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Come grocery shopping with me! Learning how to read nutritional labels.

Reading nutritional labels is something I always, always do when grocery shopping. Read on to see why!


Always look at the serving size per 100g.
A whole serving for you may be the whole box, whereas according to the label – the serving is actually a measly 15-20g.

Another example of this can include a giant cookie, one we come across in the video are those ‘healthy protein cookies.’
Marketed to be healthy, but most people don’t realise that each cookie on the nutrition label was marked as 2 serving sizes.
Most people would read the serving size and think the label reads well, not realising that this cookie is meant to be consumed on two different occasions.

When looking in the gluten free aisle at the supermarket, you’d automatically think it has to be healthy right?

Almost every product here has sugar in it. Yep.
Not everything in the health and fitness aisle is going to be a better or healthy option.
Again, be sure to read the ingredient list, as sugar will most likely be found within the first 1-3 ingredients.

My favourite items within these aisles include the natural peanut butter (as it’s all natural freshly roasted peanuts), and gluten and wheat free pasta.
When it comes to tomato sauce, we use no added sugar, sweetened with stevia. 

A box of bars that a few people have recommended or asked if I had tried before were marked as a healthy alternative. These were high protein and low in sugar but filled with fats.

Let’s move onto quick lunchbox ideas, if you look up at the aisle sign above you head, you’ll notice you’re in the lollies, confectionary and chocolate area.

Always remember, where food is placed in the aisles – it’s a good indication of where it comes from.

Breakfast options, my favourite!
It’s one of the healthiest meals of the day.
Let’s take quick oats as a great option, most people get sucked into the quick sachet alternative, but as soon as you read the ingredients list, the second ingredient is sugar.
Alternatively you can go for normal oats and add in some honey, maple syrup or fruit. My favourite at the moment is Ancient Grains oats…YUM!!


  • Stevia – amazing and tastes sweet. I also love Natvia, a 100% natural sweetener for baking or using in my tea.
  • Almond milk – has a lot of additives and not much almonds in it, some were 10%, 3% and even 2.5% almonds.
  • Biscuits like Jatz – you wouldn’t think has sugar in it, it’s the 3rd ingredient on the nutrition table.
  • When it comes to spreads or jams, most will think it’s made up of fruit. There are a lot of jams that have added sugar to sweeten.
    Be sure to look for the natural options and always take note of the nutritional table if sugar is the first ingredient.
  • Sauces and salad dressings – often made using additives, sugar, chemicals and preservatives.
    Try making your own! I mention my favourite homemade dressing in the vlog!
  • Ice-cream treats – Skinny Cow ice-creams are ‘healthy alternatives’ and a ‘low calorie option’.
    1 serve of a Skinny Cow is 137 calories and marked as ‘healthy’.
    A lemon Streets paddle pop has almost half the amount of calories. This is just to show you to always invest time in what is in your nutrition labels.
  • Yoghurts – a popular choice such as Yoplait has sugar as its second ingredient!
  • Shopping local – I buy all my fruit and veg from my local farmer’s markets all fresh.
  • Cleaning products or beauty products – try buying them online

This vlog is purely to educate, and to provide you with as much alternative knowledge as I can give on some products on the market.
It is always worth the time investing effort into learning how to read nutritional labels and knowing what you’re putting into your body.

Thank you for taking the time out to come shopping with me!
To see my go through products step-by-step, watch the VLOG HERE.

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TWIN BIRTHDAY: Evie and Aria turn two!

A twin birthday. ♡

Can you believe that our tiny little girls are now TWO!? Crazy right?!

I just love that so many of you have joined us over the years.
I love that when people come up in the streets they know my children’s names, likes and jokes.

Many of you have been a part of my life when I was still living in Adelaide and trying to make ends meet as a single mama.
Working, studying and training whenever I could, so for all of you, I owe a massive THANK YOU!
Hey, even if you’re just catching up on the past few years, welcome and thank you. I hope I can provide you with some information and educate you along the way.

Looking back over the last couple of years it has been SO busy. Between opening the gym, The Bod launch and our crazy lifestyle!

Having twins is nothing short of amazing, but it incredibly BUSY.
Life changed the moment we had them and I don’t think we ever really realised just how much of a change it would be.


Sophie and Nathan with the twins on their second birthday


I think that every child is different and every parenting experience is different.

I can’t say that each of my children have been the same and obviously as my circumstances have changed, my parenting has also.

Twins hasn’t just meant two of everything.

It has meant trying to spread yourself in half across two children who really need your attention 100% (hats off to mamas of multiples more than twins!).


A lot of people ask how we tell the girls apart and all of the reasons we tell people, no one can ever see it except us. LOL.


The girls take it in turns to be the ‘harder’ twin.
However, Evie is certainly incredibly testing with me, as she is REALLY clingy and has to be held, carried or touching me at all times.
It’s fine when I’m not busy, but if I am making dinner and trying to carry her at the same time as chop.. it gets a little harder. Add in Aria crying at my feet and it’s a real party!

