Intentional Living

Intentional Living

I am often asked what I mean when I say to set your intention for your day, an event or for your different time blocks within your day- so I wanted to explore this with you all.

How often have you felt like you’re going through the motions? The rat race? Making breakfast, your workout, having a shower, getting dressed- even sex with your partner or saying goodnight to your children.

Most would associate presence with simply turning off your phone or not talking to someone else when having a conversation- however intentional living changed my life and will for you also.

Doing everything in life with love and meaning is the difference between appreciating what you have, what you’re doing- attracting abundance and having an attitude of gratitude vs the ‘I have to workout, I need to diet, I have to do bedtime’ sentences- and emotions. 


It is truly asking yourself before you do ANYTHING- why am I doing this?

I wake up and meditate as it makes me feel happy, gives me clarity and purpose, I get to workout as it allows me to feel strong and keeps me fit, I eat delicious foods that make me GLOW, I love my friends because they give my connection and cup filling, I get to work because it allows me to help other women. 

To the big life decisions- why do you truly want to get married? Is it to feel loved and secure? Why do you want a baby? To feel secure in your relationship or needed? Being intentional (and honest!) with big life decisions makes them really clear! 


Right down to getting dressed in the morning- I select my clothing based on how it makes me feel, the way it fits and feels on my skin. I get to fill my car up so I can drive to destinations a lot would only dream about. 

It’s incredible the shift in your mind when you focus on intentionally living instead of going through the motions.

Can I ask you to describe your daily routine. Think deeply about what you do. But, more importantly, ask yourself why you do these tasks. Who are you serving when you make your daily choices? To live intentionally is essentially, to have a plan. It’s not only living everyday to fulfill your purpose but it is living according to your personal values and beliefs.

The benefits to living intentionally are priceless. To flow through life according to your own views, path to success and routine, as a result, provides you with a strong sense of fulfillment.

In this post, we will break down what living intentionally really means and how you can make sure you’re executing this wonderful practice, every day. 

What is living intentionally?

Living Intentionally is living with a purpose. As you know, the choices that you make shape the life that you ultimately live. 

Making a plan to further progress you on your success in life provides you with clarity. 

If you move every day without a plan, you might find yourself more often feeling lost - searching for more - and living without gratitude. This ultimately keeps you from living a happy, fulfilling life. 

How do we live intentionally? 

1. What are your values that you live your life by?

First and foremost, you have to acknowledge what path you want to lead. Meaning, you need to figure out what success means to you. 

Start by picturing yourself 2 years - 5 years from now. Picture yourself very happy with all segments in your life. 

What does your dream life look like? Would you be surrounded by money? Surrounded by friends and family? Both? Break it down fully.

Expand on what you want most out of your life. This will create your vision. Your why. What are you working so hard to achieve and for what?


2. Surround yourself only with influences that will increase your growth

Provide yourself with the knowledge and growth that you want to see in the world. Build your influences yourself. Seek out inspiring books, listen to podcasts that enrich your mind, watch ted talks and youtube videos of speakers that speak out to you.

You can find lessons on what you love - everywhere. Keep learning and growing your mind.


3. Create a routine that helps increase your personal development

Everyone in this world gets the same 24 hours in a day. Take away 8 hours for sleeping, and then take away another - approx 6 hours for eating and washroom breaks. 

This leaves you with 10 hours. 

How will you spend those 10 important, life-changing hours?

To live intentionally is to use those hours to serve you. Serve your mind, your soul and your body. 

Taking the time to insert joy, progress and mindfulness into your day pushes you towards a happier, more fulfilling life. 

So, ask yourself : How do you intend on living your life?



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