Finding Your Purpose

Finding Your Purpose

Manifestation brings something we desire into our life through the power of attraction and self-belief. It allows us to discover what we want deep in our heart of hearts and sets us on our path. The next step on our journey to a life of total fulfilment? To find, understand and follow our purpose to allow our dream life to become a permanent reality. 

So, what is ‘purpose’?

Essentially, purpose is your ‘why’ and your ‘what for’. Knowing what you want out of your life and what brings you joy creates meaning, helps guide your life decisions, influences your behaviour, offers a sense of direction and shapes the goals important to you.

Everyone's purpose in life is different. Only you can decide what your own ‘why’ is. 

How do I find it?

Empowering women to find and embrace their purpose is something I am truly passionate about. It’s why I created my Find Your Purpose online course - to help women lead a life they truly desire. 

Throughout the six week course, I will help you:


Together, we dive into proven step-by-step formulas to discover what it is you truly need, uncover powerful lessons in self-love, learn how to set kind boundaries without the fear of letting others down, regain your power and ultimately get clear of what your life purpose is and how you can learn to love yourself. 

It truly is a life-altering experience. But don’t just take my word for it, here is just some of the feedback I’ve had from previous course members…  

“The course is Incredible! Sophie goes above and beyond. She is so passionate about women finding their purpose and it shines through in this course. She is there every step of the way to support you. I can’t thank Sophie enough for the tools she has given me during this course that I can now use to navigate and use the rest of my life.” - Alyssa B

“This course begins with the most anticipated package you will await and ends with a life changing experience that will transform the way you live, the way you parent but more importantly, to embrace the amazing Queen that  you are! Through the six week journey you will Cry, you will be vulnerable, you will uncover things about yourself that you weren’t even aware of. Once you discover who you are Sophie gives you the tools to live a life of true belonging and fulfilment. I am so grateful for this experience and excited for this new beginning.” - Chantelle

“I have just finished the 6 week Flourish and Fulfilled course with Sophie and all I can say is a big WOW!! Over the 6 weeks I have learnt so much from Sophie and so much about myself. I was a little hesitant to start as I’d never done anything like this before but I am beyond happy I challenged myself and opened up to all the course had to offer. Sophie was always there for us when we needed and answered any questions we had. The support from her and her team was amazing which made the journey that bit more special.To anyone thinking of taking a chance and learning more about yourself I would 100% recommend you spend the money on yourself, you won’t be disappointed.” - Brooke S

If you’re ready to discover your best self then I encourage you to join me on the next Find Your Purpose course - starting 10 May!

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