At the start of the year we decided we wouldn’t have a party for any of the kids this year.
With last year’s party for Ryder costing hundreds and the twins in the thousands, we felt the money could be better spent elsewhere and only invite close friends and family for cake.
We may alternate years for parties, now we have the 4 children to consider!

This year, for the twins, we planned in advance and shopped up a storm at the Big W toy sale, with all presents purchased a month or so prior.

Their ultimate favourite present would have to be their play kitchen!

Such a great imaginative toy that will last years to come!
This is the one we choose: KidKraft Modern Play Kitchen

For their cake, we went with the incredible Slate Couture cakes again, and my oh my she did not disappoint with THE most incredible unicorn cake!
Complete with rainbow layers- it was PERFECT!

We got a few decorations from the epic Big W range, which of course makes every ‘cake party’ feel like the real deal!

The other thing that completed the girls’ birthday was their AMAZING dollhouse, which is more for their new big girl room reveal (coming soon!).
The incredible Calevie Designer Dollhouses.
This made me have tears in my eyes, it was everything I ever wanted growing up so I am so glad the girls have one to experience for themselves.

Seeing the girls’ faces light up unwrapping their gifts was the real icing on the cake.

They are real ‘girl girls’ now and hearing them oo-ing and ahh-ing was beyond cute.

These last two years truly flew by, and I’m ready to take on the next two in stow. I wonder if the ‘terrible twos’ is coming?


Twins birthday with pink balloon and unicorn cake
Ryder and twin at birthday party
Evie and Aria's unicorn birthday cake with pink decorations

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It has been a little while in between ‘personal’ blogs…
So I thought now is the time to sit down and fill you all in what has been happening in the crazy chaotic life that is mine.


Ironically, as I type this I am sitting in the hospital waiting room. My fingers are crossed that Nathan gets out of theatre very soon- 6 hours since I said goodbye.

People often say that our life must be incredibly busy with four kids, but I feel that very rarely people actually ‘get’ just how totally insane it actually is.

Kai and Ryder are older now (almost 9 & 10) however whilst it gets easier in other ways, it certainly gets harder in a lot of other ways. The girls are turning 2 in August, which is a ‘fun’ age also. (Insert two crying toddler meltdowns at your feet and you have age 2)

At the moment life feels just that little bit overwhelming with 3 weeks of school holidays, the most crazy work deadlines imaginable (insert happy dance of a new release recipe book in time for Christmas here!) Nath’s surgery and more. It has meant taking every day as it comes in order to not stress out- too much!

Let me start with why we are here.

About a year ago Nath was training for his powerlifting competition.
During training he was hitting massive lifts which meant a great result if he could achieve them during his meet.
A few weeks out from comp his hip suddenly started playing up.
But Nathan being as stubborn as a bull continued through the pain. Every squat session he had tears rolling down but he hit every number.
During the comp the pain was intense. Unfamiliar surroundings and whilst he did amazing, he certainly feels there is unfinished business within the powerlifting circuit.
Fast forward a year and seeing our amazing osteopath trying to avoid surgery, it turns out he was born with a hip deformity` and a laberal tear from a year ago- which requires surgery.
He will be aiming to rebuild his strength and hopefully come back better than ever after surgery (stay tuned on this).

The twins are turning 2 next month and whilst I am super excited to see them turning into beautiful little toddlers I can’t help but feel like I am losing my ‘last’ babies.

It has been awesome to have the girls in our life, after I had the boys I never imagined having any more children but somethings it takes having something (or someone) to realise how much happiness they can give your life.
Along with the happiness they give us, they have helped the boys to be nurturing, loving, caring and kind. The other thing I have found incredibly interesting is the difference in my own parenting.

The difference in boys vs girls, the difference in twins vs singleton and the difference in stay at home mum vs working/business owner mum. ALL totally different.

Every pregnancy has been different and every parenting journey has been completely unique also. It blows my mind when parents compare their parenting with others- as my own parenting has been so different just from chid to child- let alone person to person.

Over the next month we are making some big parenting ‘milestones’ with the girls.

The biggest one, they still have dummies to sleep so we will be weaning these out over the next couple of weeks.
Again, something that I didn’t have with the boys so is a completely new journey for me.
The next is the fun of toilet training, whilst we are still waiting for the warmer weather we will be on the look out for little cues in coming months.
The other big transition is the move to ‘big girl beds’ I am exciting for this as it means a new room to decorate!
We are running a charity auction to donate our beautiful rose gold cots on behalf of Incy, so stay tuned for that!

The boys are growing into mini teenagers and whilst I keep them as sheltered as I can, the outside influencers can be seen creeping.
It’s a scary thought that we are shaping the next generation. I am just aiming to approach these next 5 years with the mindset of raising the boys to be kind, caring and thoughtful young men. Boys who know the difference between right and wrong. I know that having Nath as their father figure is the best demonstration of that so fingers crossed we survive the ride! Haha

Business wise life has been a mix of organised chaos and crazy!

