What 2018 taught me

What 2018 taught me

When I sat down to reflect on 2018, preparing for the New Year, setting my goals and planning how I was going to achieve the things I really wanted, it dawned on me just how insane 2018 was. I truly encourage you all to do the same along with me on this on (think of this blog as a worksheet!).


Document all the highlights:

Now, as always- with the good, comes the not so great:

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Head to social media if you need a hand (after all- if you’re anything like me, the photos jog your memory, but also events I thought were years ago were actually in 2018!)

Me, (being me!) - I want to always be real, raw and (over) share with you my own also.

In 2018, my highlights were:

  • I travelled A LOT. Which is a highlight, but also a low as I was away from my family. I visited: Ohio, Pittsburgh, Fiji, Mexico, New Zealand, LA, Bali, Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney.
  • I was on the cover of WOMEN'S HEALTH & FITNESS MAG.
  • I turned IFBB PRO. 6 years of work for this goal (so pinch me, please!).
  • I launched My Kids Eat Volume 2!.
  • I pushed my public speaking fears and spoke at two fairly large events
  • My husband and I purchased our family home.
  • We had an incredible BOD weekend, with the biggest numbers yet!
  • I launched my favourite ever release, More than Words- something I wrote whilst at my worst with anxiety.
  • My SG x Cleo Harper clothing range was a sell out in under 24 hours!
  • My family all had a great year filled with amazing health.

In 2018, my lows were:

  • I didn’t achieve my 2018 resolution of a better work/home life balance (I didn’t make an actionable plan, however this is now set in stone!).
  • I finalised a legal battle which impacted my mental health greatly, leading to my diagnosis with anxiety.
  • I had reconstructive surgery which meant I wasn’t able to workout for 12 weeks, further affecting me mentally.

When I see it documented like the above, it allows me to see that whilst mentally I feel like it wasn’t perhaps the greatest year, that I am blessed with so many incredible positives to focus on. Some of the highlights and positives that I have documented above are goals that were HUGE long term ‘shoot for the stars’ type events, so I am SO overwhelmed that in 2018 my list is epically long, however understandably the lows leave me feeling very vulnerable sharing.


I hope that you have also spent the time going through and listing out your 2018 to potentially inspire you or even give you a sense of achievement that the year in 2018 was in fact a positive one, if you look at the positives as your focus!

So, out of all of that- what has 2018 taught me?

Gratitude. When life is smooth sailing, appreciate it and soak in the moments of peace. Learn to look around and smile, knowing this is a great moment.
Happiness. Find yours. Without it, the world is very dark. It could be pottery, it could be fitness, it could be surfing, whatever makes you happy, do it more.
Plan. Without a plan, nothing can move forward, even with the best intentions.
I would love to hear your lessons and take home from the year that was- so please let me know on my Instagram here.


  • Renee Milton

    You have left me feeling inspired

  • Sylvie

    Thank you for sharing this with us :) Have a beautiful 2019 !

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