Why The Topics We Talk About Matter 

Why The Topics We Talk About Matter 

Oftentimes, we have so many different types of conversations with others throughout our days. Rarely however, we think about how much purpose our conversations hold. 

Why do the topics we talk about matter and what benefits are they giving to our lives? 

Inner thoughts and what you talk about to others make a direct impact to the progress of your mindset and personal growth

The conversations that we share are usually a direct reflection of our personal beliefs and values.

What we talk about to others usually reflects how we see the world, how we see situations, and often we share what we hold dear to our hearts. To add, if you listen closely, others are telling you their views on the same things. 

More importantly, your inner self is listening to the way you talk. Meaning, the topics you choose to talk about and share with others stick to you.

Here are a few ways why the topics we talk about matter so much.


If you’ve ever gotten into a heated conversation with a family member over different beliefs, or an emotional conversation between you and a friend - than you would understand how certain topics can positively/negatively affect our mood.

The topics we chose to share between one another can shape how we feel.

I encourage you to really slow down and listen to how certain topics bring up specific feelings in yourself. Ask yourself : Why is this topic making me upset? For what reason is this topic making you feel sad/hurt?

Moving forward, this will allow you to pick and choose topics you feel comfortable with involving yourself in or avoiding. 

Creating these boundaries for yourself is so powerful on your personal growth journey.

Personal Development

It’s no surprise how much we can gain from conversations with others.

Sharing insight, experiences, and lessons from one person to another is one of the most magical things about connection. 

Choosing topics that bring positive value to your life, expand your mindset and strengthen your thought process truly brings out the best in you. 


Listening to others talk about their mindsets or journeys through life can spark inspiration in you that lights you up. 

Not only can you share topics about your passions, the things you love and your dreams and goals in life but others can do the same for you! 

This can enlighten your mind and push you further since seeing others joy naturally brings joy into your life too.

Key Thoughts

You can learn so much from others that you surround yourself with. This could be through conversations, the media, podcasts or books. Information that makes our mind grow is everywhere.

The thoughts and beliefs that we gain and grow come out as the topics that we exchange between friends. 

Choosing topics that not only brings you joy to talk about, but they enrich the mind and inspire yourself and others you choose to share them with.

In return, you will gain so much from others and continue to grow throughout your journey in life.

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