Pantry Overhaul Revamp | Organisational Series

Pantry Overhaul Revamp | Organisational Series

Who doesn't love a good clean out?

Out with the old - clearing out & de-cluttering junk whether it be your wardrobe, pantry or even just your handbag (I think half my house lives in mine) isn't just beneficial for optimising productivity & being less of an eye sore to me and my guests but also for mental clarity. It provides us with a sense of freedom and can symbolically clear unwanted energy.

I finally stuck to my word and booked in a day to clear out my pantry and it has re-sparked my want and desire to be in my kitchen doing the thing I love most - cooking and creating. I could't believe the difference it made so I thought I would share some of the things I learnt along the way.

Top Tips for a pantry clean out:

  • Out with the old - I found it easiest to go through all of my packeted items to do an initial clean out of things that I may have missed in my pantry that have either passed their use by date or that I am just not going to use. It appeared that I had acquired a lot of Tupperware, kids plates etc. that were missing lids or we didn't use so these were bagged up and taken to the op shop. 
  • Set a theme - based on the colouring and size of your space, try keep everything uniform & coordinated in colour, believe me, it makes SUCH a difference to the overall look and feel, much more streamline.
  • Know your space - make sure you know the areas you're working with. Take measurements and photo's to ensure you know what you actually need from the shops - this will save multiple trips back and forth and if you're anything like me, once you start it you'll want to finish it, even if it does take you an entire day.
  • Have a clear plan - map out in your mind what you might need or how you'd like to organise your space, especially if you're going to IKEA - if you go there without a plan you might come back needing to build an entire new pantry.
  • Consolidate items - I found grouping things together in trays/baskets i.e baking supplies, kids snacks, condiments, cans etc. was the best way to make them look neat and organised
  • Budget - Set yourself a budget to stick to and jump online to compare prices so you're going in as woman/man on a mission and not having to go back and forward between places... or coming home with an array of items that you really didn't need (like a power chute training aid or a yoga dice - yes this happened, thanks Kmart).
  • Learn from the pro's - I found it really helpful to watch a few organisational vlogs and have a flick through pinterest prior to organising my own just to get some ideas for the best ways to organise my items and get some added tips, tricks and idea's for how to lay everything out.
  • Think practical - How does your kitchen run? What isn't working atm? What do I need at arms reach? What am I always rummaging to find? What do I use everyday? These are the questions I asked myself so I could ensure my pantry didn't just look & feel better to be in, but also suited the way my family and I operate in it! 

After I was done I gave Nath & the kids a run through so they know know where to find everything and HOPEFULLY it can stay as organised as it is.

I am so so happy with the outcome, I love that I can now see where everything is, what I need to buy and what we can have for dinner based on what we currently have! 

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