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HOSPITAL BAGS. The things we needed more of, didn't use and what I wish I had packed!

A few weeks before giving birth, I wrote a blog on what I was taking to the hospital. So, what exactly were the items that I LOVED, the items that didn't get used and the items I needed to send Nath out to buy? The initial blog can be read here: Hospital Bags are packed!  Let me start by saying, this is in no way a sponsored blog - just my personal experience, and every experience will be different! Louis Vuitton and designer hospital bags  

-Number One-

My SRC Recovery Shorts. I have never had a c-section before, and didn't know what to expect. The first time standing up was hmmm shall I say 'interesting'. I have low blood pressure normally due to my size, age and fitness, but after losing a lot of blood- it was extremely low. So standing up wasn't fun anyway- regardless of the abdominal surgery! LOL Nath had to put these on me the first day, stretching the top. Once on - I could walk again! Seriously a godsend. Number one, hands down, the best product I packed. Sophie Guidolin postpartum in recovery shorts and posing  

-Number Two-

I ended up requiring a c-section. All of the advice I was given about them when it became a possibility (twins were breach) was that I would need nanna undies- really really high up the waist type undies. For me, who usually wears tiny v- strings, these were horrible and not required for me. I wore my 'hipster nanna undies' instead (Target Maternity).

-Number Three- 

Again, never having a c-section before, I didn't realise I had to wear full compression stockings on my legs to stop blood clots and assist with circulation. This meant that whilst I normally wear nighties to bed- I now looked like a stripper with knee high socks and a mini skirt! LOL I had only packed one pair of pants, which were AMAZING- (Sorella organics) However, I didn't pack enough loose, light t-shirts.

-Number Four- 

Again, (I feel like this is turning into a c-section blog lol) after having two natural deliveries, I had no idea what to expect with anything c-section related. I only packed HUGE maternity pads. For the first day these were required, but everyday since I have only required an absorbent liner, or a regular thin pad. This may be different for others, but I sent Nath to the chemist to relive me of the chafing in my pants! Haha.

-Number Five- 

My robe from Sorella Organics. This was what I wore for my first hold of the girls and I was able to have them skin to skin with a bit of dignity also. I will also cherish this gown! Whilst not looking like I completely got ran over by a car. Haha.

-Number Six- 

Towels from home - unless you want to ruin or lose your towel, I suggest not bringing it along! (I would not have liked to wash those first few towels used in hospital) LOL. Which gifts were SO amazing: A lot of people sent us flowers, which was INCREDIBLY generous and so amazing to have a room filled with bright colours, and life! The gifts we received that caught us by surprise were: -A fruit basket -A friend brought in a takeaway dinner/meal (Indian!) -A massage voucher from the lady in the hospital who comes into your room and does it! -A house clean voucher -Chocolate covered strawberries (these are my all time fav treats, so when my bestie brought them in I could have cried... and did when I found that Nath had eaten them! Hahaha) -A snack basket with dried fruits, crackers, biscuits, chocolate etc. These were all gifts we would have never thought we would receive yet proved so handy/helpful!

The items I wish I had:

-Thinner pads -More undies that weren't completely surfboard style LOL -Some more pants as I packed nighties and loose dresses. -More loose, light t-shirts. -My hairdresser, makeup artist, massage therapist etc HAHAHAHA (jokes) -Fresh fruit- Our amazing accountants (IQ Accountants) sent us the most amazing fruit basket. I highly recommend this gift, as surprisingly there was not a lot of fresh fruit. I hope that has given you some more insight into what worked for us!

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