Here's my first 'disclaimer' if you will when it comes to protein powder. Protein powder is not a dietary requirement. All supplements exist for that exact reason - to supplement something that is lacking in your diet. However. I love protein powder for several reasons, one huge one being that it is SUPER convenient. Over time I have found that the most maintainable way for me to eat while achieving my goals is to use the flexible dieting option in The Bod (using years of experience to eyeball my food and MyFitnessPal). Life is never not a whirlwind and while I do my meal prep Sunday's (add me on Snapchat if you're missing out), there are still times when opting for protein powder is the quickest and easiest way to hit my protein intake. It really does come in handy for when I struggle to hit my protein goal with food alone or come to the end of the day and have 10-20g left to hit my requirement.
Protein is essential to anyone's diet. Without it, we hinder the formation of enzymes and hormones in the body.
It helps build lean muscle, improves our immunity, boosts our energy levels and assists in building and repairing tissue!

Another misconception

That using it will instantly make you bulky and build muscle at a rapid rate. Going back to my earlier point, you aren't adding protein powder in excess, you are taking it to supplement the protein you may be lacking from your diet. You may have a fast paced lifestyle and don't always have the time to prepare a full meal. Another reason may be that you need a quick option for after a workout. Something else to take note of is that women will find it much, much harder to build muscle mass.

Finally, that protein powder is processed and full of unnecessary ingredients.

Do your research, and you'll find that there are brands dedicated to offering safe, clean and wholesome alternatives to commercial proteins.
What makes my protein my ultimate choice, is that I can share it with my children. And it has the tick of approval even for pregnancy! Something that is incredibly hard to achieve when it comes to a dietary supplement. 180 Nutrition gives me peace of mind and delicious tasting protein combined, and blends perfectly with the kids' breakfast smoothies. This is because there is not one ingredient in the ingredient list you wouldn't recognise!
Finally, here's some advice to take away.
When choosing your protein, go for a brand you trust, and determine what you're looking for. For example: do you want a vegan protein that's pea -based or rice-based? Look at the amount of protein per serve, take note of the ingredients and if it's high in carbohydrates or fats.
If you'd like a more 'whole' protein, you can go for a WPC (why protein concentrate). I like to use a WPI (whey protein isolate) as WPC has a slightly higher carb and fat content. I prefer to eat my fats (almonds, avocado and nut butter mmmmm!), which is why I go for WPI ;)
 Remember that protein is essential to anyone's diet and helps with:
  • Building lean muscle
  • Ensuring you aren't losing any well earned muscle mass
  • Promoting fat burn and increasing your metabolism
What's your favourite protein/flavour? Do you choose to take protein, and if so, for what main reasons?
Sophie xx

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