How To Create Affirmations That Will Help You Manifest Your Dreams

How To Create Affirmations That Will Help You Manifest Your Dreams

Are you looking to change your life in a positive, encouraging way? Positive affirmations are the key to transforming your life into the one that you deserve.

Affirmations are a direct line between you and your subconscious. They remind you of who you are, what you want, and that you have the power to create it.

Many of us are not aware of our negative thoughts or emotions that we fill in our brains. Positive affirmations help redirect those thoughts onto a positive track.

It might feel or sound silly at first, but the more you practice - the more you will believe in your words.

Why are affirmations so essential to living a joyful life?

The thing is, our subconscious chooses how we perceive the world. If our inner self views yourself and others and situations negatively, that’s what your reality will become. 

In contrast, affirmations help transform your reality into a positive light. This will, in turn, attract more positive opportunities into your life.

Positive affirmations manifest your dreams into your reality.

Where do you find affirmations?

Along your life journey, you might find that you will come into contact with a lot of different affirmations. 

You can find these on all different platforms, like Pinterest, Instagram, Google, and more.

People all over the world can give you extremely powerful, helpful affirmations that you can repeat and follow. 

These are all amazing, except the most powerful affirmations you can use - are stemmed from your own mindYou will believe in your own words more than others.

Here are a few important steps to take when creating your own affirmations : 

1: Structure them in present tense

You always want to tell yourself how to feel. Note the power you have within your words and channel them into something that already is rather than will be.

For example, instead of : 

“I wish…”

“I will…”

“I hope....”

Switch that out for :

“I am…”

“I enjoy…”

“____ does ____ (positive attribute) for me” 



2: Be specific with your beliefs

The best way to construct your own positive affirmations, is to know exactly which beliefs you are trying to transform.

You must be clear in your goals as a whole. What is it that you want to believe? Why?

First, identify what it is that you are working so hard for. This will help you determine the direction you are wanting to go. 

For example, let’s say I really want to excel in my entrepreneur career.

Years ago, my affirmations might have looked like : 

I really want to be a successful entrepreneur one day.

This wasn’t useful because I did not have specific goals set in place. I also didn’t truly believe in what I was spouting. Therefore, all I was doing was wishing rather than using a strong, mindful affirmation. 

Now, my affirmation might look like : 

I am collecting the knowledge and tools that I need in order to become a successful entrepreneur. 

This way, my subconscious realises that I really can become a successful entrepreneur because I have given myself a realistic goal.

It’s all about believing in your own words so make sure to construct your affirmation that makes you sure.

3: Insert your affirmations in your daily routine

In order to make sure that your affirmations take effect - you must repeat them every single day, several times a day. 

It might sound like a lot, but in reality - you already are doing this with other thoughts of yours. 

You are constantly thinking and having inner monologues. This practice is only to steer your already existing thoughts in the right direction.

Start off by repeating it to yourself when you wake up. Then add in an affirmation when you go to sleep. Repeat a positive affirmation before you take your first bite a food. 

All this is doing is creating routine. Soon enough, your voice will transform positively and it will become a habit. It will become your lifestyle.

Positive affirmations take practice but they are so worth it.

Be sure to remember

Affirmations are a powerful source to reminding your body and soul how strong you are. They are the backbone of creating your reality. 

Affirmations are your self-talk and because of this, you want to make sure they are positive, encouraging and inspiring. 

Work at creating a safe place in your mind by practicing positive affirmations every single day. 

Watch as you begin to manifest your dream life into your reality.

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