Adelaide 3 weeks ago. Sydney, then Bali and back again.
8 planes in 10 days was enough for me and I am staying put- for now anyway!
I have announced we have an incredible swimwear line coming, which has been a few years in the process. I can’t wait to see some of you babes rockin’ it this Summer.
The constant battle of trying to keep the booty bands stocked, add in our relaunch of FitBod & Co. (epically rebranding with GOLD mica!).”
And last but certainly not least, I have been published by a major publishing company for my new recipe book.
I first released ‘Eat Clean, Live Lean’ in 2012. Snce then all of my other recipe book titles have been more ‘niche markets’. From babies, to Christmas and kids.
This is my first ‘full’ recipe book release since 2012 so I cannot wait to hear how you all love it! Expect more snack recipes, family meal recipes, desserts, breads and more!

I am also working away on some other goodies coming soon, but for now they’re all still hush hush!

The gym is cranking over- I still can’t believe we have been open for 2 whole years in the facility now!
We still find that we are there 6-7 days of the week. But we love the place so it feels like our second home.
I can’t wait for our bod babes meet up in November to have even more of you in our facility for the weekend!

I knew that being a working mum would be a juggle. But finding that balance is what the struggle is about.
With all of the instant media access we have now, people expect instant replies to emails, phone calls and social media.
Remembering to turn your phone off at home and walking away to spend those few hours before bedtime is vital.

I would love to hear your tips on juggling large families and working?
This morning I had just one twin on my own (admittedly for a doctors appointment).
I came home thinking that one child would be a walk in the park. A breeze; no pram, no juggling to fit my twin pram anywhere. It was great.
Then I remembered how blessed I am to have not just the two at once healthy, perfect children- but four.


That’s enough from me for now.
I am loving seeing your tags and what you’re all up to. Tag me in your workouts and recreations of recipes. #sophieguidolin

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I am sitting here, diary in my hand, phone in the other – flicking WEEKS in advance!

My next ‘free day’ is IN JUNE. How is that a) even possible? b) JUNE!!!?

I’ve been meaning to catch up with one of my friends for weeks, no months now.
I love her, I have an amazing time, I love her company but… I’ve got four kids.

I don’t really know how else to describe my hectic schedule other than… with four kids comes so many different unexpected events, occasions and before I know it another week has been and gone and its Sunday again!

Before I had the twins, I was still able to have some sort of social life.
Nowadays, it takes me 4 days to call my girlfriends back, 3 months warning to catch up for a coffee and don’t even get me started on planning a night time event.
Because the truth is, at the end of my day I would rather sleep.

Now that the twins are 18 months I have decided to work 4 half days, rather than my previous 3 days in hopes to get on top of my work load AT work, and allow me to be more present at home and god forbid- even have a day OFF on Wednesday!

This is yet to become the case, instead filling even more of my days with work, meaning more unfinished work coming home and more nights on the computer tying up loose ends whilst the kids are in bed (so I don’t have to do it when they’re awake).

Let me break down just one snippet of my day for you.

This morning I am rushing everyone out the door by 7:30am so we can get to school and work on time..
Ryder pipes up with “Mum, I think my ear is leaking…” Yep, that’s a giant ear infection right there!
So I schedule in a doctor’s appointment… And there you have a two hour chunk out of my day that I just didn’t see coming!

Kai turns around and says ‘I broke my school shoes today’.
So with half an hour to spare, I had to duck to the shops to get new shoes (see the pattern here?) LOL.

Between sports, homework, school drop offs, pick-ups, lunches, uniforms, reading, dinner, nappy changes, naps, grocery shopping, dinners, cleaning, washing, (my actual work) running a business (that is 24/7 mind you) – I am left feeling like I am a really crappy friend…

So if it takes me a week to call you back, 3 days to reply to your text and a month to catch up…

I’m sorry!

It’s not you, it’s not me- it’s just that I am so so incredibly busy being ‘mum’.


#themumlife #imashitfriend #howisitalmostmay #ihopeyouunderstand

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My personal guide to Bali!

The fact I have now been to Bali over 18 times somewhat describes my love and passion for the place that I can only describe as something incredibly magical.

I started coming to Bali as a child with my family.
However growing up in a household of surfers meant we only holidays at spots were the sets rolled in- so we never stayed long on Bali itself and would venture over to the islands
(Nusa Lembongan, and the Gilli Islands).

Since then, I have come back numerous times as a full family, romantically with just Nath and I and with the twins along and with the boys along.

After this many trips we have done all the ‘sightseeing’ tours there is to do, and now when we come over we come over with one intention- to relax.
No shopping, no bartering, no sightseeing.

