Healthy Chilli Con Carne: Live on The Morning Show!

Healthy Chilli Con Carne: Live on The Morning Show!

I feel like I’m living on a plane right about now. Good job I’ve got my trusty THE BOD recipes I can draw on to pre-cook, freeze ahead and grab and go, right? 

This week I jumped another plane to Sydney to film with Larry and Kylie on The Morning Show. Cooking live on-air is never an easy gig, but these recipes made it super simple. My healthy Chilli Con Carne from THE BOD app is a winner in our family, and it’s one of those recipes you can cook once, and eat five different ways:

  • Chilli Con Carne with rice (and the added veggies boost your nutrition - chop them super-fine to get past fussy kids!)
  • Stuffed baked sweet potatoes
  • Jaffles (yum! These are on high rotation as after-school snacks in our house)
  • Burrito filling
  • Nachos - top corn chips or baked tortilla chips with the chilli mix, add cheese or Greek yoghurt and maybe some avocado to taste and you’ve got dinner in minutes)

THE BOD Chilli Con Carne is also vegan and gluten-free.

You’ll want to give this one a go - fifteen minutes in the kitchen and a whole week’s worth of healthy meal options done! Keep it in the fridge, or freeze ahead for those nights you get home late. The kids can even make it - my boys love getting into the kitchen and experimenting with flavour combos.

I also shared two favourite recipes from our BOD Squad - these ones get a good workout on the app :) 

Blueberry bread - perfect to bake ahead, slice and store in ziplock bags in the freezer for lunchboxes or afternoon tea on the run. 

Very veggie mini quiche - this is the most flexible recipe. You can use up your leftover veggies, add spices to taste and they bake in just 15 minutes. Plus, each little flavour bomb packs 4g of protein.

Hungry yet? These are perfect to make this weekend, so you’ll start next week ahead of the game. 

Missed my chat with Larry and Kylie? Check out my Chilli Con Carne recipe on The Morning Show here (pssst, watch for Larry going back for seconds - told you it's good!).


Want more recipes like this? They’re all free on THE BOD app.

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