What Is Mindfulness?

What Is Mindfulness?

Your mind is an exceptional place. It’s worth noting how strong and powerful your mind truly is. 

Living your life mindfully helps you to see the bigger picture. So often we are moving so fast and not taking a moment to ourselves. We miss important things in life, like experiences, thoughts and feelings. We lose track of time and before long, we are living our lives on autopilot. 

Mindfulness is stopping, slowing down, and realising what surrounds us. It’s connecting with yourself, nature, and your loved ones on a deeper level. 

The practices you hold, the habits you keep and the knowledge you obtain all contribute towards living your life mindfully.

The benefits to living your life mindfully is endless. Some of the most important benefits mindfulness provides you includes : 

Reducing Stress

Improves your Sleep

Engages your Self Control and Will power

Induces your Energy Levels

Strengthens your personal development

And much more…



Living your life mindfully inserts you back into life and rejuvenates your mind. It allows you to remember what it is that’s so important to you, in your life, and to dive into it fully and completely. 

A few ways you can live your life mindfully : 

Talk less, listen more

A result of bulldozing through life is missing the important messages that you, your loved ones and the universe is trying to tell you.

Do yourself a favour and allow yourself to just relax and take in your surroundings. If you are in conversation, practice fully emerging yourself into their words and listening intently. 

People will show you who they are rather quickly. 

To add, the universe constantly is trying to communicate. It uses different mediums to translate whether or not you are on the right path. These messages are purely constructed to help guide you, so slow down and allow yourself to gain sight. 

Live Purposefully

Learn to live your life with intention. Make your actions based upon your values and beliefs that you have. Let your mind guide you throughout your decisions and choices. 

Doing so, helps open yourself up to new and important opportunities. 

As a result, this helps guide you seamlessly throughout your life. Living life without intention will create mess and chaos in your life. 

Instead, live your life according to your purpose and watch as you will be rewarded.

Find time to meditate

Meditation is key to practicing mindfulness. I believe that mediation can come in many different forms. 

It’s all about healing and caring for your inner self. Find love and care inside of your body and bring it forth. 

Unique examples of Meditation :

Through journaling

Take a moment every day to jot down your feelings, mindset, or thoughts. Take what is jumbled up inside and get it out on a sheet of paper. 

This often leads to you receiving clarity and refreshes your mind.

A moment of complete stillness 

Everyday you should spend at least 10-15 minutes of personal reflection. A great way to do this is picking a quiet spot, closing your eyes, breathing deeply and connecting within yourself.

I like to use this time to set my intention for the day. Or, I use it to imagine drawing in beams of light and positivity into my body.

As long as you know, mediation is about opening your mind and allowing yourself to search within. Whatever answers your mind is searching for, the answers will be found. 

It’s about exercising and expanding your mind. 

As you can see, living a life guided by mindfulness is a life full of growth. Daily practices allow you to help guide your life to where you want it to be.

Not only that, but it results in you living a more fulfilled, happier life. Decide for yourself how you wish to live mindfully and practice this every day. 

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