Festive Season Tips

Festive Season Tips

It’s the time of year for parties, get-togethers, family reunions, celebrations, and plenty of good food. Maintaining your health and fitness goals through the festive season can be a bit of a challenge (I mean, who can resist those mince pies?!), but you can still eat, drink and be merry while staying healthy. 

Here are some of my top tips for the festive season:

Healthy food swaps

If you’re trying to stay healthy over Christmas, you don’t need to avoid all festive food. Instead, try making some healthy food swaps - a fresh fruit platter instead of a cheese board, or a side salad instead of a bowl of fries. When it comes to snacking, avoid empty calories (such as fizzy drinks, cakes, high sugar foods) and choose a healthy alternative such as steamed veggies, fruit, or protein balls. I’ve put together 5 healthy snack ideas here.

Do a morning workout 

By doing a workout early in the morning, you won’t have to worry about squeezing it in around any social activities later in the day - or not doing it at all! You’ll also get those endorphins flowing, which can help brighten your mood and help you feel more motivated for the rest of the day. THE BOD app is my go-to for quick, simple, adn fun workouts that you can do at home with minimal (or zero) equipment.

Enjoy in moderation

It’s the festive season, so of course plenty of treats, snacks and tipples are going to be flowing. You can still be healthy and enjoy yourself over Christmas, just be aware of what you’re consuming and enjoy in moderation. If you’re out socialising with the girls, try alternating each alcoholic drink with soda water and lime. 

Order smart

If you’re out and about and know you won’t have the option to bring food or eat at home, try ordering food that is high in protein as it will keep you fuller for longer. Try lean meat with vegetables or salad. 

Provide the food 

If you’re heading to a Christmas get together and you’re worried about what food will be there, then why not bring your own plate of delicious yet nutritious treats. My Broccoli and Cheese Bites are a great party snack and will keep you on track.

Enjoy yourself

It’s Christmas! And after the disaster of a year that we call 2020, we’re all in need of a good time with loved ones. So, eat and be merry!

Sophie x 

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