How To Take Control Of Your Life

How To Take Control Of Your Life

It’s easy to feel stuck in a rut sometimes. To feel like there’s no way out of your situation and that life is just something that happens to you, rather than for you - or even by you.

Taking control of your life may seem like a mystery, but if you’re prepared to have an open mind, do the work and truly focus on yourself, then you really can get yourself back in the driving seat of your life sooner than you think.

To take back your power and detangle yourself from certain people or situations, it’s important to show up as the empowered version of yourself and speak your truth. 

Here are some of the ways you can take back control of your life…

Be disciplined with your ‘you’ time

It all starts with how you treat yourself. To be the best version of you, you need to find love and care inside of your body and bring it forth. Take a moment every day to jot down your feelings, mindset, or thoughts in your journal or Gratitude Planner. Take what is jumbled up inside and get it out on a sheet of paper. This often leads to you receiving clarity and refreshes your mind. 

Also practice stillness - everyday you should spend at least 10-15 minutes of personal reflection. A great way to do this is picking a quiet spot, closing your eyes, breathing deeply and connecting within yourself. I like to use this time to set my intention for the day. Or, I use it to imagine drawing in beams of light and positivity into my body.

Live by your beliefs and core values

Your core values are what set you apart from everyone else. They tell the story of the kind of person that you are, describing what you care about, what you value and what you are against.

Learn what your core values are and make sure that you stick to them. No one else can tell you what to believe in except for yourself. 

Knowing what you value in life gives you a basis to go back to. If you feel yourself losing control of your life, be confident in knowing that your values you hold in life will lead the way. Trust in yourself to make the appropriate decisions and choices you need to make. 

Go after what you truly want 

Take control of your life by going after what you want. Whatever it is that you truly desire - deep in your heart of hearts - go after it. We can work with the universe by manifesting, bringing whatever it is that we desire into our life through the power of attraction and self-belief. I dive deeper into this in Manifest Magic In 10 Days. 

Be clear on your boundaries

Setting clear boundaries is important as it shows that you stand strong as the higher version of yourself. Boundaries are necessary in order to build trust within yourself. If you create a strong bond between your core values and what you stand for, you will notice significant change quickly. Boundaries are put in place to make sure that your mental health comes first. 

Read my article here to find out some areas you should analyse about your life and different ways setting boundaries can help change your life positively.

Transform your inner voice to a positive place

We unknowingly hold such immense power in our mind. From the moment you wake up, to the time that you lay your head down to rest, you have talked yourself through that whole day. The question is, was the voice behind your actions negative or positive?

Read more here on how you can transform your inner voice into a positive place that ultimately leads you to a happier more fulfilling life.

Say ‘no’ more often

It’s crucial for your health to say ‘no’ to people or situations that don’t align with you or your purpose. Speak your truth with integrity and stay strong. 

Try new experiences

Getting yourself out of your comfort zone and trying something new is a great way to regain power and abundance in your life. The excitement of learning and accomplishing new things reignites a flame inside of us - making us feel strong, confident, and in control.

Find and embrace your purpose

Essentially, purpose is your ‘why’ and your ‘what for’. Knowing what you want out of your life and what brings you joy creates meaning, helps guide your life decisions, influences your behaviour, offers a sense of direction and shapes the goals important to you.

Everyone's purpose in life is different. Only you can decide what your own ‘why’ is. 

Empowering women to find and embrace their purpose is something I am truly passionate about. It’s why I created my Find Your Purpose online course - to help women lead a life they truly desire. You can find more information and read the life-changing reviews from previous course members here


Ultimately, living a life guided by mindfulness is a life full of growth. Daily practices allow you to put yourself back in the driving seat of your life and help guide your life to where you want it to be.

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