My Favourite Bedtime Books to Read!

What’s your favourite book to read? So a few of you have been asking me what it is I’ve been reading at night on Snap. I am HUGE on reading before...
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What To Do In Melbourne | My Favourite Things To Do, See and Eat!

What To Do In Melbourne Every year, we travel to Melbourne for the Arnold Classic and I have come to really love this city. It’s so different to the Gold...
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Comp’s over, now what? | Goal setting inspiration

Comp’s over, now what? | Goal setting inspiration I’ve brought my first goal of 2018 to life, now what? Continuously goal setting is a first. On...
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2017 – The year of self discovery!

As the year comes to an end, I am taking the time to look back at all of the amazing and positive experiences and ventures that not only I have achieved, but...
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Sophie holding flowers for MACROS promo
Come grocery shopping with me! Learning how to read nutritional labels.

Reading nutritional labels is something I always, always do when grocery shopping. Read on to see why! WHEN IT COMES TO THE SERVING SIZES ON PACKAGES, DON’T...
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TWIN BIRTHDAY: Evie and Aria turn two!

A twin birthday. ♡ Can you believe that our tiny little girls are now TWO!? Crazy right?! I just love that so many of you have joined us over the years. I...
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It has been a little while in between ‘personal’ blogs… So I thought now is the time to sit down and fill you all in what has been happening in the...
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Four kids and parents at the beach wearing white

I am sitting here, diary in my hand, phone in the other – flicking WEEKS in advance! My next ‘free day’ is IN JUNE. How is that a) even...
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Sophie Guidolin with baby twins in Bali in the spa
My personal guide to Bali!

The fact I have now been to Bali over 18 times somewhat describes my love and passion for the place that I can only describe as something incredibly magical. I...
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Mum running in the garden with baby twins
A day in the life of Sophie

A day in the life of Sophie … (Feb 2017) I find I am having to do these blogs more often as my life changes, our business evolves and our children grow....
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Sophie Guidolin and kids standing in front of a wall and smiling

I mentioned on my Instagram the other day that I think I underestimated the juggling act of four kids, running a business and working non-stop.. So how do we...
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Sophie Guidolin and Nathan Wallace selfie
Alcohol in Australian society

I did a snapchat on the topic of alcohol abuse earlier in the week. I didn’t expect the surprising amount of people to email and message thanking me for it....
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