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How long will it take to receive my eBook?
All digital purchases are sent automatically and can be found in your order confirmation email. If you cannot locate this email, please check your junk folder or reach out to us. If the link to your eBook has expired, please email my team at

How long will it take to receive my purchase?
Please refer to PAYMENT & DELIVERY. Our team will always do our best to get your order into your hands ASAP!

I bought an eBook but haven’t received anything, what should I do?
eBooks are sent in the form of an instant email back to your nominated email address.
If you do not receive an email with a downloadable link please check your junk folder and filters, and ensure your inbox is not over capacity before reaching out.

I purchased an eBook but have lost the file, am I able to get the link sent to me again?
Orders within 3 months only will be re-issued upon receiving an invoice and order number via email. Orders prior to this will unfortunately not be re-issued and it is your duty of care to ensure you have saved and/or printed your eBook.

I have purchased the wrong eBook, what do I do?
Please refer to RETURNS POLICY.

I have entered the incorrect details in my order, what should I do?
Please reach out to us immediately so we can amend your order details. If your order is already dispatched, you will be required to pay for shipping.

About Me

What’s a day on the plate look like for you?
Flexible dieting! I follow the protocol from my fitness and nutrition program, The Bod. The Bod is about following a balanced style of eating, reaching your goals but loving your food along the journey!

What nutrition courses would you recommend?
Sports Nutrition Society

Do you offer custom plans or one on one coaching?
Due to my schedule, I am unable to offer coaching on top of my current clients. For an in-depth program to suit any fitness ability, head to For personalised coaching with face-to-face or online check-ins, Hold Your Own.

Where do you purchase your clothes from?
Brands I love and the clothes I frequently wear are always tagged on my Instagram.

Anything else can be found on my YouTube channel!


Can I still benefit from your programs if I can’t make it to the gym?
100%! The Bod female program includes a 12-week fitness plan for at home AND the gym.

I am limited on time, is your program still worth it for me?
Yes! An investment in your health is always worth it. The meals required don’t take more time to prepare than any other meals, and will free up more time during the day if you prep in advance! There is a gym AND home based workout plan included so you can get it done anytime, anywhere.

Do you include the macros and calories of your recipes in your recipe books?
The books I have written that include macros and calories are MACROS, and all The Bod programs.