Makeup How-To's Guide

Makeup How-To's Guide

I have made it no secret I am far from a makeup artist and need all the help I can get when it comes to painting my face!

I find myself relying on three simple products for my day to day look- foundation, blush and mascara. That’s it. It takes me 3 minutes and I am out the door- but when I need to have photoshoot makeup or an event- I need help!  

I have reached out to the experts at Lust Minerals to create a guide to help not only me- but you too! Within this guide, you will find 3 different looks that you can utilize to create the perfect look to suit your occasion and face!  

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I like to breakdown my own routine into a few steps:

  • PREP - Cleanser, moisturizers and primers etc 
  • BASE - Foundation, concealer etc 
  • FEATURES - Like bronzer, blush, eyes and eyebrows 
  • FINISH - Lips and power 

I would love to hear your own favourite beauty secrets when it comes to the perfect GLOW makeup- let me know in the comments below! 


  • Courtney, Customer Love

    Hi Ladies! If you enter your details in the pink box on the page, then you will automatically be sent the ebook :) x

  • Lisa Garner

    Harlotte Cosmetics is an Australian brand. The Afterglow Foundation & Luminosity is the best!!
    Not to mention the Keira pallet, the colors would suit you and you’d love the highlight!!

  • Sam

    Ebook please

  • Karen Querella

    I’d love the make up how to’s ebook

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