Australian FIRE AID Resources

Australian FIRE AID Resources

Australia is burning.

We NEED help. Please, I know life goes on, but Please- influencers, people with profiles, everyday people. Flood everyone’s news feeds with how we can all help. The average person has 1000 friends on Facebook, every share- opens it up to a wider audience. If you cannot donate- simply SHARE! 

4000 people are stranded- needing to get rescued by navy boats.

There is NO running water.

No toilets (sewage plant is down)

Even $1 counts!

This fundraiser is directly through FB charity fundraising- has no fees and no profits associated. Directly to The Trustee for NSW Rural Fire Service & Brigades Donations Fund and your contribution will make an impact, whether you donate a little or a lot.

Anything helps. Please skip your coffee and donate $5! Thank you for your support, Australians need to band together right now ❤️

NSW-  PLEASE note, this raise now been closed at $500,000 raised!

SA-  PLEASE note, this raise now been closed at $500,000 raised!


Every cent of all sales 5th-6th Jan will be donated (not just profits, but EVERY CENT) 

Jan 18th 2020 EVENTS- every cent will go direct:


Firefighter Sam McPaul who was tragically killed while protecting our country on Monday night. He left behind his wife, Megan who is pregnant with their first child:

 Other ways you can help: 

Share everything- flood newsfeed, draw international coverage. Speak. Share. Donate. Help. If you see a post asking for supplies, share. Open your house, offer your services. Band together right now guys. Please. 

Comment any links, other fundraisers. Help however you can!


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