We have stayed in resorts previously and they are great for families with children who want to make friends, swim in a large pool and play with their new friends.
Hhwever not so great for relaxing and really seeing Bali for Bali.

My favourite places to stay are in private villas.
They’re cheaper than a resort, are private, and usually have full staff who tend to be amazing.

At the moment, we are staying in Villa Saudara 1 (as I type this I am currently lying on the ledge of the pool, sweat beading on my back drinking fresh young coconut and fruit salad whilst the full time staff are playing with the girls on the grass next to me).

Let that sink in… my idea of HEAVEN!


Sophie Guidolin at Villa Saudara in Bali wearing a black bikini


This particular villa is owned by Australians, and the entire booking procedure has been a breeze.
We arrived to a pool fence (they offer cots, high chairs and strollers also!), numerous toys for the girls and fresh welcome drinks.

The location of this villa is next to none. It is NEXT DOOR to Kudeta– I mean literally next door- the closest villa to Ku De Ta.
So it’s an easy walking distance to all the great food places I will list later on!

When we travel we always use our pop up porta cots, as the girls are familiar with them so go straight to sleep happily in their own surroundings.
We bring our own strollers when we visit and donate them upon departing (umbrella strollers from Kmart are $20AUD)

This trip we bought slightly more expensive ones that also lie flat so the girls can sleep when we go to dinner…. BUT this villa has BABYSITTING!! Haha
I was VERY nervous to go next door for dinner leaving the twins. However, we put them to sleep first, they give you a villa phone and call you to update you. Its beyond amazing!

This is Ekka, she helped us with the girls for breakfast each morning!


Villa Saudara in Bali with a baby and one of the staff


Banana pancakes, made fresh in our villa and even fed to miss Evie! 😀

I am going to try and break this blog down a bit into sub headings for easy reference and so that you can refer back to if needed about all of my do’s/don’ts travelling to Bali with young ones.


Before You Come


When I would come to Bali I just got used to the fact that ‘Bali belly’ was in fact a part of the whole experience.
One day before coming over, I went into the chemist to get some gastro stop. He asked why and I told him ‘Bali’.
That’s when he explained that you can actually prevent it rather than cure it.

This is what we do:
We use them every second day for 7 days before leaving (normally we would take 2-3 times a week anyway) then when in Bali, every second day also.
Not once since then have I had ANY sign at all of any Bali belly, kids included.

We use these probiotics for the whole family, we give the twins and the boys half a packet each though, not a full packet.

I have a discount code for $10 off for your first purchase – 845768.
They’re fairly expensive, so perhaps use a different email with each order to use the code more than once! LOL

Natural Mosquito Repellent

To be perfectly honest, we use Vicks vapour rub for when the twins are out and about and the porta cots with the netting.
We keep them closed when they’re not in there and have not had a problem.
The repellent is heavy duty over here and I wouldn’t use it on my kids.


The best flights (for us) have been the night time flights.
The kids all sleep and it’s the best case for a 6 hour flight. You can often pick up super cheap flights ($130 one way from Brisbane is not unusual!).


What To Bring

  • Rashies!!!
  • Suncream
  • Umbrella prams (if you have babies- avoid double prams here- you will understand why once you come!) We donate the prams when we leave!
  • Swimmers
  • Loose dresses, shorts and t-shirts
  • Thongs/flats  (no heels- even ‘out’ at clubs et.c)
  • After sun stuff (we use that magic soothing cream that Nath wont share! LOL!)



(these are just ones we have personally stayed in and have loved the location of, staff and services)

Other Villa’s that look amazing (haven’t stayed in) and are close to everything:

  • Villa Jodie
  • Layer Villas
  • C151 Smart villas (super expensive and next door to Villa Saudara)
  • Maca Villas

If you’re heading over for a week or more, I would strongly advise catching a boat over to Nusa Lembongan. It is quiet, but so beautiful with amazing surf.


Eating Out

My favourite part about Bali!



This was our ALL TIME favourite restaurant- anywhere in the world.
Usually when we come to Bali we go for breakfast, lunch and dinner, but they’re currently CLOSED (my heart sunk!).
I am hoping this is just for renovations!


It is Australian prices, and incredibly busy. They also don’t do reservations so you often wait for 15-20 minutes but it is REDIC good!

Strawberry Fields

Great for breakfast, smoothie bowls and coffee.

Earth café

Vegetarian deliciousness. Great juices, smoothies, salads, healthy food, raw treats and produce.

Sea Circus

Great quirky food, amazing coffee and smoothie bowls.

Nalu Bowls (different locations) 

Amazing smoothie bowls. I would just go-jek these!

The Savage Kitchen

The most amazing coconut crushed chicken! You choose your protein, side and dressing. Its amazing. This is in Canggu.

The Revolver

The best coffee hands down. It’s down a dodgy alleyway, but once you’re inside, keep walking and its amazing.



