15 Lunch Box Ideas

15 Lunch Box Ideas

Are you feeling that same pre-back-to-school jittery anxiety that I did this past week? I don't think I'm alone!

One of the big stressors? Making school lunches that A) go by the school lunch box guidelines, B) provide your kids with all their nutritional needs, C) taste good and aren't soggy and uneaten when they return home and D) don't take you forever to prepare! AGH!

In this blog, you'll find my current go-to lunch box ideas that can all be found in the Lunch Box Ideas chapter of My Kids Eat Volume 2... plus I'm giving Gluten-Free Brownies from My Kids Eat Volume 1 recipe for free! Woo!

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When it comes to making lunch box prep easy and stress-free, I follow a few tips and tricks I've picked up over the years that I hope will help some of you too:

  • Involve your kids in the process
    A good time to go through meal or snack ideas is the weekend before the school week starts. Ask your kids what kind of foods they'd enjoy
  • Pack a frozen ice pack to keep foods at a safe temp
  • Freeze big batches of breads and bakes
    Do this in advance for last-minute snacks when you're running low on time

My top 15 lunch box ideas

1. Banana & Walnut Bread - This gluten free bake can easily be made dairy free and nut free too! It's high in antioxidants and freezes perfectly! Make 10 slices.

2. Chocolate Quinoa Muffins - Quinoa is gluten free, high in protein and contains all nine essential amino acids. Perfect for a morning tea snack! Makes 12.

3. Chewy Muesli Bars - Perfect for nut free schools! You can get creative by adding in nuts if you're having them at home too. Makes 16 and will last in a container for the entire week!

10 out of these 15 recipes take no more than 30 minutes to prepare!

4. Zucchini Fritters - I often serve these fritters for breakfast, morning tea or in lunch boxes. They're hand-held and easy to eat on the go! You can get creative by adding in any left over veggies that you have too. Makes 10.

5. The Chicken & The Egg - These are individual frittata muffins that take only 25 minutes including oven time!

6. Pikelet Faces - Your little ones will absolutely love these! Remember that we often eat with all of our senses; encourage fussy eaters with colour, flavour and fun!

Pikelet Faces | Sophie Guidolin

7. Mexi Chicken Salad (in a jar!)

8. Green Hummus & Bread Chips 

9. Chococonut Cookies - Your kids will love baking these nut free and dairy free cookies with you! Not only are they delicious but they're full of antioxidants too. Makes 16.

14 out of these 15 recipes are nut-free!

10. Roast Beef Pumpkin Rolls

11. Chicken 'Sushi' Rolls

Chicken 'Sushi' Rolls | Sophie Guidolin

12. Yummy Cheesy Pasta Slice

13. Mix n Match Muffins - We love savoury muffins! We use the same base but vary it depending upon what leftovers are in the fridge. Bolognese sauce? Tick! Roast Veggies? Tick!

14. Pizza Pinwheels

15. Tuna Tabbouleh Wraps - We love wraps in our household! They're easy, I can pack them with vegetables and they don't get soggy throughout the day. My kids love these tune ones, but you can add in any other leftovers meats too! Serves 2.

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What's your favourite lunch box idea? 🍎

Comment your fave kid-approved lunchbox food that you pack the kids below!


  • Michelle

    My favorite idea is the zucchini fritters and mini quiche 😊

  • Helen

    Pizza pinwheel

  • Sophie

    My kid is fruit crazy

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