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As my days are spent wondering where the heck my hours are going and my years are spent watching my kids years fly past before my eyes- I am (very quickly!) making changes to re-channel all of my energy into streamlining my life to focus my back on my core passion- health, fitness, food and empowering women. 

With that, changes need to be made. 

Salis Society {latin for salt} was created with love, for love of the ocean. 

In just 2 short years, this incredible brands has flourished into a 6 figure (net profit!) business and will be an incredible 'walk-in' for anyone wanting to make a splash in the luxe swimwear market. 

With a loyal database of customers and an over 33% return customer list, we know you will have a flourishing business before Aussie Summer hits. 

Inclusive of everything you need to get started- stock, EDM lists, customers, content, social media, supplies, accounts and training provided. This business is truly a dream job- I mean getting paid to sell swimwear ain't bad huh!?

All financials will be provided upon NDA agreements, however as this is a 6 figure business, only serious applications please. 

We want this brand to go to the right fit, so if you are genuinely interested, please apply:

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