Everyday Thermo is HERE! | + FREE RECIPE

Everyday Thermo is HERE! | + FREE RECIPE


Freezer-friendly oat and spelt pizza dough in only 5 minutes using your thermo!

My most anticipated/most requested recipe book launch to date! 


I was originally such a sceptic - the price tag scared me.

But not only has it saved time, money and peace of mind to know what is in the meals I am serving my family. 

We use our appliance everyday, even the kids! With hundreds of people requesting our family favourites daily, including our pizza dough (watch the video below) this is a game changer book!  With over 85 never-before-seen recipes, I cannot wait for this release! 
Make sure that you watch my video below to get your FREE PIZZA DOUGH Recipe! 

Check out Everyday Thermo in my store to learn more > 

IMPORTANT: All pre-sale purchases of Everyday Thermo made between 19 May 10.00am AEST and 1 June 11.59pm AEST will not be processed and shipped until June 2, 2019.




  • Bev

    I loved your baby recipe book. I cannot wait to get this one! This will make me cook in my thermo again :)

  • Kelly Clancy

    I have so been looking forward to this. Well done Sophie! x

  • Sophie G

    Yay! Thanks Denise x

  • Denise

    So excited to see a thermomix cookbook supporting health and fitness Рcan’t wait to pre order.

  • Tamara

    Thanks for making a Thermomix book that’s healthy and with fitness in mind. Have been looking for someone to create one for ages. I thought Michelle Bridges may have but glad you have taken the challenge up. Can’t wait to see it.

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