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What is the keto diet? | KETO, KETOSIS & KETOGENIC DIETS

What is the keto diet? | KETO, KETOSIS & KETOGENIC DIETS

The whole time I have known Nathan (6 years) he has only ever prescribed a keto diet to less than a handful of people.

My Tips for Tracking and Weight Loss

These are my top tips for tracking and weight loss. These tips will apply to anyone with nutrition-related goals who are tracking, whether you're ...
Sophie Guidolin wearing Lorna Jane green outfit posing with The Bod program|Sophie Guidolin working out at the beach wearing a pink lorna jane outfit|Sophie Guidolin wearing green activewear outside smiling

Sticking to your fitness resolutions | Restart The Bod With Me January 8!

Are you serious about sticking to your fitness resolutions this year? If you answered yes, you've come to the right place! I am more determined t...
Nathan Wallace standing in the gym wearing a black Hold Your Own uniform and holding a booty band

Glute Activation with Nathan Wallace

Glute activation is SO ESSENTIAL to those days you're targeting the booty. WATCH NATHAN'S GLUTE ACTIVATION VIDEO HERE. I train my glutes co...
Little Mermaid Afterparty Photo with Bod Babes|The Bod Weekend with girls doing a squat hold||

The Bod Weekend Highlights!

The Bod Weekend was so incredible! I met many new faces, and got to catch up with a lot of you who joined in last year. To say I was exhausted af...
Sophie Guidolin popping her booty in a cream bikini

How to grow, lift and tone the glutes!

Ladies (and gentlemen), if you’re looking to tone those legs and grow that booty, look no further than the following exercises to get you started o...
Sophie Guidolin postpartum and Nathan Wallace at the gym


What a week it has been in our household! My first week back exercising and starting on the total body transformation program! It has been incr...
Sophie Guidolin postpartum progress photo from week 1, 2 and 3


One thing that ALL new mums MUST realise quick smart, is that newborns are unpredictable. Regardless of whether they are in a routine or not. I'm...
Sophie Guidolin postpartum photo in the gym following tbt program|Sophie Guidolin postpartum in the gym showing off her progress|Sophie Guidolin postpartum outside standing on a wooden deck


I am feeling great being back into a good routine! I'm able to get more organised to exercise, eat right and ensure that I am looking after my...
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How to stay on track while on holiday + Hailey's story

I am finding it so hard to believe we're in September! It's only natural to write up a blog on staying on track while on holiday! The festive sea...
Sophie Guidolin and Nathan Wallace in Hold Your Own gym uniforms

Choosing The Right Coach For Your Needs

Choosing the right coach for your own personal goals is essential in reaching your goals.  Would you go to an Italian restaurant for a Chinese mea...
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Skinny VS Fit

Let's clear something up: FIT vs SKINNY A lot of people confuse my images (and every other 'fit' chick) with being 'skinny' this is a term that I...