and male programs contain the same recipes so you can meal prep and fuel your bods together.


The Bod Men’s is a tried and tested gym-based program designed specifically for men with their individual goals in mind.
With three individual levels to suit every ability level. From beginners to pro powerlifters, there is a program for everyone.



A double-sided book in eBook or print version.
One side contains all things relevant to The Bod nutrition, and the other; The Bod exercise.
Each level includes nutrition and training for your specific level.


  • Customisable flexible dieting protocol
  • All 70+ recipes including nutritional breakdown and macros
  • Supplements, vitamins and minerals guide
  • Macro and micronutrients, required ratios and fibre
  • The difference between flexible dieting and a set meal plan
  • Executing the right plan to achieve your goals
  • How to track and weigh your food correctly
  • Gaining or cutting (learning how to adjust calories to manipulate your body composition)
  • Cheat, free or refeed meals (obtaining vital knowledge on structured cheat, free or refeed meals)
  • Tracking results

You’ll walk away with the knowledge on how to write you own meal plan.


  • Learn how to perform exercises with correct technique, programming and form with my step-by-step exercise glossary
  • 12-week training programs that you can use time and time again as your strength and endurance progresses
  • Warm ups
  • Volume, frequency and progression
  • Over 70 exercises in the exercise glossary


Once you have selected the appropriate level according to your individual ability and goals, you will very quickly understand the way that our creators programming works: results. Proven Results.

Everything that is programmed has been researched, tested and most importantly – works!
But it only works if YOU work too!

Following the program set out is vital in seeing the best results.
Remember, as always our coaches are on hand if you would like to send in a video and have your technique assessed.

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This will always be a tricky question to answer.
It truly does depend on your individual circumstances. Your goals and where you see yourself in your fitness journey weeks, months and years from now!

Cardio can be a good start to your weight loss journey if you have a lot to lose.
However, if you’re only doing cardio for weeks on end, you’ll hit a plateau faster than you think.
Weight training in the long run is much more effective than cardio.
More calories are burnt and continue to burn after your session. It also has an overall increase of your BMR.
Over time, the more muscle you gain, the more fat you’ll burn, as muscle burns fat.

In saying that, cardio is better than not doing anything at all.
A low intensity walk of 45 minutes to an hour will still be effective at the time you are exercising, depending if you’ve fasted.
Low intensity cardio isn’t as effective as high intensity cardio (HIIT).
Like weight training, hiit  continues to burn calories once you’ve finished your session. And you only need to spend 15 minutes doing it!
HIT training can be used if you’ve hit a plateau with fat loss. It’s also great when used alongside weight training can be a great tool to lose that extra bit of body fat.

If your ultimate goal is to lose fat but also build muscle, this can be done with OR without cardio.

Remembering, no amount of cardio or weight training can out train a poor diet.
If you’re restricting your diet or following meal plans that can’t be maintained, you can do more damage than you can good.

The key to low intensity cardio such as walking, is that you need to be in a calorie deficit to see fat loss. 
Essentially, this means eating less calories than the amount of calories you burn. This is why it’s better known as ‘fasted walks’.

Strength and weight training has a secret advantage over cardio for speeding up your metabolism.

Even though you might not burn as many calories in a weight session straight away, the results later speak for themselves.
Simply sitting or resting, will have you burning calories at a faster rate due to the larger amount of muscle.

Studies show that your metabolism can be boosted up to 36 hours after a resistance or weighted workout.
Another notion to keep in mind is that you’ll be building muscle, but you’ll also be burning fat.
So girls, no – you’re not going to get bulky. A faster metabolism means you can generally consume more throughout the day.
This is because you burn more calories doing the simplest things like walking around an office, sitting at a chair or watching tv!

If your goal is to achieve fat loss as quickly as possible – while doing it healthily and in a way that it STAYS OFF..
Incorporate a mix of weight training and HIIT.

If you’re ready to transform your lifestyle and make healthy eating and training a way of life, get your hands on some weights and get lifting!
You’ll see a change in your strength, endurance, mood AND fat levels.

