Sophie Guidolin with family taking a selfie

Celebrate what makes your family great!

Looking back over the amazing time the family and I had in Townsville last weekend really makes me proud of my beautiful, well travelled and strong-knit family! From the way my children behave when we are travelling, to the love, affection and respect we all show towards each other to their constant giggles. This week marks an important one, it is National Families Week in Australia. I would really love for you all to reflect on your family and celebrate what makes you all work so well together and how do you manage in times of need? Families week is about drawing attention to the vital role that us, as families play in society and the impact that you can have on your impressionable children just by spending time with them and giving them a good family base. Our family lifestyle means that we are always on the go! From interstate travel, to running two businesses, and of course everything that comes along with two kids- from school drop off, to homework, lunches, gymnastics and football, along with our latest additions of our twin pregnancy! I’m sure you can imagine how crazy our lives are! However, although we are all busy - we always make time as a family. We spend at least one day a week as a family doing something we all enjoy. Whether it be heading to a game of footy to watch our family favourites, the GC Suns, play or heading to the beach for the day. Family time is so important for children, especially as they grow up! We had a tradition in my house, to make home-made gourmet pizzas on Sunday night’s, which we have kept the tradition alive with, ensuring our kids understand the importance of family time. Besides our outings and family traditions we ensure that on a daily basis, we teach our kids the values, support and morals we want them to grow up with. Simple things like always eating dinner together as a family, talking about our days and what we did and enjoyed, reading with the kids every night and making sure we always kiss and cuddle before bed time. These are all important factors in making children feel accepted, loved and nurtured. This makes for well-rounded, secure adults, who will then pass on these traits to their children. So this week, I urge you all to set some family time aside, and really celebrate what makes your family great!

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