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My Hair Secrets Revealed

Bad hair day? Ain't nobody got time for that!

I am about to share with you all of the tips, tricks & techniques so that a bad hair is now a thing of the past...and a 'bad-arse' hair day is every day!

Washing your hair is such an important part of hair maintenance. The key to shiny, clean hair that actually lasts, starts with the washing process.

Here are my top tips:

  1. Shampoo your hair at least twice in the shower.  The first shampoo will not create a decent lather. This means your hair will not get the best shampoo. This is why you should always do a second shampoo. If you are someone who can get away with washing once a week, then I would strongly advise doing a third shampoo. By doing this, you will notice your hair stay cleaner for longer. Yay!
  2. When choosing your products, whether that be for washing, straightening, setting, you should always go for a good quality product. A good quality salon based product has far more active ingredients in the bottle and you can achieve different results according to what your hair needs.
  3. Always condition your hair from the roots to tips. People can be scared into thinking that conditioning from the roots can make your hair oily but if you have correctly washed your hair (as mentioned) then this will not be an issue.

When it comes to styling and making all your hard work with your wands last, these simple tricks will allow you to stretch your styled look for longer:

  1. Drying your hair correctly is the key to your look lasting. Especially for any of your curly haired gals out there like myself, the formation from wet to dry is what is going to determine the length of your styling! A good blow dry is key!
  2. When choosing a styling product, again, make sure you are educated by your stylist as to whats specific to your hairs needs. What your friend may recommend using may not be what your hair requires.
  3. Choosing your brush is SUPER important! Brush selection will determine your result. A metal barrel will create a bouncy blow wave. The metal will heat up as you apply heat, it will then set your hair as you wrap your hair up around the barrel.

Never have a bad hair day again 💁🏼

Enter your email below for a free copy of my hairstyle guide where I'll teach you how to get 5 new looks in less than 5 minutes.

Next, I am going to run you through 5 looks you can do at home and all the cheeky tricks to achieve each look.

Straight and Sleek:

  • Consistency is the key. 
  • Make sure you take small sections at a time to get the best result.
  • Keep the speed of your iron the same from root to tip to achieve the best result.

     Waving Goodbye:

    • Use a curling tong to create this look.
    • Flat wrap the hair.
    • Hold the tong on a vertical angle.

     Curly Susan:

    • Direct your curls in the same direction.
    • Take even sections of hair to curl.
    • Tilt tongs on a 180-degree angle.

    Pat My Pony:

    • Use a dry shampoo first throughout your hair to create texture.
    • Add teasing to the crown to add volume and thickness.
    • Wrap hair around the hair tie.

     Top of the Knot:

    • Take horizontal sections from ear to ear.
    • Tie your hair up in two ponytails so your pony does not sag.
    • Wrap hair around and secure with bobbie pins.

    Never have a bad hair day again 💁🏼

    Enter your email below for a free copy of my hairstyle guide where I'll teach you how to get 5 new looks in less than 5 minutes.


    I hope you have learned a trick or two that saves you time, makes that curl last a little longer or keeps your hair shinier for days. I know for me, since coming to Minogue weekly, my scalp has improved, my styling lasts for longer and my hair only requires one wash every week. For someone time poor like myself, this is a game changer!

    If you want to treat you and your hair to a little TLC, Minogue has a $40 per/week blow wave subscription. This allows you to blow-wave until your hearts content. One scalp massage from the team at Minogue and you will be hooked!

    Mention that you read and watched My Hair Secrets Revealed blog and you will receive $10 off your next service! Head to Minogue Hairdressing to book in now or check out their socials for some amazing before & afters! 

    Sophie x

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