La Luciola

This could be both romantic and family. Located on grass and directly on the beach for the perfect sunset!
The best Italian food at amazing prices!! They don’t have an online booking form, however speak English so either call up to book, or rock up at 5:30pm for a walk in table.

Ku De Ta

Australian (expensive) prices, but great drinks and the very best location.

Settimo Cielo

The location isn’t very nice- but the food was delicious.

(Nath rated this 9.5/10 haha)


French and very fancy, on the expensive side but so good!


(Italian- Authentic)

Set in a beautiful garden, playing live Jazz. There was lots of families here too- but so so romantic.
We actually came here twice for dinner it was that good!

The Bistrot

French. Set in a super chic restaurant- not like Bali at all! LOL


Our favourite ‘things’ to do in Bali

Besides the ‘luxury’ lifestyle of pool side food deliveries and massages, there are some amazing tours to do! 

  • White water rafting
    There are a few different types of tours for this. Ask for the scarier version and always barter the price down. It is a full day trip so be prepared with food etc.
  • Nusa Dua Snorkelling
    Find a good English speaking driver, (you will pay around $20 for a full day in a driver) they will barter you a private boat.
  • Ubud
    Numerous things to do in Ubud (if you don’t choose to stay in the mountains)
    From volcano hikes for sunrise, to wood carvings, the amazing bike rides and more.
  • Shopping
    There are quite a few unique Bali finds in Seminyak that stock the most incredible homewares, jewellery and clothing (bikinis!).
    If you decide to purchase from a market, the rule of thumb is to half the amount they start the bartering with and go a little less.
    If you purchase more than one, go even lower. Never purchase anything on the first few days of arriving!
  • GO JEK!!!
    Similar to Uber eats but a million times better!
    You need this app! It is amazing!
    All the good restaurants are on there, you can order from the menu and get it delivered to your door of your villa!
    Nappies, wipes, baby toys, all groceries etc. can be delivered.


Little baby eating Balinese food from top view


As I am sure you can imagine, I love Bali.
I love the people, the culture, the food, the memories and the climate. Even if it is raining, it is still warm and enjoyable.

Whilst many people only experience the ‘Kuta’ side to Bali- I truly hope that you too can experience the side to Bali that we love!
Venture out to the islands, read reviews, take probiotics and be street smart.

Sophie x


Sophie Guidolin in Bali wearing a leopard print bikini and wearing sunglasses

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A day in the life of Sophie

A day in the life of Sophie

… (Feb 2017)

I find I am having to do these blogs more often as my life changes, our business evolves and our children grow.
Everyday appears to be different. So whilst this a generic ‘day in the life of’ this is only relevant for our present day-to-day life at the moment.

A typical day in my life is crazzzzzy to say the least! With 4 children and a business to run there is always something to do!
I am in the midst of preparing a ‘day on the plate’ for you all after many requests, so keep those eyes peeled!


My alarm clock goes off!
Wahhhhhh- I am not a morning person so I love my sleep ins, however when life is a constant battle of fitting things in-
it becomes a battle of how many more hours can I fit into my day.

Eat breakfast
I’ve been making overnight oats so that A) I don’t make noise in the morning and wake the kids and B) it’s delicious!

Breakfast with mum and baby in the kitchen



Gym time
I train before my kids wake up so that I don’t impact on any of my family time, morning routines and getting everyone organised for the day.


Lean fitness model in the gym posing


Home and morning routines
I quickly have a shower and get dressed whilst Nath makes the bottles before the twins wake up at 7am.


Twins Awake
The girls have a bottle (yes still 😉
The boys have breakfast.
I pack their lunchboxes


Leave home
Depending on the way is dependant on who is leaving.
We have an in home carer three days a week for the twins, rather than daycare (twins are expensive!).
The other two days Nathan and I do a day at home each.
The boys go to school, we go to work. Our gym is 24/7 so it never stops.


Kai and Ryder boys in their school uniform



Boys come home from school


Preparing dinner.
While this happens, the boys do homework and we do more organising for the kids and the following day.




The twins have a bath


The boys shower


All kids go to bed


Nathan and I work – reply to clients, emails, check-ins, business enquiries, etc.

I make the boys’ lunches the night before and organise any of my meals for the next day.
I get any washing that needs doing done.




At the moment, life is crazy busy.
Owning your own business means that the hours never stop, but seeing our clients’ results and being able to have our children with us most days/times is great.
I’m the type of person who loves to be busy, I don’t like not sitting down and getting bored –  which works in my favour because with my lifestyle there is no way that can happen! LOL
For more of an understanding of my day to day life, subscribe to my youtube and watch my VLOGs here!




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I mentioned on my Instagram the other day that I think I underestimated the juggling act of four kids, running a business and working non-stop..

So how do we do it all, and still have time to recover?

Organisation! I know that I say this incredibly often, but it is so overlooked and such a simple part of life that we really do need to set time aside to plan out the week(s) ahead.

