Overhaul Digital Edition + More Than Words Printed Edition
Overhaul Digital Edition + More Than Words Printed Edition
Overhaul Digital Edition + More Than Words Printed Edition
Overhaul Digital Edition + More Than Words Printed Edition

Overhaul Digital Edition + More Than Words Printed Edition

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Bundle Contains:

  • More Than Words [Printed Edition]
  • Overhaul [Digital Edition]


If you’re feeling swamped by To Do lists, drowning in deadlines or dropping balls in that mum-work-life juggle, I’ve got you. My latest release, Overhaul, gives you the tools to harness your inner power, identify those core values that define your happiness, and put you back in the driver’s seat of your own life.

Written after years of personal experience in heartbreak, business stress, family pressures, financial challenges and feeling like I was never getting ahead, Overhaul is about getting clear on your why, committing to game-changing goals and actually achieving them. No more ‘wait till Monday’. No more ‘it can never happen for me’. If you want to lose weight, start a business, learn a new skill, deepen your relationship or completely reboot your life, Overhaul is for you.Through this interactive overhaul guide, you will work through your own limitations to take charge of where you want to be and how you want to get there- without the mindset blocks! 


  • Goal setting - you’re guided through how to set smart, achievable and long lasting goals.
  • Vision & mission statement - together we craft your unique vision & mission statement that’s aligned to your purpose.
  • Core values - discover your core values that make up your belief system
  • Life purpose - set the authentic alignment for your life as a whole
  • Get started instantly and take anywhere - in an easy-to-download PDF, you’ll be able to get started straight away and take anywhere on your favourite device.


  • Take active steps to understand your ‘why’ and what you personally need to live a life of true happiness
  • Identify your core values - what makes your heart sing and your pulse race
  • Set ambitious goals you’ll actually achieve, with guided steps to focus your energy on the things that count (and say ‘No’ to those that don’t!)
  • Create a personalised plan that meets the needs of your life right now, while building the life you want
  • Join our thriving Flourish & Fulfilled Facebook group of women just like you, chasing dreams and smashing through mental blocks

    More Than Words [Printed Edition]

    Words to inspire and empower you.

    The perfect book to motivate and encourage you to dream big, More than Words is a collection of my favourite quotes and mantras.

    Each page details a beautifully hand-scripted quote to lift your spirits, change your mood and focus your goals.

    The perfect size for bedside reading, to keep on your desk or take in your bag for daily inspiration, with a ribbon marker to save your favourite quote.

    I started reading mantras, quotes and words to live by before bed around five years ago.

    Filling my mind with hope and gratitude before sleep gave me strength and the ability to dream.

    This collection of my favourite words of encouragement will help focus your determination to achieve your goals, lift you up when times seem bleak and remind you to celebrate the small victories. The perfect gift for the special woman in your life – or gift to self! – I hope you love More than Words as much as I have enjoyed creating it!

    Sophie x

    • 110mm x 140mm
    • Hardcover
    • 96 pages plus cover with ribbon marker
    This book contains some of my favourite quotes, including original content created by me and inspired by common inspirational sayings and themes.  All care has been taken to identify the original owner of any content – any person or organisation that has been overlooked should contact the author.

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