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Surviving the festive season

Within Australia, the average adult will gain between 2-3kilos during the two-week period from Christmas to New years. But its not all about putting on fat, it’s about your health, maintaining consistency and not yo-yo dieting. Christmas is all about yummy food, family, love and the gift of giving. So, how can you enjoy your time off without the guilt? I have prepared a few festive recipes in advance to give to you all the best advantage to ensuring you have the most amazing festive season, these will be release over the next two weeks.

A few other tips:

  • Start with salad and build your plate up from there, within Australia, we have the most amazing fresh fruits and produce around. With mangos and strawberries at every shop we can enjoy a delicious honey roasted walnut, mango and chicken salad- completely guilt free!
  • Eat proper meals, rather than snacks, desserts or sweets.
  • Eat before you arrive at a party, it will help your hunger and ensure you know what you have eaten.
  • Some drinks contain up to 300 calories per serve, so try and stick to water or simply drinks you know the nutritional value of. A great alternative is sparkling water with a slice of lemon or orange.
  • Bring a plate of food- that way you know what is in it and can eat that.
  • Don’t binge, yes there is so much food on the table and you want to try everything, stick to small serving sizes and stop when you are full.
  • Allow yourself the time to enjoy your family and friends, but remember a few days of celebrating, isn’t worth the months trying to lose that 5kilos!
  • There are so many amazing dishes that can be created super healthy, dips with vegetables, fruits, fresh vibrant summer salads, Roast meats, vegetables and quinoa puddings. Enjoy your food, but think about your health too.
  • Rather than snacking all day, ensure you eat full meals. If you have a lot of family to visit, plan to visit them for a meal, like lunch, rather than the afternoon spent snacking.
  • Don't rock up hungry, eat before you leave and bring snacks to keep you going.
  • Drinks, this is where the hidden calories are found. From juices, cocktails, punches and soft drinks. Stick to a refreshing sparkling water with a slice of lemon.
  • Bring a plate of food with you to gatherings. That way you know you will have the option to eat a healthy alternative.
  • Although it is a time for celebration. Make your celebrations more than food being the centerpiece, go to a park and organize a fun soccer match with the family, go to the beach and have a swim, or volleyball. Instead of giving the gifts of chocolate or candy canes, make meaningful little bags. Wrap homemade rum balls in cello bags and I am sure your family and friends will appreciate the thought and time!
  • Can’t bare to skip the alcohol? Go for a straight mix, light beer or wine, rather than sugar loaded pre mix drinks. Always drink 2 glasses of water for every alcoholic drink and ensure that you stay hydrated.
  • What about the next day? So you have finished the festivities, here is when it matters. Rather than continuing on the bad day of eating into a week of bad eating. Get straight back into your usual routine as soon as you can.
  • Ask relatives and friends to support your decisions.
  • Ask for gym memberships or a voucher to go towards a sporting organisation.
You can get through this without the weight gain or health problems. 

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