 For full nutrition and training guidance with fat loss, endurance and strength and improved fitness – head to www.thebod.com.au

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Why I don’t do fasted cardio

The first step to considering fasted cardio is laying out your goals and seeing how they align.
Is fasted cardio for you?

This blog explains what fasted cardio means, and why I believe there are other methods that are better for fat loss overall.

While it is my personal choice not to perform any fasted cardio, it doesn’t mean it’s not for everybody.

2 + 2 = 4 but so does 1 + 3.

This means that there are NUMEROUS ways to achieve a goal, however you need to find one that is best suited to you and your lifestyle and goals.
Fasted cardio is essentially performing cardio in a fasted state where your stomach is empty or food has not been consumed for an extended period of time.
Some argue that fasted cardio in the morning is effective because as you fast overnight, your body conserves its carbohydrate stores and therefore lean toward using fat for fuel in the AM.

So now after gaining an understanding of what fasted cardio is, why do people do it?

Usually, the first reason lies behind its fat burning benefits.
Fasted cardio is considered ideal for those just beginning their fitness journey with a lot of weight to lose, that may find it difficult to do high intensity exercise
(Think box jumps, sprints, skipping, etc.).
However, studies have shown that fasted cardio also tends to burn through lean muscle mass as well, which is not a great result, as more muscle mass means a faster metabolism and less body fat = winning!

My personal goals don’t require me to be perform fasted cardio.
Even at a time as stressful as comp prep (one week out, ekkk!), I don’t have the NEED to do it.

I always stress that nutrition should control your fat loss and weight training should control your muscle size, while cardio controls your cardiovascular fitness goals.

My cardio of choice for fat loss would be HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training), ideally 60-90 minutes after eating.
HIIT burns more fat over a 24 hour period, as well as maintains the muscle mass.

Like the Functional Sessions in The Bod, HIIT encourages fat burning, whilst maintaining lean muscle mass.

As a trainer, I would rarely prescribe fasted cardio, based on the fact that I believe there are better ways of achieving results in a faster time frame.
Muscle is difficult to build and maintain, and we should always aim not to lose it.

When we do prescribe HIIT into a session, just ten minutes of HIIT is better than a long session of steady state, fasted cardio.
Think short intervals, intense activity, 110% effort and a very fast heart rate!

I believe in controlling body fat percentage through nutrition alone, NOT training.

Sophie x

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2017 – My goals & my announcement (PRETTY MASSIVE)!

Watch my announcement here!

Getting into a bikini to go to the beach or pool can be daunting after you have a bub, let alone twins.
So when I sat down with Nath to reevaluate my next ‘personal’ goals for 2017 – my heart started to thump and the sweat started to drip. I aimed BIG!

The last time I competed it was March of 2014.
I went to America and competed at the Ohio Arnold Classic. The home of ‘The Arnolds and the most amazing honour to represent Australia on the stage over there.
When I placed 5th in the world at the event I was THRILLED.
Being a mum of two at the time and being able to rock the bikini and the comp made me feel amazing. If I could do it, I KNEW others could too!

In the last three years…
I have married my best friend, I gave birth to my beautiful twin girls, opened a 24/7 gym facility and continue to work alongside my new life as a mother of 4!

The twins are now one year old and are FULL of energy. There is never a dull moment in our life, that’s for sure!

My goals after I gave birth were:

  • To regain my strength- tick. 😉
    I am officially the strongest I have ever been! This is something I am pretty proud of, because I have scoliosis, lordosis and was involved in a car accident.
    They thought that weight lifting would never be able to be considered after my injuries and back problems! (massive YAY for me!)
  • Then I wanted to push my fitness levels- tick! 😉
    Pull-ups for days, even progressing to weighted pull-ups was something I set as a personal goal.
    Following The Bod (Maintenance) since having the twins has allowed me the freedom to not have to think, just do- and get the results!
    Then, I got the news that I had ruptured one of my implants and rotated the other one.
    This meant a full chest reconstruction and lift was required almost immediately (massive set back).
    I took five months off training my upper body and focused on my squats and lower body training.
  • But, I set myself the goal of regaining my strength pre surgery, and again TICK 😉 Goal achieved.

