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Sticking to your fitness resolutions | Restart The Bod With Me January 8!

Are you serious about sticking to your fitness resolutions this year?

If you answered yes, you've come to the right place! I am more determined than ever to follow my training and nutrition program as closely as possible. This way, I know I've put in the work, and I've done everything I possibly can. No excuses to fall back on and no room for set backs. Lately, I have been sharing a lot of fitness updates on my social accounts (@sophie_guidolin). I also did a little poll, and found that so many of you want to see MORE of my training! So look forward to an increase in training videos and snippets from The Bod ;)

PSA! 🔊

Who else wants to restart The Bod with me on January 8th, 2018? Let's GET IT together!

I am SO motivated to get my a** into gear :D - and I want YOU to do it with me. Accountability is always a little easier knowing there are others along for the same ride, right? To all my Bod babes out there - I am restarting #TheBodMaintenance, what level are you going to do? For my future Bod babes - The Bod is now on sale at a HUUUGE 50% OFF. This is a once a year promotion that is over in a matter of hours! JUMP ON NOW to get your copy and join me: Don't forget to use code '2018' for your epic discount! Sophie Guidolin wearing green activewear outside smiling

My top tips for sticking to fitness resolutions in 2018:

  • Record your starting point How will you know how far you've come, if you don't remember where you started? The night before the 8th of January, weigh yourself (for reference), jot down how you're feeling mentally and physically, write down what you hope to achieve in next 12 weeks (or however long you've set yourself).
  • Check-in regularly I always believe that the best form of tracking progress is visual. Take photos and measurements and focus on those, rather than a magic number you're hoping to reach on the scales. Remember that often when you are building lean muscle, you may not lose 'weight'.
  • Ask for help Ask a friend, or your gym partner to keep you accountable. Text each other about future workouts. and send each other motivation like quotes and healthy recipes you can try. If you see a trainer at the gym and you're trying out a new exercise, ask them for advice!
  • Plan in advance Set aside a day each week to prep your meals. This stops you from grabbing quick meals or choosing the fast food option. Lock in the times and days you'll get your workouts in. And if you have a gym partner, schedule your sessions in together!
For those of you who don't know, my fitness program The Bod can teach you how to not only train like a boss, but learn all the ins and outs of nutrition. You can start today, and even join me as I hit the restart button on my fitness and nutrition on January 8!

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