If you set aside an hour a week to plan out all of the things you have to do for the coming week, keep a diary and calendar and plan in advance, I can almost guarantee that some of the every day stresses will decrease.

Here are a few key things that us as a family do to keep on top of our life:

  • Sunday, I plan out the week ahead, this includes:
    – Meal planning and prep and organising an online delivery for mid-week also.
  • Planning the kids:
    – Figuring out who is looking after who and who is picking up who from where.
  • Diary/Appointments-
    – Write in the diary for any upcoming events or events that we need to arrange. I also plan out my training session times, as often, the only time I can make it in, tends to be early mornings- which needs to be accounted for.

Before bed each night, here are the things I get ticked off:

  • Kids uniforms out
  • Breakfasts premade
  • School lunches prepared
  • Twins nappy bag packed
  • Clothes picked and laid out

I often do all of this whilst Nath is cleaning up dinner dishes, that way we are both getting organised for the next day and still spending time with each other.

Nath and I are very ‘equal/hands on’ in our marriage and our parenting styles.
As we both work for our family, I don’t believe the traditional scenario of a mum doing all of the parenting responsibilities would be a fair relationship in our dynamics.
I love this about Nath, and before we had the twins we were already doing this with the boys.
I’m very thankful and blessed that Nath is such an amazing dad and hands on- but I wouldn’t have settled for someone who was anything less than that. I think that anyone can be a father, but it takes someone really special to be a dad.

Our circumstances may be very different to yours, so I encourage you to set time aside each week to plan out.

Here are some key things I personally plan out:

  • Meals
  • Groceries
  • Workouts
  • Family Time
  • Alone Time
  • Couple Time

For us, it is incredibly important to have ‘our’ time. All of our kids are in bed by 7pm and this allows us a ‘date night’ every night! 😛

Even if that means cleaning the kitchen together, it doesn’t really matter what we’re doing, we’re spending time together.

So if you’re wanting to get more organised, follow my top tips above and I hope that you see yourself less stressed and more revitalised!


Sophie x

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Alcohol in Australian society

I did a snapchat on the topic of alcohol abuse earlier in the week. I didn’t expect the surprising amount of people to email and message thanking me for it.
It really hit home for so many people and resonated with a lot of Australians.
This is my take on alcohol in Australian society. 

Whilst alcohol binging and abuse in Australian culture is very common, it is NOT normal.

In Australian culture, a beer or glass of wine with dinner (7 days) is a totally acceptable drink of choice.
In fact, getting drunk every weekend is not unheard of. Particularly those within the 18-25 age bracket.

For a while there, even I believed and accepted that this was normal behaviour. I believed it was a very common way to live your life.

Whilst the next morning tends to be a blur and your head is thumping.
I often wonder if people actually listen to the fact that millions of brain cells are telling you it is not the best way to live.

When I first met Nathan, he told me flat out: ‘I don’t drink’ (instant love right there ;))

After having people in my life previously who completely change when effected by alcohol, I just love this about him.

Watching a TV show recently, it showed a man so incredibly drunk that he went out and got a tattoo that he did not even remember getting.
This appeared to be socially accepted.

This isn’t okay. (in my opinion)

Getting drunk to a point where you do not even remember your actions is downright scary- for your loved ones, yourself and for strangers.

Having these people in your life can be toxic, not knowing what they could potentially do on a ‘night out’ if they infact do not even remember is scary.

I often get emails from women who ask how they stop feeling the sense of peer pressure with saying no to drinking.

If you are upfront and stick to your beliefs, people will respect your choices. If you change your mind every week after you have a mad hangover, then of course people are not going to believe you when you say you aren’t drinking.

Do I personally drink? Not anymore. Why you might ask? Well, for starters I am a lightweight- I have 2 drinks and I am drunk, I get a headache and I want to sleep. It doesn’t even sound fun! Haha but in all seriousness, with 4 kids, a business and a hectic life I don’t see that alcohol plays a positive role in my life. I don’t enjoy the taste- or the feeling so why would I?

When I ask Nathan why he doesn’t, his response is similar; “It doesn’t get me closer to my goals, and it tastes like poo.” :/ haha

I like to live my life in balance, however I haven’t drunk alcohol in years and don’t plan on anytime soon.

However, if you are someone who does like the taste of wine (I grew up with parents who own a winery- so no judgement on the glass of Grenache ;))
Remember that life is about balance, not writing yourself off until you don’t remember who you are or your actions.

  • If you have a friend who doesn’t drink, support their decision.
  • And if you’re the non-drinker, do what you say, back yourself and be firm.
  • If you’re single and looking for love and find someone who completely changes when they drink alcohol. Dob’t justify it. Don’t settle.

You DO deserve every bit of perfection. I can promise you that there IS a man out there that is YOUR idea of perfection.

I remember when I was doing my own thing, I had a chat to a friend who told me my expectations of a man were too high.
She told me that no one would ever be able to reach the standard that I had set in my head.

