Sophie Guidolin postpartum progress photo from week 1, 2 and 3


One thing that ALL new mums MUST realise quick smart, is that newborns are unpredictable. Regardless of whether they are in a routine or not.

I'm in week 3 of the Total Body Transformation program, and I'm beginning to get a hang of juggling bubs and working out. Some days we just have to ‘take 5’ and ride it out. This week was our week for stepping back, deep breathes and taking 5. This week our twins had their injections, which was heartbreaking. But, along with that... the 4 days that followed, they just cried and cried. So, of course my babies being my priority meant my own exercise was put on the back burner for a few days. I have been super organised in our meal prep, ensuring that I do all of our shopping online. Remembering that I have 2 older children too. I have school lunches, morning teas and dinner to make for 4 people every night. I tend to do our meal prep after dinner on a Wednesday night and during the afternoon on a Sunday. This is for my standard blueberry and banana bread, grilled chicken for the boys wraps and any other snacks they’re taking to school. Then, each night I make the boys dinner fresh- depending on what they want for dinner or what I have planned. I like to add a bit more variety into their diets than my own. They eat a lot of foods that are super high in fat/carbs which is perfect for their growing bodies. Not so great for my goals of weight loss though. (Think avocado chocolate mousse for dessert, sweet potato bake, roasted potatoes etc. Perfect meals for growing boys!)

My progress so far had been great. I have lost cm’s off of my waist in the first 2 weeks and my motivation is at an all time high.

However, when you’re sleep deprived everything seems to come crashing down around you very quickly. So, I have decided that rather than doing my weekly ‘check in’ this week, I instead am using photos as my progress and motivation. My strength has improved greatly and I am back squatting 50+kgs quite easily so feeling my strength return has been such a rewarding feeling! Our twins normally wake twice per night, around 11:30pm and 3am. My husband and I have become accustomed to these wake ups. However during these last 5 days that turned into hourly wake ups. They'd refuse to resettle- very upsetting and tiring for all involved! LOL It’s at times like these that you realise overall ‘health’ is so much more than just exercise. It is our whole being- mentally, physically and emotionally. The healthy option for me, instead of trying to ‘push through a workout’ was to have a nap instead. Take a walk outside, have a breather and know this won’t last forever. Along with everything else both my husband and I have been attempting to work full time and care for the twins on our own. So this week we have started to implement a roster so that we both get some time to work and be productive!

Here is my progress to date: 

As I can clearly see, my week 2 progress shot is my best, and shows the hard work. The proof to me is in the pudding as they say ;). The difference that sticking to the exercise routine makes is huge. I cannot wait to get back on track and see the progress! I've been tagged on my Instagram account by so many amazing women- (#tbtprogram #sophieguidolin ). I am so inspired by so many women, so thank you all so much for putting in the hard work and motivating me! Let's hope next week the twins are more settled and we get some much needed SLEEP! LOL

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