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When I went to jot down coconut oil uses for this blog... I was stumped. Not because I was racking my brain to think of ideas.. but its uses are seriously a never ending list!

When you find a natural alternative to anything - hold onto it!

It's not everyday you can trust a product to not only do its job, but do it without filling your household with chemicals, preservatives and additives. Coconut oil can be used for your hair, skin, food (basically everything) and that's why I love it so much. This blog is all about the versatility of coconut and how you can use it every day for everyday things. As many of you know, I'm a big fan of wholesome foods close to their natural state. This is the same when it comes to my household items too. A tub of 100% coconut oil not only takes away the stress of wondering what's inside the product you're using; you can be confident there are no added toxic fillers and have a cost-friendly solution for an endless list of things.

So what do I personally like to use coconut oil for?

A natural makeup remover While it moisturises the delicate area around your eye, the oil breaks apart eye makeup super easy with just a few drops and a makeup pad. Shaving oil Yes, really! The oil is gentle on your skin and has a lovely moisturising effect. Moisturiser Your skin is your largest organ and I love knowing when I use a dab of coconut oil to moisturise or am having a soak in FitBod Scrub - I'm not putting any unwanted chemicals directly onto my skin. For hair The unique composition of oils in coconut oil is a perfect homemade mask or treatment for your hair to nourish it. Just make sure you rinse it out thoroughly otherwise things can get a bit... oily. Coffee I'm a coffee addict! A splash of coconut oil in coffee has an amazingly creamy, coconutty flavour that is the perfect alternative to milk and creamers. For cooking Coconut oil can withstand high temperatures and add a unique flavour to so many dishes. I use it in stir-fry, curries, granola, roast veggies, breads and raw chocolate! Massage oil A great, light substitute for regular massage oil that absorbs well into the skin. Butter If you're after a break from your avo and toast, or better yet a new and improved alternative to butter; try coconut oil. Digestion The high concentration of beneficial fats in coconut oil help digestion and aid fighting infection in the gut. When going to buy coconut oil, read the label and go for the pure stuff without any additional ingredients. It can be stored in your pantry at room temperature. Be sure to buy enough coconut oil to last you a few months so you have a fresh batch on hand. Any more stock than a few months can potentially have your coconut oil going rancid in the cupboard. Make sure you check out my clean eating recipe books for meal ideas that can incorporate a healthy dollop of coconut oil!

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