I still remember this like it was yesterday. I often ponder on this conversation and wonder if it helped shaped the decisions that I made in the years to follow.

I thought to myself, that if in fact no one could reach these expectations, then I truly would rather be single.

When I met Nath, heck- even now. Years on, a marriage and two more kids added to the mix, I truly believe he was my ‘it’. My version of ‘perfect’.

We have had our ups and downs, but he has taught me to love myself. He has taught me to love my beliefs and to be true to what I stand for.
Even if that means (it often does) that I am standing alone. With him behind me in the corner shaking his head haha.

When I think back to the expectations I had set, they weren’t unrealistic at all.
But the Australian society of expectations that had become acceptable were clouding the judgment of that.

I know that not everyone is going to agree with my personal beliefs on alcohol.
Having first hand experience watching people change with effects of alcohol, I believe that it is one of the most underrated drugs.
It does have a damaging effect on not only the drinker and their body, but to those around them too.


Whatever you choose to do in life, do it because it makes you a better person.

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Travelling with newborns (twins!)

When we decided that we would travel to Adelaide for Christmas, my excitement quickly turned to the ‘oh, crap- we have newborn twins’.
How do you even ‘do’ newborn twins, let alone TRAVEL with them! Lol
Travelling with newborns seemed like a lifetime ago for me.

So, with that the thought processes and logistics started to tumbleweed very, very quickly.

This photo is how I expect us to look like as we rock up to check in..

Lots of luggage at the airport

Sleeping Arrangements

When we first brought the twins home, they were sleeping in separate bassinets, as per the SIDS recommendations, in our room. After 4 sleepless nights and Nathan waking up to every movement, we decided that having the twins in our room wasn’t working for us.

However we kept them in their separate bassinets. One day, we forgot to bring their bassinets home from work, and we instead put them straight into their cots for bed. They slept, they slept 7 hours straight, and we have never looked back.

My ‘plan’ was to sleep the twins for as long as possible in their bassinets so that when we went to work, travelled, dinner, walks- basically anywhere, that they would sleep as it would essentially be ‘bed’. But, as any mum knows- the ‘plan’ and reality are two very very different paths.

So with that, I have been tossing up between a portacot, (the boys always hated these as they were so hard) OR alternatively taking my super expensive pram- with the bassinets- and hoping with all my might, that nothing happens to my ($2K) pram!!

Car Seats

A lot of people have suggest baby hire places, however after 2 minutes of online research it became very apparent that it is in fact cheaper to purchase items than hire (go figure!)
Kmart have car seats brand new for $119!! So I bought two, and instead of lugging them down I got them sent to my mums house!
Tick- so far I have 1 thing organised! LOL


As above, I majorly splurged on my pram (Bugaboo Donkey Twin, which costs the price of a small car much to my husbands amazement!)I didn’t want to risk my treasure being damaged on the plane, so I decided to go and buy a double stroller from the baby store for $180, which will be great for travel- which is great if I decide not to sleep the girls in their bassinets, which are apart of the other pram.


Usually when we go home, mum or dad picks us up from the airport and we borrow their car.
OR we use a rental car and get a car seat added in for Ryder.
Now that we have a small army of children (4) and two in car seats the logistics of a rental car aren’t quite as simple as book and go! LOL

So, mum is coming to the airports with both cars to pick us up and we will have to take 2 cars everywhere we go!
It’s a small price to pay really when you think of the blessing of the twins!

So, with that. Just when you think you have it all covered, there is still the whole bottle feeding logistics which we are still getting our heads around!
Sterilisers, bottle cleaners and formula.

Even thinking about packing is sending chills down my spine!
I am (in the back of my mind, of course) trying to workout how I can pack my 2 bouncers and electric swings in my suitcase! LOL

Although this ‘blog’ is not very informative (at all really), as it is more of a scream for organisational and logistical help, I hope you guys may have some feedback or input for me!
For those without kids- or even twins- be thankful that life is still packing a suitcase and off you go! LOL
These are all of the factors we now have to consider before even leaving home! LOL

-If you were us, would you take your expensive pram, which doubles as twins beds (bassinets) with you and risk it being damaged?
(even though you bought a travel stroller to travel with)  Which in turn, means you won’t need to purchase a portacot or set up beds.

-Are there any other ‘major’ logistics I haven’t taken into consideration? 


Thanks mamas! 


I haven’t been home in over a year now so my ‘home sickness comforts’ list is becoming rather long… Here are my ‘must squeeze in’ foodie spots in Adelaide hehe

Grind It– breakfast. just yes.

Kefi– my all time favourite.

The Strand– Squicken salad and kangaroo is calling my name.

Willunga Bakery– childhood requirement.

The Oyster Bar.

Mum’s: Roast lamb, beetroot soup, homemade chocolate, wood fired pizza and fresh fish.

