My favourite books of 2019!

My favourite books of 2019!

My goal for 2019 was to read a book a week, alternating between self development/business/money with a lil romance fiction. (my favourite!) 

I got asked a lot HOW I found time to make this happen, here were my top tips: 

  • I didn't watch TV or series.
  • I didn't mindlessly scroll on social media. 
  • I took a book in my handbag at all times- waiting at appointments, school etc 
  • I read before sleeping each night. 

This goal not only meant that I spent a lot more of my time wisely, but also expanded my knowledge. 

Along the way I have shared some of my favourite reads and it is certainly a question I still get asked everyday, so here is a list of my favourite books from 2019 in the 2 different categories I placed on my reads. 

Self Development/Business/Money 

  • Emotional Intelligence, Travis Bradberry & Jean Greavers 
  • Lost Connections, Johann Hari 
  • Mama Rising, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz 
  • Your own kind of girl, Clare Bowditch 
  • Lead like a coach, Karen Morely 
  • Awareness, Anthony De Mello 
  • The wisdom of Sundays, Oprah 
  • Get your shit together, Sarah Knight
  • The subtle art of not giving a FK (almost didn't put this because.. sooo mainstream) 
  • Chaos to calm 
  • Do you talk funny? David Nihill 
  • Winging it, Emma Isaacs
  • Barefoot Investor (parts of this I have used- others not so much!) 
  • The 7 habits of effective people, Stephen R Covey 
  • Why we sleep, Matthew Walker 
  • The invisible load, Dr Libby 

Fiction/Fun Reads 

  • The strangers we know, Pip Drysdale 
  • The Sunday girl, Pip Drysdale 
  • Tell me a secret, Jane Fallon 
  • Not bad people, Brandy Scott 
  • Don't forget about me, Mhairi McFarlane 
  • Girl, woman, other, Bernardine Evaristo 
  • The giver of stars, Jojo Moyes 
  • The woman who stole my life, Marian Keyes 

Beautiful Books I just love

  • the sun and her flowers, Rapi Kaur 
  • Paris, Megan Hess 
  • Notes to my future daughter 
  • Pillow Thoughts 
  • Milk & Honey, Rapi Kaur 

I trust that you will now have your 2020 reading fix sorted! Please let me know your best reads of 2019 in the comments below! 


  • Amy

    Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine is a great read that I’d recommend.

    Wild Game; my mother, her lover, and me was good also.

  • Lorelle Healey

    Why we sleep! Such a great book and implementing just a few of the tips has transformed our sleep!

  • Robyn Taylor

    God Money & Me. Paul de Jong

  • Penny

    Thank you for the list – I have been looking for some good reads for my 2020 list. My recommendations;

    Essentialism by Greg Mckoewn
    Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport

    Both awesome reads – reminding you to focus on (and identify) what’s important, and how to cut the rest (including how to say no gracefully without the guilt!).

    Two brilliant quotes I live by from Essentialism;
    - Less, but better
    - The disciplined pursuit of less


  • Michelle

    You have inspired me to read, after 10 years I’ve pick up reading again!
    I love biographies and memoirs

    Currently read

    Scar tissue
    Celeste barber challenge accepted
    Kevin hart don’t fuck this up

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