World Kindness Day

World Kindness Day

Created to highlight good deeds within communities, focusing on positive power and the impact created when we celebrate the good.

In honour of World Kindness Day coming up next month (November 13, 2019) I wanted to really embrace all parts of why this day was created and give back as much as I can personally, but also encourage those in my community to also follow suit.

Giving back is not only good for our soul but when others do a kind deed for us we are more inclined to pass it on to others. Also, spreading that love wherever we go. As parents we role model behaviour, so encouraging our kids to be kind by seeing our own actions is a great example.

Random Acts Of Kindness Printable

I wanted to share a few great simple examples of how we can show kindness daily. Not just amongst your friends, but also co-workers, strangers and your partner. So, I've put together my own 30 Days of Random Acts of Kindness you can follow along with. Simply download it below, and print out and stick on your fridge or pinboard to remind you each day.

30 Days Random Acts of Kindness Printable Sophie Guidolin

Download Printable Sophie Guidolin

Remember, this is not a competition or a gesture with expectation. Simply a kind deed, with no recognition or praise required.

Kindness spreads like wildfire and this is why I really wanted to kick start this a little earlier and embrace the month, instead of just the one day!

Giveback Week: Monday 21-25 October

For the entire week (starting Monday, 21 October) and beyond, I will aim to give back in various ways on my social channels to my own community. So please head over there to see the giveaways and freebies I'll be sharing. And if you know someone deserving of a little perk up, perhaps they may be doing it tough, or they’re your best friend and they need a break, a massage or just some love - I want you to nominate them below and why you love them!

Nominations have now closed.

Thank you so much to all those that nominated someone close to them. There were some amazing and kind words shared!

I would also love to hear your favourite random acts of kindness gesture suggestions too! Comment them below.



  • Sammi

    On my usual morning coffee run to McDonald’s one morning (with my 7 year old son) we spotted a homeless man with a sign asking for food/money/job. My 7 year old asked me if he could please give his pocket money he had been saving ($20) to the man. We drove all the way home to gather all the money he had (he gathered everything he had) and we drove back to McDonald’s to see if he was there, he was- so he gave it to the homeless man. I’ll never forget how selfless my son was during these moments. He said he wanted to cry. 😭 x

  • Sam Gerry

    I paid for a pensioners petrol.

  • Monica

    A beautiful gentleman didn’t have enough money to buy what he needed from the grocery store so he was about to put some food back but as I was waiting in line I handed the man the cash he was needing and he begged me not to but I said please take it as I understand what it’s like to be caught out 🌸

  • Diane Danner

    I have been the recipient and have done it also as a pay it forward and it’s simple and so nice and seems to kick off a wonderful chain reaction of random acts of kindness. We have had our drive through order payed for by the car before us and I have enjoyed so much doing the same for the car after us, it is such a nice treat and surprise of kindness.

  • Claire Winter

    My way of showing love is to cook. So for Christmas each year I do a big cook up and drive around to 6 nearby emergency service locations and give back. There’s nothing quite like giving to make you feel like the richest person alive!

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