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Husband Tag Video With Nathan!


Nathan and I have been together for over four years and we're edging in on two years of marriage. Our lives are in the spotlight because of the industry we work in, but we wouldn't have it any other way knowing our professions genuinely help others everyday. Our paths aligned when we met at the gym Nath was working at (no surprises here) ..and the rest was definitely history. I've shared a lot of our story but I thought these questions would give you a quirky little insight into some of the finer details.. AKA what my favourite cereal is! Haha.

After request upon request to see one of these videos, I've finally uploaded the Husband Tag to my YouTube channel!

From day one, we've worked side by side. He truly knows me inside and out, so I wasn't surprised by how well he went with the Husband Tag questions! You guys won't believe how many he got correct! It's a rare sighting to see Nathan in front of the camera so make sure you check this one out! From what dressing I get on my salad, to my unique talents, watch the video to see what answers Nathan got. If you'd also like to see highlights from our wedding, click here.

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