You may notice a trend here, I am HUGE on goal setting because when you throw it out there, you work towards it to achieve it!

Now, I need a new goal.

I spent the last few years helping so many girls get to the stage and getting goosebumps at the thrill of them stepping on stage.
I love every minute of it. The training, the heels, the posing, the glitz and glamour and the personal accomplishment once you kick your own butt with any self-doubt.

So, after three years off, Nath and I have made the decision that I will once again, jump on stage and compete in just 6 short weeks!

Those who have followed me for a while will know that my bodyfat doesn’t change.
I stay the same year round so a ‘prep’ for me (in bikini) is super achievable and something I encourage others to aspire to.

It is not unhealthy, I still get my periods and I don’t take any fat burners, etc.
The worst thing I am guilty of is my coffee addiction! Haha I believe that as a bikini competitor it should be an achievable ‘jump on stage’ whenever look.
We are not ‘bodybuilders’ or figure competitors and thus I honestly believe that bikini should be achievable.

However, in the last three years, everything has changed!

Besides the fact I have now had an extra two babies (via c-section!) the posing has changed, the judging has changed and the entire competition is increasingly more competitive.
There are SO many beautiful banging girls on stage now that every single girl looks REDIC!

So, whilst I would LOVE nothing more than to do all of my squad proud, jumping on stage with one year old twins in the crowd is a pretty MASSIVE (terrifying!) goal for me at this point!

Now more than ever, I will REALLY need all of your support and encouragement and would LOVE my squad behind me at my first comp since having the twins!

I will VLOG every week to take you all on my journey from learning the new posing to picking my bikinis and more.
I want you all to be as heavily involved in this as my coach (Nath) is! Let’s call it #sophiesquad

Knowing I have hundreds of girls behind me, won’t make me any less nervous.
However it will certainly make me 100% accountable- even if I have to be pushed out onto that stage! Hahaha

I just cannot wait to show you all what is truly possible when you set your mind to a goal, stick with the program and want something!

Regardless of where you are in your journey, NOTHING is unachievable. It certainly doesn’t happen overnight- but if you truly want it, you CAN achieve it!

Now, let’s splash some glitter over these muscles and SHINE ON!!!

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Skinny VS Fit

Let’s clear something up:


A lot of people confuse my images (and every other ‘fit’ chick) with being ‘skinny’ this is a term that I try really hard to distance from myself as

I am strong, I am lean and I am FIT.

I am not ‘skinny’;

The definition of skinny is frail, weak or ‘unattractively thin’



‘In good health, especially because of regular physical exercise.’

Comments range from telling me to eat a burger (which I make no secret that Grill’d is our go to takeaway!) right through to diagnosing me with an illness.

I want to educate people.

The difference is HUGE and by changing this stigma I KNOW that I can help a lot of people who think that losing fat IS by starving themselves as all these uneducated comments suggest- which is so far from the truth!

In my case, I am the strongest I have ever been, I FEEL so energetic, I achieve so much in my days, I have amazing sleep at night times, my hair is thick, my skin is clear and I am fit.

None of these statements is how you would describe a person with an ED.

I work behind the scenes with a lot of girls who suffer with EDs and within each individual story is the same message.
They compared themselves to what they THOUGHT someone else was doing (i.e starving themselves).
Misinformation and myths surround a lean physique, and they dwell on the other person’s stats like body fat/weight, etc.
This is why I never give these figure out to the public regardless of conditioning.

The reason that a lot of young people THINK that they only way to lose body fat is to starve themselves has a lot to do with these constant remarks and the false stigma surrounding a fitness chicks lean physique.

This is SO incorrect!

Love your bodies, fuel your body and workout because it makes you FEEL great, fit and strong- not because you hate the way you look.

It is not a punishment, don’t associate it that way.

Aim to be FIT, not skinny!

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How to stay on track while on holiday + Hailey’s story

I am finding it so hard to believe we’re in September!
It’s only natural to write up a blog on staying on track while on holiday!

