Literally the week I began, I could see change starting and every week for 12 weeks; my progress photos were motivating me to keep going. I did the program through twice fully and then attempted to start a third time but being December/January it became a very relaxed version. However by now, I was very rarely opening the book as I knew the plan and the recipes by heart. From here on; I continued to follow the plan in a more relaxed way but felt like I had an understanding of how to live with a balanced lifestyle happily and energetically; all thanks to THE BOD program.

I continued to gain lean muscle and loose body fat and I was feeling so super confident in my clothes and in a bikini.

I hadn’t felt this way since before I was pregnant with my son, and to be honest I think I felt better now because I was eating an abundance of amazing food while still maintaining a body I loved.

The feeling of being able to wear anything from my wardrobe confidently was fantastic and motivating.

I didn’t have to look for clothes that hid my shape or the parts of me I didn’t like and I was really proud of my hard work and I felt so energetic and happy more often than not.

Another incredible aspect of THE BOD program is the girls I have met - The Bod Babes!

Goal ✔️ back to pre-baby weight - 20kg done. Left photo is 5 days after the birth of my bub.

Currently on week 8 of The Bod Maintenance. This was the best $90 I have spent in my life.