My favourite books of 2019!

My favourite books of 2019!

My goal for 2019 was to read a book a week, alternating between self development/business/money with a lil romance fiction. (my favourite!) 

I got asked a lot HOW I found time to make this happen, here were my top tips: 

  • I didn't watch TV or series.
  • I didn't mindlessly scroll on social media. 
  • I took a book in my handbag at all times- waiting at appointments, school etc 
  • I read before sleeping each night. 

This goal not only meant that I spent a lot more of my time wisely, but also expanded my knowledge. 

Along the way I have shared some of my favourite reads and it is certainly a question I still get asked everyday, so here is a list of my favourite books from 2019 in the 2 different categories I placed on my reads. 

Self Development/Business/Money 

  • Emotional Intelligence, Travis Bradberry & Jean Greavers 
  • Lost Connections, Johann Hari 
  • Mama Rising, Amy Taylor-Kabbaz 
  • Your own kind of girl, Clare Bowditch 
  • Lead like a coach, Karen Morely 
  • Awareness, Anthony De Mello 
  • The wisdom of Sundays, Oprah 
  • Get your shit together, Sarah Knight
  • The subtle art of not giving a FK (almost didn't put this because.. sooo mainstream) 
  • Chaos to calm 
  • Do you talk funny? David Nihill 
  • Winging it, Emma Isaacs
  • Barefoot Investor (parts of this I have used- others not so much!) 
  • The 7 habits of effective people, Stephen R Covey 
  • Why we sleep, Matthew Walker 
  • The invisible load, Dr Libby 

Fiction/Fun Reads 

  • The strangers we know, Pip Drysdale 
  • The Sunday girl, Pip Drysdale 
  • Tell me a secret, Jane Fallon 
  • Not bad people, Brandy Scott 
  • Don't forget about me, Mhairi McFarlane 
  • Girl, woman, other, Bernardine Evaristo 
  • The giver of stars, Jojo Moyes 
  • The woman who stole my life, Marian Keyes 

Beautiful Books I just love

  • the sun and her flowers, Rapi Kaur 
  • Paris, Megan Hess 
  • Notes to my future daughter 
  • Pillow Thoughts 
  • Milk & Honey, Rapi Kaur 

I trust that you will now have your 2020 reading fix sorted! Please let me know your best reads of 2019 in the comments below! 


  • Leonie Hourani

    A must read is a book called Don’t sweat the small stuff. A series of short stories that bring you back to reality and think again. Great read 🙌🏼 Happy 2020. May it be an amazingly wonderful year for all of us.
    💗 Leonie

  • Kylie

    I can’t wait to try these books! You inspired me to read more again so thank you!
    Some on your list I have read, others I enjoyed are..

    The Wife and the Widow, Christian White
    The Lying Room, Nicci French
    Silent Night, Danielle Steele
    Tattooist of Auschwitz, Heather Morris
    Cilkas Journey, Heather Morris
    The Bronze Horseman, Paulina Simmons
    And these 2 inspiring books which I actually read last year but still want to mention are by Melissa Ambrosini
    Open Wide
    Mastering Your Mean Girl

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