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As already mentioned in previous blogs, this pregnancy hasn't been at all like my first two pregnancies. My first pregnancies were relatively straight forward singleton pregnancies. (Besides gestational diabetes with #1) My first concern when we found out I was pregnant was the fact that breastfeeding is not as straightforward as it was with the boys. This is due to my numerous reconstructive surgeries. I booked in to see a lactation consultant. Unfortunately the lovely lady who had to break the news to me that due to my reconstructive surgeries and tissue being completely removed along with my nipples, I couldn't breastfeed these twins, as my nerve endings are not connected. Put blatantly; my nipples are just for looks and are not connected to anything. Yes, this is 100% and after numerous tests, there is zero chance of me breastfeeding. So please please note I will open this by saying I am VERY pro breastfeeding.  I breastfed both of the boys through all of the trials, mastitis and cracked bleeding nipples- we did it. Even whilst washing the dishes and cleaning the house! Haha (Carrier was my miracle baby item- See below:   Sophie Guidolin breastfeeding Kai   So, once I found out this would not be as straightforward as 'my body produces milk, perfectly suited to my babies, at the right temp, amount and its free. Both Nathan and I researched and researched as much as we possibly could and have come up with the best solution for us and our family.

This may not be what is best for everyone, this is just for us and our decision.

We have decided to get in contact with Mothers Milk Bank and try and get some screened, donated breast milk. Unless we get other offers from friends of friends who we may know around the time of birth. This is a very personal decision, so please know we have looked into the pros and cons and are making an educated decision on what we believe is the right choice for our children. And thank you to the amazing women who donate to this service!   Donor milk for Sophie Guidolin's twins   If this fails, we have decided that our formula of choice is this one. Obviously all babies are different and may not like it/tolerate it. We may need to swap and play around until we find one that suits, this is obviously not something we can do immediately. In regards to bottles, this is something we researched and researched- then we found these! (thank goodness!!) Bottles  Firstly, I love the design, they are soft and squishy not hard plastic, which is so much more natural to replicate a breast. Secondly, they are 100% toxic free (all chemicals such BPA, PVC or Phthalates) silicone- rather than plastic. Thirdly, I love the look of the bottles and considering this is something I am going to have to get used to very quickly- I want to like to look of them! Purchase them here (2 for $49.95) Please keep emailing me and giving me the blog topics that YOU want, happy to answer them! Until next time x

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