The festive season is just around the corner and I know many of you like myself will be travelling overseas, going away to see family, attending events and more.

I’m no stranger to going out of state to visit loved ones.
In fact, it’s to be expected and I have adjusted to eating and training while in Adelaide or elsewhere to see family.

For anyone planning to go away and might have to deal with cravings, indulgent food being offered and the lack of a gym, this blog’s for you.
It may seem as if holidays and travel would require a lot more persistence when it comes to your diet and exercise.
This is true in some ways- but the key to conquering it is keeping a positive mindset.

If you know your routine, have been keeping on track and stick to the consistency rule – why should a few days or weeks ruin your journey?

Travelling and holidays are a great opportunity to test how you can adapt to a new situation.

I’ve always preached that you should only ever follow a diet or exercise routine that’s maintainable.
Strict diets and shortcuts can never be converted into a lifestyle and you risk damaging your mental and physical health.

You should never feel guilty about treating yourself on a trip or holiday.
However, still being conscious of healthy choices should be something you do any given day.
I am a huge advocate of promoting the importance of inner health.
Being wary of wha you put in your mouth everyday is not purely designed to make you feel good about the way you look on the outside, but how you feel on the inside as well.
So, go ahead and enjoy that piece of cake.

Here are my tips for HOLIDAYS x HEALTH & FITNESS

  • During the festive season, stick with the 80/20 rule
    This follows on from my belief that consistency truly is the key.
    If you are making the right choices the majority of the time, this allows you to live a balanced lifestyle and enjoy treats in moderation.
  • Eat before you go to events
    This will stop you from snacking the entire time, and ensure you’re getting the right nutrition your body deserves. It will also help with those cravings!
  • Get a workout in wherever you can – even if that means make-shifting your carry on suitcase into a weight!
    Don’t be hesitant to break a sweat if you can’t get a full session in. Even 15 minutes is better than nothing.
    You can use the functional sessions in THE BOD that don’t require any equipment and challenge your friends around the world with the hashtags!
  • Take the stairs, not the elevator 😉
  • Avoid binge drinking
  • Prepare ahead
    Always ensure you have a stocked fridge with healthy meals ready to go!

After seeing Hailey’s progress photo following PRO BOD, I HAD to share it.

In the duration that she followed the program, she travelled to America for FOUR WEEKS.
One third of her program – all overseas. It just goes to show that it can be done anywhere.


<img src=“The Bod.jpg" alt=“Weight loss, fat loss, Sophie Guidolin>

Here’s what she had to say:

‘I’ve been following THE BOD since it’s first release. I couldn’t wait to get my hands on this.
I’ve always over exercised which actually lead to over eating. So being super fit, but not looking it and being unable to maintain when I would lose weight.
Before THE BOD, I had never been on a holiday where not only was I able to maintain but even lose weight while away.
The best thing about the program is being able to choose between a gym workout or home, although I still normally do the home based workout at the gym, (just a personal choice).
THE BOD hard copy lives on the bench in the kitchen, easy access to write out the shopping list and then flip the book to write out the next days training.
Before going away for 3 1/2 weeks to America I was 100% determined to keep up all I had achieved.
Each morning without fail I would train, the hotel did have a gym, but just had a treadmill, which was perfect for the sprints.
I also did a lot of the functional training sessions. To be honest some mornings my training sessions were finished within 20-30mins.
This is one of the reasons it is maintainable while away, I could find 20-30mins a day and give it my all.
Training each morning gave me the kickstart for the day and helped me make healthy chooses with food too.
I still enjoyed a few cheeky treats and never felt guilty. I kept my water intake, portions sizes down.
The craziest part. I even managed this while travelling with my 6month old!’

* Hailey followed THE PRO BOD at home program while she was holidaying in America.
Read more about THE BOD program here.

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Inspiring Transformations of 2015 & 2016! Crazy Progress Photos

Scroll down to see some INCREDIBLE transformation photos from my followers!

