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Choosing the right protein powder for you and your goals!


There seems to be a lot of women left feeling confused after trying to sift through the shelves and shelves of protein powders. Fat burning protein powders, toning womens protein, ladies dream protein… the list goes on- no wonder were all left feeling confused. But what if we strip off the wrapping, stop the marketing and see the product for what it is: ingredients. Why are mens protein powders different? Are they unisex? Should I buy a protein powder or a fat burner or save money and buy an all in one? Well, for starters, the reason there is an association with ‘mens’ proteins and ‘womens’ proteins are the breakdowns of ingredients behind the marketing. Typically a high carb ‘bulking’ type protein are aimed and targeted at men, as a lot of women would dream of having 500g of carbs in 1 shake. (I could go on and on about the fact that bulker gainers are a poor way of gaining additional ‘bulk’ as the bulk gained will most likely be fat rather than muscle, but that’s another story.) Womens protein powders usually have a lower carb breakdown, but why the tiny containers are HUGE price tag in comparison to the ‘male’ low carb protein? Marketing. You are NOT going to start growing hair on your chest by choosing to have a unsiex (or ‘male’) protein powder. The price comparison is huge- almost 4 times the amount in a lot of cases!  

So what should you look for when deciding on a protein?

In my opinion, I look for a pure high protein protein with as little additives, sugars, fillers, carbs, fats as possible. If I want carbs, I would prefer to eat a whole food rather than drink them in 2 minutes. Don’t be fooled by marketing and advertising, or the guys at the supplement store. Go by facts and the ingredients list. Usually protein powders that have the 'well known' fitness models on the packet, or fancy packaging are more expensive, as they simply have to pay for their marketing.

When searching for a protein:

  • Ensure the protein is at least 75% protein (the rest is fillers) This is around 29gs of protein per serve
  • Ensure that the fillers are as minimal as possible- as per above
  • I prefer WPI rather than a WPC or a blend (whey protein isolate vs whey protein concentrate)
  • Taste, yes ask around however be cautious as almost everyone in the fitness industry is sponsored.
  • Ensure fats and carbs are minimal, as you would rather eat these in forms of food- ie rice, almonds, avocado etc
I hope that helps a little! Sophie x

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