My very own Lightroom Presets Pack

My very own Lightroom Presets Pack

I love that Instagram allows me to share my creative flair with visual images!

I love capturing beautiful photos of the kids that I can cherish forever. I love utilising my own personal touch when it comes to styling shoots, the locations I shoot at and the concepts behind my photoshoots and the images I share.

Essentials Presets Pack Sophie Guidolin

I am often asked what ‘filters’ I use, and as these are custom pre-sets I've created with Adobe Lightroom (an amazing editing app!) I am super excited that I will soon be able to share these with you (September 8) all so that when it comes to getting the perfect photo for your family album, food shots for your #droolworthy stories or for the perfect gram snappy, you will be able to use what I use! 🙌🏻

Sophie Guidolin Essential Presets   Sophie Guidolin Essentials Presets

I wanted to share my tips and tricks to get your images on point and so you too can capture memories that last a lifetime like a total pro- even on your smartphone camera! So I've created my own eBook guide that I hope will help you get perfect photos every time.

Throughout this guide, I share with you my top tips, favourite editing apps and the best ways to capture all the feels of the moment you wish to share.

Let’s get our vibe on!

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  • Amy

    Having me in them !!! I’m always the one taking them

  • Leah

    Finding someone to take it! I’m a solo mum – I’d love to have someone around to take pics of my daughter and I

  • Tracy

    Trying to get my 2 girls, husband and I to all look at the camera seems impossible. Please help! 🤗

  • Janelle

    Thank you sounds awesome 👏

  • Sylwia

    Light!!! Usually when everything looks perfect around, I try to take a photo and the light always seems to be tricky. Too much shade, too bright….🤷🏻‍♀️

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