Sophie Guidolin posing in yellow bikini ready for fitness comp

The road to Arnolds!

 I usually post my blogs in relevance to questions I am getting, or a topic I am passionate about.

Today will be a little different, more of a diary of what i have been doing, where i am at and where i want to be! I am so pleased to announce that my latest whole foods book is now well and truly out for sale on my website, and will (hopefully) be in stores very soon also. This book took me 3 years to create, so it was the most magical feeling to finally have the book released and in your hot little hands, creating some amazing dishes! I am loving seeing all of your re-creations of my recipes, so please continue to send them to me! After being in America for 3 weeks it was a massive relief to come home and organise my life again! (still have laundry to my ceiling but ill get there!) I work solely on my own, so every email is answered by myself, every package is sent from me, and every idea or email you get is from myself. This has proved a little difficult for me lately as i have so much going on! Firstly, i am fully into the swing of my contest preparation for my show, i am in my third week out of 10, only 7 weeks to go! I have never competed at an international show before so i am beyond excited to go! Woooo hoooo! Im going to Arnolds!!! Secondly, i am getting many many emails, inboxes and comments in regards to my personal life. I am always an open book, yes Nathan and I have gone our separate ways. As with any breakup being difficult,  i respectful request you please allow us privacy in regards to this so we can both move forward in different directions. Thirdly, i am so excited by all the amazing opportunities i have on offer at the moment and cannot wait to share them all with you. Alot of the questions i am being emailed is in regards to my contest prep. Initially i was using an almost zero cardio method to bring down my body fat- meaning i was taking foods away, however anyone who knows me knows this doesn't really sit well with me! :P I have since changed things around a little bit and am structuring my training sessions to be super high intensity (almost cardio style) and increased my food intake again. I am very lucky that i don't have very far to drop in my body fat range when i do compete as i maintain lean on my off season too. (Lean and comp lean are two completely different ball games) I will try and regularly update my blog each week to give you more of an idea into my contest prep. This has by far been the easiest preparation so far i have done. My body is responding, my mind is strong and i am seeing so many incredible changes- daily!

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