Fitness competitor in green bikini posing
2017 – My goals & my announcement (PRETTY MASSIVE)!

Watch my announcement here! Getting into a bikini to go to the beach or pool can be daunting after you have a bub, let alone twins. So when I sat down with...
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Sophie Guidolin posing in bikini in front of mirror
Skinny VS Fit

Let’s clear something up: FIT vs SKINNY A lot of people confuse my images (and every other ‘fit’ chick) with being ‘skinny’...
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Sophie Guidolin in Bali doing a back flip
How to stay on track while on holiday + Hailey’s story

I am finding it so hard to believe we’re in September! It’s only natural to write up a blog on staying on track while on holiday! The festive...
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Amazing before and after post pregnancy following The Bod Pro program
Inspiring Transformations of 2015 & 2016! Crazy Progress Photos

Scroll down to see some INCREDIBLE transformation photos from my followers! While I was on the road to recovery after having the twins, so many of you were...
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Sophie Guidolin and Nathan Wallace in Hold Your Own gym uniforms
Choosing The Right Coach For Your Needs

Choosing the right coach for your own personal goals is essential in reaching your goals.  Would you go to an Italian restaurant for a Chinese meal? It...
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Sophie Guidolin lying on a yoga mat doing ab toe touches
Training For Beginners

When you decide to make a change for a healthy life, the steps you take can determine whether you keep going- or simply, give up. I get that- a gym can be...
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Sophie Guidolin postpartum photo in the gym following tbt program

I am feeling great being back into a good routine! I’m able to get more organised to exercise, eat right and ensure that I am looking after myself as...
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Sophie Guidolin postpartum progress photo from week 1, 2 and 3

One thing that ALL new mums MUST realise quick smart, is that newborns are unpredictable. Regardless of whether they are in a routine or not. I’m in...
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Sophie Guidolin postpartum and Nathan Wallace at the gym

What a week it has been in our household! My first week back exercising and starting on the total body transformation program! It has been incredible to have...
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Sophie Guidolin popping her booty in a cream bikini
How to grow, lift and tone the glutes!

Ladies (and gentlemen), if you’re looking to tone those legs and grow that booty, look no further than the following exercises to get you started on Project...
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Sophie Guidolin posing in yellow bikini ready for fitness comp
The road to Arnolds!

 I usually post my blogs in relevance to questions I am getting, or a topic I am passionate about. Today will be a little different, more of a diary of what i...
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