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Welcome to the world Evie Mae & Aria Joy

Welcome to the world:

Evie Mae Wallace 

31st August 2015


Aria Joy Wallace

31st August 2015


Both almost 5pounds of complete perfection!

The girls were delivered via c-section by our incredible OB, Dr. Maneesh Singh & Midwives: Margaret-Mary & Tess.


Evie and Aria birth photo in black and white


They are beyond perfect and we are in a complete loved up newborn bubble of love.

Thank you everyone for your well wishes, love and congratulations!

We are still on cloud nine!


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Our Twin Girls Nursery Reveal!

When I first thought about my ideal baby girl nursery, I knew I wanted soft pastel feminine pinks,

                      but never in my dreams could I have dreamt of a nursery so beautiful. 


Whilst on one of my (many) midnight insomnia google searches, I came across the amazing Incy Rose Gold Cots

HAD to have these cots in my girls nursery- ROSE.GOLD.COTS! (I was- and still am pretty excited! lol )
After having 2 boys, I have always wanted a girl, but when I found out we were having TWIN girls, my excitement clearly doubled!

Sophie’s Journey In Photos


Our twin nursery is an enticing room with soft, feminine touches that work so well together it makes me want to spend every second soaking it all up!
I think the day I get to lay our baby girls in these cots will be one I will never forget!

(Thanks Petite Vintage Interiors for the room design!)


The cots are dressed with the most striking linen, cushions and swan details.

With the most stunning crochet baskets to hold all of our bits and bobs, the change table has been brought to life!

The unique leather shelving with letter night lights, handmade blocks and subtle. soft mobiles complete the individual cots.

Baby girl pink nursery


Spinning around to the other side of the nursery, is a combination of exquisite practicality with a nursing chair fit for a queen, the sweetest book shelving and the perfect space to display my favourite outfit’s for the girls!


Nursery photo with pink furniture and rose gold cot

Pom pom outfits and flamingo books compliment the rose gold feature cots.

Every detail and item works so well together to ensure a perfect, pastel harmony!

I love being able to hang and showcase their special outfits, (or their daily outfits!) on the wall.
I have waited so long for pink tutus, dresses and all things GIRL that I am happy to display these on their walls!


Twins baby rompers with pink bunnies

Matching twin outfits = My idea of HEAVEN! 

I was thrilled when Mini Style Blog wanted to do an exclusive nursery reveal, Check it out here: Blog

I could honestly spend all of my days in here, soaking in all of the perfectly pastel pinks, golds and handmade goodness!

A huge thank you to everyone who made this room come together, most of the items used in the nursery are designed and made by incredibly talented working mamas, who work tirelessly on their unique brands and products.

Please support their businesses below:


Rose Gold Cots: Incy Interiors 

Change Table: Incy Interiors

Small White Dot Decals: Urban Walls

Gold ‘You are so loved’ Decal: Love Elodie

Nursing Chair: Hobbe

Swan Cushions: Hubble & Duke

Wooden Garlands: Winnie Dot Label 

Leather Strap Shelving (above cots): G and H Designs 

Initial Lights: Little Letter Lights co. 

Mint Book Shelving: The Timba Trend 

Pouffe: Rockmelon Online 

Blocks: Babee & Me

Pink/Timber Side Table: Barnaby Lane

Mobiles: Hello Henley 

Cot Sheets/Quilts: Bubbles Lane

Knot Cushions/Sheets in Dresser: My little Echo 

Crochet Baskets: Ever So Woven 

Swan Print: Lulu Lucky 

Black & White Cushions: Whistle Dixie 

Teddies:La De Dah Kids

Swan Coat Hangers: Zilvi 

Playsuits: Heart Me Luv

Hooks: Little Blox 

Deers: Rockmelon Online

Blanket on Rocking Chair: Jamie Kae 

Blankets on Cots: Noah and Bowie 

Pink Cushions: Adairs 

Sleeping Cloud Figures: Mitahli Designs 

Baby Products: Basik Organics 


Room Credits: 

Room Design: Bel from http://petitevintageinteriors.com.au

Photography: Steve from http://www.vellumstudios.com.au


I hope you all love our twin girl nursery as much as we do…




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Pregnancy Photoshoot With The Twins

After knowing how hard my body has worked in order to create, grow and carry these twins.
I wanted to do a pregnancy photoshoot that I could look back on and showcase how beautiful the human body is.

I worked alongside my incredible photographer, Kit Wise, to put together and articulate the images that I wanted.
Ensuring that they were done tastefully and honestly reflecting the incredible human body.


Here is our collaboration and the images that came from that day:


Sophie Guidolin black and white twin pregnancy photoshoot

Sophie Guidolin black and white identical twin pregnancy photoshoot

And, my FAVOURITE from the whole shoot…

Sophie Guidolin black and white identical twin girl pregnancy photoshoot


This pregnancy has been a completely different journey to my boys. I am overjoyed that I could share my first hand experience with you all.