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My Updated Skincare!

30s BABY!

Self love, confidence, the house, the kids and the family.
Absolute bliss right?

What no one told me about turning 30 was my skin causing havoc!

But before that, let’s start with the build up to actually turning 30. I think that the lead up and suspense to anything is always going to be worse than the event or moment, because it is the unknown, which allows our heads to create a scenario that may or may not actually be the outcome.

I personally don’t know what I was so fearful of- I mean, did I think that the world was going to end? That I would wake up with greys and a face full of wrinkles?
Just in case you’re wondering, I woke up no different! LOL. Fear faced, BOOM. Just like that, I am now 30.


Okay, so this is a serious issue for me. I have never had acne and suddenly my chin
is now regularly full of pimples, bumps and red marks. I went to the chemist and sought medical topical treatment- something that for me is a last resort, always using natural products on my skin. However, with the bad skin causing poor confidence and low self esteem, I thought that I needed to make a drastic change.
It made it worse.

After reaching out to my online community, I was suggested a system by numerous
women and I now feel as though I am a part of a cult.

I do the following:

- Uncomplicated cleanser morning/night
- Hyaluronic Hydrating serum morning/night
- 24k Gold Nourishing oil morning
- Anti Redness Green Smoothie nightly
- Charcoal Clay mask weekly


Turning to a moisture-based system was a foreign concept for me, as I believed it
would cause more breakouts, but I guess that as my skin matures, I require a
different approach.

Once you hit the 30s, your skincare routine will need to change- heavier focus on
moisturiser and a good night cream to combat those fine lines and ageing.

Grab my favourite 30s stack here:

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