IG LIVE | moMENtum Founder | 22 April

IG LIVE | moMENtum Founder | 22 April

In this live, I chat to Blake from moMENtum. 

Momentum as a whole, is about creating a network that is empowering, championing and challenging men to be better.

Today's chat is about how to bridge the gap between what men are doing and what women want.

3 reoccurring questions received were surrounding: 




AND HOW TO SEEK HELP (if that’s the path they need to go down) 

Here are some of the questions we discuss live: 

With all these common themes, how do we as women to get help, to join a performance male circle.

How to encourage men to communicate openly and talk about their feelings?

He is fifo and at work 8 weeks still no return date and is very flat and I don’t know how to support him.

Getting him to care about my sensitivity? He is very old school and manly

What makes a woman attractive to a man?

Why do some men think it is okay to degrade women when they are with other men?

How to really get them to listen without feeling like you’re nagging?

Why do men say they aren’t looking for a relationship yet get in 1 with someone else soon after.

I need advice on how to help him maintain recovery from addictions

My hubby is an introvert and doesn’t many friends. How can I encourage him to have more friends?

How to best support your partner during mental health issues?

Why do men need to hear it from someone else other than their wife or partner to listen or agree?

How do I get my partner to invest in himself, as I am continuing personal growth and he is not interested

How to help men to get over past hurt?

How do I please my man other than just sex or foreplay?

Bf cant take any sort of feedback. Even when delivered gently and constructively. Help!

How to stop men from drinking so much?

How to open up a man that is very closed off growth and development.

EGO! Help my partners ego is that big he wont get help for anything. Please help.

To reach out to the boys at moMENTum, or Blake direct:



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