While I was on the road to recovery after having the twins, so many of you were leading your own health and fitness journeys in 2015 and 2016.
It was a bit of a weird feeling to have so much attention on my ‘bouncing back’ and speculation about how active I was during my pregnancy.
All I could see in my eyes were heartfelt messages from amazing women all over the world,
thanking me for being part of the reason why they decided to embark on a health and fitness journey.

The whole thing was shrouded with negativity yet I could only feel happiness about the fact that progress photos and before and afters were filling my inbox.
I think I’m probably as proud as the women in these photos about their transformations – and so happy that people share the same passion that I have.

Whether you’ve been following my nutrition programs, the Total Body Transformation program, one of the levels of THE BOD or your own thing – I always have my arms wide open (inbox :D) for your progress shots and before and after photos!

Transformation photos are a true testament to the hard work we put in.
So, here are some of the beautiful transformations I received in 2015 and 2016 that I couldn’t not share!


Before and after photo of women using Sophie Guidolin recipe book

Eat Clean, Live Lean Recipe Book

Katie Crosby

As a fit and active person, I always struggle with the body changes that come after the baby is born.
You’re no longer pregnant, the baby is in your arms, but your body is in limbo. I felt this way after all 3 of my pregnancies.
On mentioning exercise, My child health nurse was quick to inform me that exercising could affect the production of my milk supply.
Taking this into consideration I was very focused on ensuring my body was well nourished for both myself and my baby.
So I purchased both of Sophie’s whole foods cookbooks.

For those interested, my supply was never affected, I have kept up with Archer’s demands with a fatty and nourishing liquid gold.

I was determined to regain my pre pregnancy body. I was tired of looking into my wardrobe and feeling disappointed that I couldn’t fit into my clothes.
So I purchased Sophie’s 6 week Total Body Transformation and downloaded her free core workout available to those who subscribe.
Being a mum of 3 children under 5, I am very time poor. Workouts needed to fit in with our routine.
This program couldn’t have been more suited to me and my busy lifestyle.
I was able to complete these workouts from home. Which was so convenient for me, and left no room for excuses.
The first 3 weeks were a challenge. Getting back into the groove, rebuilding my fitness and concentrating on my breathing.
Then it all kicked in, like an addiction. I looked forward to every session. I felt prepared for the day. Mentally, physically and emotionally.
This became my new outlet. I repeated the 6 week transformation 3 times, each time consciously working on my technique and increasing the weights I used.
I’ve achieved this transformation with both a nourishing diet and exercise created by Sophie.
I have found a great balance and I’m feeling even more motivated to build on myself each day.

Before and after photo of woman using Sophie Guidolin program The Bod Pro


 Kate Lester

The Bod Pro program has been a game changer for me!
After having a baby my body was almost unrecognisable to me.
The battle between my head and what I used to be physically capable of was something I couldn’t quite come to terms with.
I wanted my pre baby body back. I didn’t know how to do it.
Like Sophie, I too own a business, at the time had a husband that worked away, looking after our son… time wasn’t exactly on my side.
As mums, we always put ourselves and our needs last. I started following Sophie on Snapchat and became so incredibly inspired with how she manages to find balance with such a busy lifestyle. She doesn’t make excuses.

I would watch in awe and so desperately wanted change in my life. If she could do it why couldn’t I?

As soon as THE BOD program got released I jumped on it. Feeling so ready for change, so enthusiastic.
THE BOD program is not a diet. It sets you up with the tools to continue on after you finish the 12 weeks.This has now become my lifestyle.
I love the way I live now and I love the knowledge I have gained from this program especially dietary wise so I can give my kids the best start to life.
The recipes, the workouts, the hints and tips… at no stage did I ever get bored or go off track.
I never felt like I was missing out on anything, there was always a cleaner alternative to any cravings that may have popped up.
I felt such a sense of proudness that I was cooking and making all my food myself rather than living off youfoodz.
Knowing exactly what was going in everything I cooked and a sense of feeling so incredibly organised from day to day as I didn’t have to think about where my next meal was coming from.
I feel like for the first time in my life I am so confident in my own skin. I love the feeling of really nurturing my body with the right food. My head is clear. I’m not tired. I’m happy and I have so much energy so my baby gets the best of me!
Before and after progress photo of lean woman following Sophie Guidolin book

Samantha Costa

I had always taken my health and fitness for granted until I fell pregnant with my first and so far only child.
It was then that I decided that I wanted to set the best example for baby that I could.
I purchased Sophie’s TBT prior to the birth of my daughter with the intention to start at 6 weeks postpartum.
At 8weeks post delivery I had a postpartum haemorrhage that required surgery and a blood transfusion to fix.
Once I had the all clear from my obstetrician I started on Sophie’s TBT.
Sophie’s program wasn’t a ‘quick fix fad’ to get back in shape but has become our way of life.
I love this as it means my little girl will grow up to know nutrition and exercise as something you do because you love
and care about your body and not something you do to punish yourself because you don’t like how you look.
Progress before and after photo following Sophie Guidolin recipe book

Katelyn Borg

I have been exercising for a while now but have always maintained my body image eating what I like
and never putting on weight due to my active lifestyle.
Though I never put on weight I never lost any either!

When I came back from my European holiday late last year,
I had been gone for three months and not done one bit of exercise and saw how quickly I can lose muscle tone,
gain body fat and overall feel crappy!

I focused on my diet coming home being the biggest I had ever been in my life,
and bought your Eat Clean, Live Lean recipe book.
This book is truly amazing.
Combining my exercise with your eating ideas has made me look better than I have ever before and motivates me to do more for myself.
I noticed even if I don’t train as much due to being busy or tired I don’t feel guilty and still see the results!
Although I do not have kids of my own yet, you are truly an inspiration to myself and many other women out there.

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Choosing The Right Coach For Your Needs

Choosing the right coach for your own personal goals is essential in reaching your goals. 

Would you go to an Italian restaurant for a Chinese meal?
It probably won’t get you the desired outcome and meal you were hoping for.

The same applies to your coach, all coaches are not the same.

If you want to learn how to perfect your squat technique or perhaps it hurts when you deadlift, my suggested coach would be either:

A weightlifting or strength coach.

A lot of personal trainers are not experienced enough to teach correct ‘strength coaching’; especially free weights.

I highly suggest ensuring a qualificiation in strength coaching has been undertaken if this is your goal.

If you want to compete in a fitness competition, my suggested coach is a certified comp prep coach (Recomp certified is my suggestion).

This can be the difference between an ‘easy’ prep and struggle street.
I have heard HORROR stories from girls who have had to exercise 3 hours a day, have no carbs etc – which (of course) effects their work/home life too.

Do your research – speak to past clients, see qualifications and ensure that they are the right fit for you.

If you want to learn where to start in a gym, get a PT- grab a friend and go halves in the cost!

A lot of PTs will be able to write you a tailored program to suit your needs, teach you how to perform the exercises and be there as required.

If you want to lose fat, tone up and be motivated whilst exercising- join a bootcamp or challenge that gives you the support you need.

A group setting can be an ideal environment for those who want the extra push and motivation!

If you want to focus on your athletic abilities and fitness, sign up to your local (reputable) crossfit box.

Crossfit often gets a bad wrap, however with the right coach, an understanding of your movements and remembering that working at YOUR own abilities, rather than lifting too heavy

Ensure your technique is always on point, technique over weight everyday of the week and you will be fine.

Perhaps its the nutrition you struggle with, and you’re looking for a nutrition plan. However, you’re allergic to nuts, you’re a vegan and you are always tired. 

See a registered sports dietician, that way you know you’re getting the right amount of protein, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals for your body every day.

Looking for a nutrition plan to lose weight, tone up and gain muscle? 

A qualified nutritionist will be able to help you reach your goals.

Looking at mastering your bodyweight movements?

A gymnastics coach will teach you inner strength and balance like no other.

As you can see above, there are SO many different coaches, that all specialise in different things.
Choosing the right coach to suit the outcomes you desire is all apart of getting the results!